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They’re Here!! Get Use To It! (Somethin’ For The Black Folk)

You’re either gonna love this or hate it, either way, I’m forcing you to the edge so SUCK IT UP!

When I first started to see these captures, every now and then, I’d wonder if this was  just a fluke or not but after the entry about Dr. Beter... well, even I can’t deny this.  What people are still going to have a difficult time with is that every single figure we see in the news is one of them.  Wolf Blitzer, that dumb chick from CNN that I know that guys only watch because they are fantasizing about her mouth around their dicks–  Robin Meade, that was her name!  And whole host of others too.   

I mentioned in the Dr. Beter article that I was there when the switch from analog to digital was made.  It was suppose to improve tv viewing and reduce those glitches that sometimes occurred.  Have you noticed that those glitches still occur and more frequently too?  That’s because they weren’t fixing our tv viewing– they were creating “a better” frequency for them to transmit their signal which masks their appearance on tv!  I can’t stress enough that pixels, compression of video, etc., has NOTHING to do with what we’re seeing.  NOTHING! The Elvis Presley morphs were captured way before our little funky digital age too.

There’s a guy on youtube named; LivingInTheAbstract and he’s figured out a way to capture these on a incredibly frequent basis.  From eye mophs and other dramatic facial distortions and wild hand distortions too.  And just like me, he’s proven that race is not an issue in this global deception.  These things (Nephilims) are represented across the globe in every shade imaginable. 

I’m going to highlight “the black Nephilims” because we are the last ones to collectively be able to expand our minds to this.  We like tangible shit (me, I remain open because I let facts lead me to a conclusion) therefore we are rarely thinking outside of the box.  Not all but way too many of us.  And if these images will get black folks to think about this on a larger scale, hopefully they will get on the good foot and get informed.  The train is rolling with or without you so why not be informed?

Just a few things to keep in mind when attempting to spot these creatures.  They appear to have emotional reactions that trigger these shifts.  When you see a story on “gun control” for example, since their goal is to manipulate us and they KNOW THEY ARE LYING, more than likely, a glitch will occur.  Any news report that wants to persuade our opinion is more than likely going to have a glitch associated with it.  Excuse me but let me correct myself, a news report consist of covering the facts; ‘who, what, where, when and why’.  What you guys are seeing nowadays in news is more accurately described as; muthafukin opinion.   Back to the topic at hand… these things can also be found in crowds when a reporter is on the street.  And here’s something I didn’t friggin expect… they can be children!!!  Check out these first screenshots of “a little girl” clowning in the crowd (CLICK ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE)…

girls eyes go white while friar talks about pedophiles

girls eyes shift again at press conference

girls eyes turn red and slits appear

I know… too wild to comprehend, isn’t it?  It really happened, fellow people.  HERE’s the clip for a detailed analysis.  There are more anomalies that occur with “her” too.  Now… he gives us the low down on exactly how to record these, what time of day you’ll most likely be able to get a capture, the whole nine yards.  You can check out his video on; “How To Catch A Lizzy” HERE.

This next “brother’s” face does some serious crack-a-lackin too…black reporters face morphs

HERE’s that full clip.  My reality check is based on a former co-workers’ recent exposure as ONE OF THEM!  Isiah Carey didn’t catch a bug in his mouth– his snake like tongue had a mind of its’ own and showed itself!  Still can’t believe I actually worked with this guy for nearly 2 years!  Makes me wander who else I was working with that was one of them.  One producer, a cameraman  and that muthafuka at the news desk with the ENORMOUS head now come to mind.

Isiah Carey with Snake Tongue

Because we’re trained to look at things on the surface, we automatically gravitated to the “human error” of his snafu and completely overlooked what really happened!   His shit came out, he spins around from the camera to gain control but he’s still morphing!  After he gets his snake like tongue under control, he should have stopped acting at that point because he then wipes his mouth (like he really tried to spit out a bug, LOL) and even though his tongue is no longer black/gray with a split at the end, it’s crazy long!  You can analyze one of the many videos that have surfaced HERE.  And HERE’s the original upload. 

This next “little black girl” has a tongue of death too.  At first I was thinking she was one of their programmed sex slaves but this little heffa has a very demonic thing happening with her tongue…  girl with pope has long lizard like tongue

That tongue literally whips out and ‘around’ just like an amphibians would!  Click HERE for the analysis.  Definitely note that I might be highlighting the black Nephilims in this article but do check out the Pope’s fingers in that clip.  The only finger that is the longest on any human hand is the middle finger…

I actually am now thinking it might be a good idea to show you a couple of more little kids that Michael Cameron found (there are so many people who are hip to this so folks really need to catch up).  This little devil in disguise, literally, shifts dramatically…little boys face morphs to scary clown lookAnd here’s how he looks when his morphed face goes back to somewhat normal.  One eye is big and black but it’s still a dramatic change in his face…little boys face still morphed but normal looking

This last little demon morphs as well.  You’re absolutely going to say; “WTF?” when you check this out…scary baby morphs
And this kid looks super young to me.  Definitely NOT a year old but check out this next image where he suddenly has TEETH!!!
toddler with a full set of teethYou can comprehend this or not but these scary fuckas ARE here!  Young and old, black and white (and every race in between), male and female.  THEEYYY’RRREEE HEERRE! 

Since they don’t see race, neither should we because when it gets right down to it, there’s going to come a day when it’ll be us humans against them– whatever tha fuck they are!

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