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The Boston Marathon: You KNOW It Was A Hoax Too?

 Alrighty… I’ve got about ten minutes today but I’ll be back over the weekend cuz, DAMMIT SON!

I need you to only pay attention to this image for now…

Joggers Fake Fall at Boston Marathon

The muthafucka on the ground reminds me of that tv commercial; “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” from years ago.   Did you notice that nothing sprayed towards his direction yet he falls as if he was hit by a ROCKET?!  Also, when this [smoke] bomb actually did go off, even if you’re unaware of what is happening at that moment, don’t you think  they sure were jogging remarkably slowly? Especially since our initial experience with “the terrorist events” of 9/11?

Additionally, there was yet ANOTHER drill taking place on the same day as this “attack”– a controlled explosion drill at that!  Click HERE for those (IDIOTIC) Tweets courtesy of The Boston Globe via  You guys have already passed the tutorial on drills so start putting this one together cuz it’s easy as FUCK!  Just like Sandy Hook– the benchmarks for FRAUD are brimming through!

Two parting notations– it was a clear, crisp day, 40+degrees and climbing to 54 (perfect weather for long distance running) by the end of the race yet there’s an AWFUL lot of grainy footage being generated.  Same thing happened during 9/11.  A clear day yet we’re being shown shotty footage from those top three big networks (as well as others).  And lastly, they didn’t have a radar for a terrorist attack prior AT ALL but HOURS later (just like 9/11) they’ve got their suspects!  Stinky ass bullshit is what I’m smelling!

Keep your eyes open– they are counting on us NOT TO!

2 thoughts on “The Boston Marathon: You KNOW It Was A Hoax Too?

  1. I love your posts and words as always; do not have the time to study these things in depth like I used to so thought just maybe this was a “legitimate terrorist” attack for once. Seems like there are No coincidences!

    • You’re too, kind, Dan!

      I actually started not to watch anything (everything in my GUT was smelling bullshit) but that is my home state. When I saw dude fall like he did– maaannn… it got my blood boiling! The nerve to create another hoax so soon after (and without addressing ANY legitimate questions) Sandy Hook (those dirty muthafukas)! They don’t think we’re dumb– THEY KNOW WE ARE! And who carries the injured out in fukn WHEELCHAIRS?! LOL This one actually had me cussing out my television!!!!

      I feel you on the “last ditch reach” to give these people the benefit of the doubt but they simply don’t give a fuck about us. They truly are sociopaths. Not-a-one can be trusted. We are still caught in our illusions about this country but I like to think about it like this… how many times would you stick around if your loved one kept lying to you? At its’ core, we ARE in a relationship with these sick fucks. We’ve just gotta end the affair! They are no good and they’ve been that way all along! Eisenhower tried to tell us something when he left, (just like soooo many others) but he helped to sell this country (therefore the people) out! From now on, we have to accept that these “terrorist attacks” are and have been at the hands of the ‘leaders’ of this country. Operation Northwoods is all we need to understand just how far back this has been happening. Every single war, every single battle is because ‘we’re the gangsters’. Research is critical but it’s a safe bet that from now on… THEY (u.s. guberment) did it! 😉

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