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First things first.  My sincere apologies do go out to Nick for the mistake.  It turns out, had I gone just a little further down on his Facebook page I would have seen that Nick is actually missing his pinky on the very hand that’s holding the wound!  That’s what happens when time is was not on my side– this hiatus is killing me!  Again, Nick… my apologies.

Why was I zealous and so sure at first?  It comes from a personal perspective only.  You see, I do not consider myself photogenic.  I have a myriad of pictures that seem to never look like me!  One picture I look like Nia Long’s sister, another, I look like Dawn from En Vogue and then there are the ones that I look exactly like my grandmother!  My pictures are all over the map!  The one that actually captures “me” is my friggin Driver’s License (ironically)!

It’s a regretful mistake but I do stand by my original post minus naming Nick.  And Nick, I do stand by my statement that no soldier has ever been defending the citizens of the u.s.  I do not consider any military personnel that has been active in this war a hero.  Again, I was there!  I interviewed nearly 7oo men and women who did NOT know why they were there!  Following orders in an undeclared war is TERRORISM.  I also encountered the “approved” killer behavior that is encouraged while in combat. 

An “actor” (Jeff Bauman is the name used in media so we’ll continue the dig) was still used during this event, of this I’m certain.  To all who have been defending Nick, said you know him– wouldn’t it have much easier to point out his missing finger instead of hurling insults or supplying your own facts?  Unlike some bloggers out there, “Why O’ Why” does own their mistakes.  The Genpet piece is a perfect example.  I never have a problem admitting an error– personal, professional or otherwise.  Last I checked– I’m still HUMAN!

We absolutely WILL NOT stop digging and asking questions.  There’s nothing delusional about these false flags as this country has a long and continuous history of it.  Here’s a clip that recaps recent history of our governments’ responsibility for terror in the u.s.– how quickly we forget (begins at 4:02 mark)…

And here’s Nick doing push ups where there’s a shot of his missing finger…

I think that the long-winded, angered responses in defense of their friend is very telling of the states of minds.  You do realize a fake attack was perpetrated upon the american public?!  I mentioned in a comment under the initial story that one lie is all it takes so even if I got 5 out of 6 (examples) wrong– we still have to deal with the lie!  This shit was as fake a 3 dollar bill.

A parting note, if you cannot adhere to The Rules For Comments (it’s got its’ own tab at the top) you will no longer be approved.  I absolutely believe in free speech and most of these comments were given a pass because of that but from now on, if you cannot respect the request, spare your fingers the typing cause it ain’t gonna fly anymore!  You’re talking to a rational person who actually has a healthy respect for the opinions of others therefore I’ll not allow the name calling to persist.  I believe most of the readers here are educated and can articulate even in anger, without saying “fuck you”.  The tone to this blog was set many moons ago.   It is in full affect.

The Captain of THIS Ship,


P.S.  Tags and addenda will be done to this and the initial story soon.  Peace.


  1. I still think he’s Vogt, the guy in the hospital isn’t – but one of Ben Thorndike’s pics has the guy on the ground with his left hand up, pinky seems to be missing.

    • You know… Nick might have been the guy after all! This jury is now out again thanks to a few who’ve pointed me in this direction– seems “Jeff” was missing a pinky too! Thanks you guys!!! 😉

      Rest assured… actors were used here– donut eating police commission Ed Davis must have been thinking about lunch when this snafu slipped past his lips; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH5If6JYj3w

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