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The Boston Marathon: You KNOW It Was A Hoax Too? Part II

*** THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN REVISED AS NICK VOGT IS NOT “JEFF BAUMAN”.   Click HERE for the apology to Nick and other notes ***


Keeping in mind just how many times I’ve said there are a network of [crisis] actors– people who are used in drills to add realism and this is the stuff that headline news is really made of.  Well, Boston ain’t no different!  They’ve got actors throughout that event too!  It truly is insulting (to me). 

So lets start with Nick Vogt, a veteran and amputee.  When I saw this image I thought… seriously?!  Are people really buying this?  Turns out you are!  So let me bust that fuckin bubble open RIGHT NOW! 

Boston-Marathon-Bombing-false-flag-attack crisis actor whos an amputee and vetern

OUCH! I May Have Just Lost My Leg But At Least I’m Not Dripping Blood On Your Clean Street! FRAUD!!!!!!

Seriously, you guys… if his leg was just blown off where’s the blood that should be dripping (spewing is more like it) from this wound?  And who tha fuck transports victims with such devastating injuries in a wheelchair? LOL WOOO!!!!   He should be in so much pain or shock yet he’s holding his own leg with the equivalent of SCOTCH TAPE which has little to no blood on it!  Even his hands don’t have blood on them!!!  Come on, now!!!


Revision April 26, 2013:  Nick’s image was wrongfully inserted here to prove that amputees are also working as crisis actors.  The author of those images should come forward to clarify the error as well.  I was asked to supply the source but I’ve decided that I’ll take responsibility for my error, just like I’m sure that independent  researcher will take ownership of their mistake.  We’re digging for the truth here so I personally won’t take part in misleading facts.  I urge you to come forward soon.  Thanks.


Yep… these ‘actors’ include our men and women veterans who’ve opted to play us too!  Now… there’s no way in hell that they don’t know what they are doing because they are seeing themselves in the nightly news!!!   For the sake of argument, let’s say they really thought they were creating genuine exercise tapes.   This event is now global so their faces are EVERYWHERE and no one is stepping forward to clarify a damn thing!  Here’s a news piece courtesy of Headline News that gives a KUDOS to these misleading, manipulative, fuckin fakers…

Are you still in denial?  Okay… hows about “the moving blood” on the ground?  Some are saying it’s a cloth and the wind blew it but come on!  A heavily blood soaked cloth ain’t hardly moving unless you’ve got some serious wind!  This blood basically blends in with the other blood on the ground– I guess.  It’s suppose to be a “live” shot courtesy of ABC but to my eyes it is yet another example of manipulation in the [mainstream] media as I believe that they are using a green screen with some of the footage we’re seeing.  Remember Anderson Cooper’s disappearing nose during Sandy friggin Hook?!  Be sure to re-familiarize yourself with Ken Herman in the link too.

Now… the dummies and the shills are saying it’s the wind or someone is pulling it.  Pulling it?!  Why would you be “pulling” a blood soaked cloth instead of just picking the damn thing up?!  Make sure you take note of the tarp which doesn’t seem to be affected by any breeze!   Remember– it’s a “blood soaked” whatever it’s suppose to be blood on the ground PLUS a cloth won’t slide” perfectly”– it’s gonna tumble or something.  This thing (whatever its’ suppose to represent) just glides across the ground in a VERY unnatural way.  Also of note, I think it’s super convenient that the Russian flag was in the explosion shot!  Isn’t that the grand daddy of wars that’s about to go down between Russia, the u.s. and Iran? (So fuckin scripted! LOL).

Still not convinced they’re fuckin’ with us again?  Seems they’re recycling these actors so frequently during these fake news events they’ve actually lost track this time!  THANK GOD!  The slain Principal (Dawn) of Sandy Hook was resurrected and made it to the next worst day of her dead ass life and got ‘killed again’ at The Boston Marathon!  That’s just like Steven Barton– first Batman then Sandy Hook.  They’re calling her Donna for her featured role this time;

Dawn of Sandy Hook And Donna Of The Boston Marathon Are The Same Person

DAMN! What’s My Muthafukin Name? Donna! That’s it! Whew!

I told you that they don’t think we’re dumb– they know it!  4 months later and they are using the same victim which means MANIPULATION!  Oh yeah… and please don’t think some ‘memorial fund’ wasn’t already set to go PRIOR!  What does this look like to you?

Boston Marathon Memorial Fund On Facebook Was Created at 7 38am April 15 2013


One more thing to note; their universal symbol of the pyramid was highly visible that day.  Didn’t notice it?  It’s the Adidas logo!  

They were more than ready to implement “lock down” (AKA Martial Law– did you notice the National Guard and/or Military presence on the scene?) yet they had no radar of any attack before it happened– NONE.  And according to the University of Mobile Alabama’s Cross Country Coach…even with bomb sniffing dogs at the beginning AND ending of the race and an active drill being ACKNOWLEDGED(!), the city of Boston was still completely unprepared for THE BIG BANG!   (GTFOH!!!)  Massachusetts has been dying to run a drill on Martial Law (<–it’s the video in the preceding link)!  YAWN… I’m done, ya’ll!

39 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon: You KNOW It Was A Hoax Too? Part II

    • if someone has a acute amputation like that they will be pumping blood and it will be looking like a bloodbath and flesh would be in shreds, you see no flesh and considering the main aorta passes through there … that’s to little blood. google images of people who got their legs blown of its blood everywhere and it keeps pumping will not even remotely be able to handle a wheelchair like a pro, with a size fitted . wheelchair [yes that is a panthera and its size fitted not standard] and he moves it like a pro. after such a bloodloss and pain he would be unconscious..

    • Please note that the camera lens used was a wide field lens. (see top left of frame for distortion) From that deflection in a strait surface you can work out the lens field of degree then Test the hypothesis. Note, I am not questioning your suppositions veracity, just asking you to test the validity of it.
      “blood that should be dripping (spewing is more like it) from this wound?”
      Please see for details on there history and efficacy.
      ” transports victims with such devastating injuries in a wheelchair?”
      If you go to the finish line of any race, I’ve been to three, you will see wheelchairs to move the collapsed athletes from the line to the triage area. From there they will be loaded onto stretchers. But really, the reason is,,,,, It’s faster.
      Please use the inteligence that you ahve been given and question things but also try to answer them logically

  1. They never interviewed anybody named “Donna” and you say no wind was blowing or affecting the tarp with the bloody cloth, but what about the fucking flag blowing like crazy in the same shot?

    • Dead Evil– calm tha fuck down!

      Ever been on Bolyston Street? They have skyscrapers too so depending on where you are, you might get hella breeze (like that FLAG atop of everything, and it’s also a dry cloth and if I’m not mistaken, flags are designed to wave “rapidly” even in a light gust) or it could be dead calm which that tarp does seems to indicate. It’s a pretty dense material and it might be on even ground as that heavily saturated cloth.

      Now… is that the only problem you’re seeing with this article? One lie is all it takes, MAN! If I got 5 out of 6 examples wrong that is still MANIPULATION or OMISSION. Whatever word you chose it’s a LIE.

      I’m gonna try to get out of the habit (as of late cuz they truly are buggin Why O’ Why) of calling people shilsl. It’s the anger that gives (you guys) them away. Truth knows no anger.

      Donna’s pic has been changed after the fact… just like little Allison Wyatt of Sandy Hook.

      And for the record people, I’m being sarcastic when I said she died again! She was simply resurrected ’tis all.

      And for the record, Editors who are working on continuous coverage pieces would never make the mistake of using the wrong image. This was either very deliberate or they fucked up again! I lean towards the latter.

      • I know, right?! I look back at that now and think– we are really gullible! 😉

        Just a heads up Nina– we did get Nick wrong in this ordeal. He is innocent of participating in this farce. I’ve addressed it in this piece; *** ATTENTION ALL OVER THE WORLD NICK VOGT IS NOT THE AMPUTEE ACTOR ****

        “T” has volunteered to take the lead on digging into this Jeff Bauman person who was the one originally named and the man who’s in the wheelchair– NOT DRIPPING BLOOD!

  2. Those photos of Nick Vogt and Jeff Bauman are two different people. Jeff Bauman’s nose is broader than Nick Vogt’s. It’s pretty close, but that’s two different people.

  3. Congratulations, you’ve successfully proven that it is a theoretical possibility that our government conspired to cause the events of April 15th. That sure must have been difficult. I hope you realize no one with 23% of a working brain denies that. We just don’t think it’s probable.

    • AAAAA SHUTTT UP! Oops… my mouse went crazy because you know I’M NOT DONE…

      Stay in the dark if you truly are slow on the uptake type of citizen or stop coming by for you shills who are lurking…


  4. I’m from crestline Ohio where Nick is from and for you to bring him into this is wrong he has fought for you and America lost his legs for us and we have people lol you who put his name to shame fuck you!!!!

    • Why can’t Nick speak for himself? Anywho…

      He nor anyone else who participated in any of these ‘wars’ are fighting for anyone’s freedom. I know… I’ve been there. What they ARE doing is participating in an undeclared war and have invaded a people and nation. Blood is on his hands and any other soldier who continues to participate in a fight that has never had anything to do with threats to us. War is money. I’m gonna play along and pretend you’re a real person who’s just confused (instead of the shill I think you are) and introduce you to Aaron Russo… All the worlds a stage and Nick took part in the production.

      Like seriously. Why are you guys bothering to waste your words here? NO ONE IS BUYING IT, Justin. I could say fuck you back, but you already know I’m thinking it! lol

      • Im not for the war at all. I do not agree that we should kill people to prove to other people that killing is wrong. What I do believe is that somehow you’ve gotten your information wrong. I would like to know how Nick even came about into this? Where is your source? I grew up in the same town as Nick, and my parents grew up with his. I remember the day I found out what had happened to him. How he was touch and go. I remember his 5K run we held in our town and the gatherings at our church. We are such a small town everybody knows everything about everybody. Now Nick has so many trolls accusing him or something you decided was true. I am not saying the government isn’t behind some of the very messed up things that happen but I know Nick had nothing to do with this. He has gone through so much already why make him go through even more? Im not attacking Im simply asking to know where you got your information from. I think its fair if you are going to slander someones name you should honestly know the facts first..

      • Hello, Sara!

        I’m responding to your comment because like Micah you actually posed questions or a rebuttal in a way that is completely MATURE and acceptable. I appreciate that.

        Now… I thought of naming the source I got that image of Nick from, but that to me is shifting blame. I take full responsibility for not going just a wee bit further on his Facebook page. And my reason for that can be found here; and here;

        The person responsible for tying Nick to Jeff will surely come forward to correct that error as I did. I had to look up this word; Trolling (I think some of this internet speak is utter garbage as a Troll lives under a bridge) lol… but trolling is not what we do! My gut was actually telling me that Nick’s hair (once grown out) couldn’t be curly nor that thick but again I was rushing so I won’t make any excuses.

        The issue has been addressed and the word is getting out. One thing I’m sure that’s happened since Sandy Hook– people who know that was a hoax are FURIOUS by the fact that they’re ‘doing it again’! I think the eagerness to prove how foul media is might put a cart before the horse on occasion. That is unfortunate, but independent researchers are still far more reliable than our news outlets.

        I wonder if anyone has ever came as hard for CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and all the other outlets (which are owned by only 5) who constantly “troll” as they have for an independent researcher? In the news games it’s called redacting. I think a simple apology is all we need to move forward.

        To all the others who let their rage halt their ability to ask questions RATIONALLY, see;


        And don’t flatter yourselves too much. I was so convinced at first, that the words actually did not encourage me to look again. I was thinking about his hair and that’s when I decided to take another look. I’ve always said, “truth comes out in the light” and it does!

      • I think it’s an absolute trip that people really think that way. Henry Kissinger already said what the military is used for as well and the men and women who participate;

        “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

        Even when people hear that truth they STILL refuse to believe it– somehow!!!! For all the soldiers out there… how many of your “elected” officials have sons or daughters willing to loose life and limb? If their kids aren’t there, WHY ARE YOU?

  5. Whoever wrote this is a full on retard and I hope you’re trolling. If the government wanted to kill its own people I think it would’ve done a better job of it, i.e. not using a faggot ass pressure cooker homemade fucktard bomb. Anybody who believes this should just drink bleach and save the world from degrading the human race any further. Also to even bring Nick into this is very shitty to him, and his family, and the whole town of Crestline.

  6. Whoever wrote this clearly does not know what they are talking about. They need to check some facts before they throw their conspiracy crap out there. Lt. Nick Vogt is from my home town and happens to be very real and got both of his legs blown off and nearly lost his life, defending our country. He is not an or was not an actor in the Boston Bombing. He does not deserve this kind of disrespect. Instead a Big Thank you for his Service and sacrifice as a soldier in the United States Army defending our country.

  7. People are killed, and you have nothing better to do with your sad life than post bullshit conspiracies? You’re a pathetic waste of human life. And don’t tell me to “open my eyes.” I don’t want to succumb to ignorance as you have.

    • You are a Coward like those who cheered and Clapped after having guns held on them and held in a state of Martial Law! They have no idea WTF was going on, as they took pictures of those Creeps like they were celebrities!!! Dispicable!!!

  8. I happen to be related to Nick and know for a fact that these are all complete and total lies. You asked why Nick has not defended himself, and the reason why is because he is a big enough person to not let something so completely outrageous upset him. I would usually not get involved in something so absolutely ridiculous, but the fact that you have gone to such great lengths to tarnish the name of one of the most incredible men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, has made me quite angry. I also happen to know that Nick did not want anyone to comment on anything surrounding these accusations but after reading your horrifying ASSUMPTIONS I could not help but say something. While you have been hiding behind your computer, Nick has accomplished more, sacrificed more, and inspired more people than you could ever imagine. I must say you have some major guts to even think of speaking so badly about someone who has sacrificed so much for our country based on, excuse my language, BULLSHIT ASSUMPTIONS. You do not have to believe in what our country decides to go to war for but you better have some respect for the men that go out and fight for you and everyone else. You couldn’t possibly imagine what this man has gone through and over come, and to be where he is today is nothing short of a miracle. And for him to have to see this and read the terrible things you are writing about him and putting in other peoples minds is disgusting. I truly hope you have the pleasure of meeting Nick one day so you can see for yourself that my opinion is not based on my relation to him but based on the fact that he is a remarkable human being. It would be the only way of showing you what an awful thing you have done here. Nick is someone to be admired, not someone to be a part of your lies stemming from your anger towards our government. If you want to make a difference I suggest you start by getting off your computer and doing something positive instead of trashing our hometown hero and other innocent people.

  9. The only thing that always gets me about orchestrated events is that do the naysayers really believe that the government isn’t capable of this on any level to push their agenda? Sort of like how pharmaceutical sales rep use pens, pads of paper, dinner to push their product (the kick back law is there but it still happens though not as frequently)…

    I think you made a good point that even one point shows that there was government involvement so why not take for what it means: the government really only cares for their agenda, they will do what they must (money, gifts, tax breaks, bailouts, federal reserve’s gold, tragic events).

    For me personally I believe that in any orchestrated event there is always innocent bystanders because it one, adds credibility because someone can go see this person was actually hurt (which is sad, my heart breaks for the innocent who are hurt) thus proving all were innocent; second, they don’t care about some peon citizen getting hurt as long as the end goal is reached.

    With all the orchestrated events I do personally believe there are always civilian casualties because why would the government even care to go to such lengths to have everyone in on it. It’d then make the clean up that much more difficult. And they clean up like that sheriff who was shot in the back at Waco who was involved with the Clintons. I say this because my memory is that my dad was listening to Warren “Duffy” in Southern California the day it happened. The reason why the memory is vivid is because I was helping put up dry wall and I had come across a black widow spider. That spider imprinted what happened and the sheriff found the “suicide” in a completely different location that was later reported differently and so happened to be shot in the back. Yeah…

    Oh and it wouldn’t surprise me if the archives of his program suddenly lost that one day’s news report (if they do archive it) but this way back in the 90s.

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