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***Olivia Wilde Caught Shifting and Correcting ON CAMERA!***

Courtesy of Instant000 on Youtube, you finally get to see (like this really needs to be added to the many examples already given) an actress who knows what time it is.  In other words, she knows what she is, she’s shifting and she fixes it!  Check out the little moves she does as she corrects her morph(s).  There are two examples in this clip and the first is the easiest for you to spot (as “a new student to the subject”).  Be sure to note a little twitch/movement that she does with her arm just prior to this object appearing[ on her arm] in the first example.  She KNOWS it’s coming– betcha bottom dollar…

Isn’t she “shapeshiftingly” sexy?  Stop being DECEIVED!

Olivia Wilde: Morphing Her Way Into Your PANTS!  Yet Another Shapeshifter Caught On Tape!

Olivia Wilde: Morphing Her Way Into Your PANTS! Yet Another Shapeshifter Caught On Tape!

Nuff said.

Up next?  Yet ANOTHER “political figure” that is One Of Them.  Who’s ear do you think this belongs to and does that muthafuka like “normal” to you? 

richard blumenthal ear shifts

 Stay tuned… 😉

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16 thoughts on “***Olivia Wilde Caught Shifting and Correcting ON CAMERA!***

  1. the post isn’t found. i was looking forward to reading it. thanks for all your posts. very informational. i especially like the frequency of the posts!

    On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Why O’ Why?

    • hahaha! Hi there Cythina! Well that’s a first! I meant to hit preview and accidentally hit publish and somebody got it before I could finish my edit! So much love in the room! 😉

      I’m so glad you’re digging the info here! It does my heart good to open the mind of just one-a-day! Just one-a-day which is 365 people per year. I’d like more but I’ll take it!

      Say a little prayer that this months goes as planned. I’ve gots plenty stored and ready to publish– it’s the darn tagging and links that slow me down the most! 😉

      Hope you’re having a great day, lady!


      • Have you remembered? I wish to tell you so much, but i work out of love, and true love only compels. You must remember. Know these words to be true, then, wisdom gained. “Know yourself, and you will become known”

    • Alright you little shit! This is a reminder to all to read the tab for commenting (located at the top)!

      And for the record, no one twitches their fingers when a fly is on their person– they swat the damn thing! If you couldn’t see this thing suddenly appear on her skin you must be one of them. Stay in denial if you chose but don’t come in my yard with the name calling! It’s not that kind of party here. Take it over to YouNazi! They love that shit!

  2. 1) She is on a cow farm. Everyone knows flies are attracted to cow shit. So it is not surprising that there are at least hundreds of flies around her.

    2) If you are on an interview on tv and you are a sex symbol of your time, the last thing you want to do is to “swat the damn thing” and make a mess on your hands and a fool of yourself.

    I rest my case.

    • Just rest your case, Sheesh cuz SHEESH! LOL

      Believe it or not– I’ve actually been on a few farms including one about 4 months ago! Cows, chickens, ducks, (scary ass looking) goats, horses! Flies love filth, not just shit and swatting doesn’t necessarily mean making contact it just means shooshing them away! Normal HUMANS react the same way to flies on their skin. And you think she’s a sex symbol? Yeah… that’s programming. Everything about her SCREAMS “organic robotioed” at the very least! Camera-ready talent is always prepared for the unexpected during interviews. Talent has coaches for EVERYTHING in Evil-tainment!

      And yes, you did violate Rule 3. Again… I think intelligent people can express their point of view without the name calling bait which only began with stories like these. Give a real rebuttal cuz THAT’s cool. And you’re clearly new to this blog but there are a few contributors to articles and even though they’d never boast their credentials, retards or sub-par is not them… lol not by any stretch of the imagination. And for the record, I do believe in free-speech and hate having any friggin rules in place but that Vigilant Citizen piece became way too hostile and out of control. You may not agree with the views here but personal attacks are not allowed any longer. And of course it’s not vulgar language “my friend”… it’s simply a personal attack. Feel free to cuss like a sailor if you’re moved to but (and even though the readers here can handle it if they are attacked too) that’s simply NOT the tone here. We can do better so I insist that we do! Open dialogue creates CHANGE— dammit! 🙂

      The Captain of THIS ship,

  3. so apparently i violated rule No.3 No personal attacks. I apologize if i offended anybody by the extremely vulgar and derogatory term “dummy”. Please don’t ban me from making any comments on this site as i want to help educate some people who are currently in the dark.

    and as always, have nice day. *russian accent*

  4. ur right about the intelligent people expressing opinions without name calling. Now getting back on topic…lets say i acknowledge that shape shifting reptilians are real and do exist.

    My question, is that why do these alleged shapeshifters ALWAYS pick careers revolving around television and media. You would think since they have such a big secret to hide and all that, they would refrain from being under the spotlight all the time.

    curious passenger on ur ship

    • Hi there sheesh (and everyone else too). Just have a moment today but wanted to respond…

      The reason they do this “in plain sight” IS to influence us. What is the best way to influence the masses? Through careers that are media based related (to include politics). Now think about it… how best to get their influences out to millions at a time? Through television. Television was actually invented for them (my personal opinion after more than 20 years in that devilish biz) not to entertain us at all. It’s been a tool from the beginning (sadly). Do you remember the show called; “The Avengers” (hell… it goes back further than that but I’ll use that as an example)? Dude and dudette where both shifting their asses off! Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” and there are even shapeshifting children in Alfred Hitchcock’s; “The Birds”! My grandparents referred to it as the idiot box back then… I call it the Devil’s tool because it’s such a clever guise that no one will EVER suspect that it is out to demoralize you.

      Check this out now that you’re a curious passenger aboard this ship and get ready for a bumpy ride my friend. It’s a paradigm shift for your ass no doubt BUT it’s up to the individual to accept this or not but rest assured, it’s happening whether you believe it or not. LivingInTheAbstract is currently my favorite sleuth on the subject because he’s clear and concise with his research and this video captures your ‘celebs’, news anchors, politicians and guess what else he’s capturing? Every day people! “They are influencing us on a grass roots level”

      And on this blog you’ll find;

      John Kerry
      Fred Durst
      Elvis Presely (way before our shitty little digital age so do keep that in mind)
      A former co-worker named Isiah Carey (blows my mind but he WAS a bit off to me in looking back)
      Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet– you know… Alex Jones’ baby? Oh… and Alex has been caught shifting too, just to name a few.

      I think I was stunned initially but I find it humorous because it’s so friggin obvious now! We aspire to be just like everything we see on television or hear in a song. Bling, makin’ paper, getting ho’s and now men have been trained to look for the bi-sexual freaks because Katy Perry’s ass “Kissed a Girl and Like it”. Oh… I almost forgot… Superhead has been exposed as one of them too. I guess she gives crazy alien (Nephilim) head LOL! They are absolutely ALL AROUND US, sheesh because the devil knows he’s only got a limited time to rally as many unsuspecting souls as he can (tha PUNK).

      Happy researching, sheesh. And if you’re a non-drinker before this, you’re certainly going to want a stiff one after so don’t drive drunk! lol!


  5. Where do you get your acid from because i need some of that shit. Dude you are crazy and obviously dont believe in god.

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