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*** Looks Like “Why O’ Why” Is On The CISPA List! And So It Begins… ***

Maannn… I’m sure plenty o’ you thought I might be exaggerating here and there when I express my concerns about “the state monitoring” free speech, but by chance, I’ve discovered that my shit is tagged for some bullshit!  And right on the coattails of the passing of H.R. 624: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CISPA.  A little Act, just like during 9/11 [The Patriot Act], that passed ‘in the middle of the night’ while we watching FRIGGIN BOSTON!  

First– check out this screenshot which you’ll have to click a few times to enlarge (you can click HERE for the link)… CISPA Passed The House April 18 2013 While We Watched BOSTON


To provide for the sharing of certain cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat information between the intelligence community and cybersecurity entities, and for other purposes.

Before I move on let me point out that when you do check out the aforementioned link– do not, I repeat DO NOT get caught up on the Dems vs Repubs angle!  It’s a trivial distraction.  If you want to focus on ‘who did what’ [by your ‘elected’ officials] focus on the Yeas vs Nays!

Now… here’s why I think “Why O’ Why” just got targeted.  There’s an area in WordPress where you can see the linkage from search engines.  I usually only have time to do the at-a-glance lately but I decided (for whatever reason) to expand that area– there were only 2 that were not being shown and lo and behold if I didn’t discover this little diddy…

Why O Why Is Officially FLAGGED

Well would you look at that?!

Hey!  Whodathunkit?  And here’s there kicker… notice the story that it’s linked to?  That sucka has actually taken off in a huge way (much to my PLEASANT surprise) and wouldn’t you know?  THAT’S the one they want to ‘flag’!  

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but I created one of my off the wall versions of a “tag”; USE THAT TOOL BETWEEN YOUR TWO SHOULDERS! lol  It’s WORDPRESS and as far as I know, there haven’t been any copycats (like Yahoo has, for example) so it is a real site.  Secondly, and I LOVE this part,

This site isn’t well known.  Be careful…

I know I really shouldn’t be laughing but seriously– “Why O’ Why” just hit the 600k mark (THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE BODY FOR DIGGING US 😉 ) so really– we’re small beans in my eyes yet they’ve TAGGED us anyway!  I’ve gotta run now but I’ll be fixing this one up with a few more links and stuff later.  As usual– I wasn’t expecting this but it deserved attention right away.  Oh yeah– and a quick wink and nod at “Mary Magdaline”– got LOOTTTS of hits through her linkage and comment!  Thanks, “Mary”!  Knowledge really is power!!! 😉

I’ve gotta come up with a catch phrase for this Boston Comedy Act Theater.  I sort of liked my; “Sandy Hook Line and Stinker-Stinger” and Boston deserves its’ signature name too.   P.S. to Cass Sunstein; How ya’ doin, PUNK?!

Keep your eyes open.  They are counting on us NOT to.

UPDATED 2 MINUTES LATER– can’t even get out of the damn door!  This message has now been added.  Glad I decided to look again…Flagged Why O Why Message Updated


8 thoughts on “*** Looks Like “Why O’ Why” Is On The CISPA List! And So It Begins… ***

  1. To the adorable blogger couple who “liked”– THANK YOU! By the way– where’s the link to your site? I do like to try to pop over and see who’s checking us out! 😉

    Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!


  2. If anyone deserves to be CISPA’d you do!
    Gotta a complaint, don’t like what I say, talk to the hand cause the hand can’t understand!
    You can find me on facabooka: Daniel Rene Williams

    • WHATTHAHELL? You want ME fuckin CISPA’d?! This is “Dangerous” Dan isn’t it? The one I want to be a contributor to the friggin blog?

      • Yes dear, scuse my sarcasm! Love your blog, we are all so bad! (-; Had my experiences with the politically lied to, lost about four hard drives; we have all been lied to and it is more than a crying shame what has been done in our name. All the best, keep up the excellent work!

      • When I first read this… I thought– okay… He might have just needed to add a space between the two statements but then I thought– CHEMTRAILS ARE FUCKIN WITH OUR BRAINS so maybe the very enlightened Dangerous Dan done lost it! hahaha

        I figured that was for them– the CISPA, SOPA and all the other fuckas who are scared that we’re getting the truth out! I still can’t believe that I discovered this. NOTHING is by chance. I had no reason to expand that area but I did! Oh– and you know I can dig the sarcasm. 😉

      • nothing is by chance, sunday said hello to a lady and 20 minutes later she denied meeting me, gave me a bottle of nestle water, i did not make it to the bathroom in time, bad, bad. sunday, got the links to nestle ceo saying that corporations should control the worlds water supply!

      • O’ shit! So Nestles’ creates more than ‘hersey kisses’?! I KNEW it… knew it all along! lol

        Water shouldn’t have anything in it other than the NATURAL earth! Bottled water is a joke and DANGER to us all! Aside from what they add, that plastic it comes in is absolutely not safe!

        Have you (guys) heard of the system that is in place to splice the water supply in any given state at a moments notice? With the flip of a switch– toxic shit can come through our facets?! No gained knowledge is by chance INDEED!


  3. I would say that if this happened then you are doing something right. Sort of like how I have noticed that since living to emulate Christ more (though mind you I will never do so because I still struggle, I am a worm and it’s through grace that Christ saved me) that the world definitely doesn’t like me but that actually makes me happy.

    The more I’m hated the more I know I have to being a living testimony that much more but that can be so hard when dealing with horrible drivers 😉

    But I keep my radio to Christian radio stations which helps because it helps me remember God is always watching and I want to please him. I do though stay away from the contemporary Christian music because no Jennifer Knapp don’t tell me you’re living a Christian life because that’s a lie, don’t tell me that Toby person isn’t teaching false doctrine.

    My goal, dream, something I want to realize is to have my church have it’s own broadcast channel on the radio and internet. I want to help support the preachers who know where it’s at and are not afraid to tell it the way it is, hymnals and songs with sound doctrine that uplift, and talk radio to talk about current issues that are affecting us now. I want no Joel Osteen for me thank you (though he is a prime example of someone who should not be a pastor, who needs a stern say it like it is pastor to keep him in check and realize that someone with the gift of encouragement needs that much more responsibility in not encourage in doctrine that is false.)

    I am not sure if it is right but I wish is that churches from all over the world who do teach the whole of the bible, who are not afraid to be separated from the world, hated by the world, promote spiritual maturity work together to help strengthen each other… to be a witness to the world, to the Christians who are not living the way they ought and to put aside the manmade doctrine of different dominations because I feel as if they don’t even realize that all of that manmade doctrine is no different from the heretical pharisees and if Christ made a point to call them out in Matthew 23 then it shows that it’s important and we have to take heed.

    So good job (I know it is weird to say) on it (even though yes it should not happen and it’s a sad testament of our society today one that we have to fight and go out and actively try and change by witnessing, soul winning, helping mature Christians, etc) because it means that you are closer to the mark and the truth and they don’t want you to spread it. If that makes sense…

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