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*** Katt Williams Speaks About The Illuminati In Real Terms (VIDEO April 4, 2013) ***


WOW!  Just got this in (Thanks “T”)!  Peep this clip that I never saw prior to posting the full write-up below (my heart BREAKS for you, Katt cuz kids are off limits in ANY FIGHT)…


When this lil cat first hit the scene, I was actually living overseas and hadn’t witnessed him making his way ‘to the top’.  I was completely unaware of him  until I got an email with the following clip;

Friggin hilarious, wouldn’t you agree?  So anytime I could surf the net I’d look for more clips.  I had a love-hate thing for this guy.  I thought his routines were actually quite intelligent BUT that muthafuka was killing me with his use of the n-word!  So by the time I returned to the u.s., seems dude was ending his career so I actually sent him an email encouraging him NOT to because his BIO was kick ass!  He is absolutely no dummy!  Of course I was never expecting a reply I just wanted him to know that I recognized his intelligence but I mainly wanted to encourage him to substitute the n-word with “muthafkas”.  It’s s imply much more UNIVERSAL.  Of course this is waaay before I begin to put the pieces together of this MASSIVE puzzle known as; “the illuminati”.

And then the ‘drug/mental breakdown related scandals’ started to surface.  I’ll be honest.  It really made no sense to me that someone with his background would chose to adopt, what was it, seven kids, already having one from a former marriage for a total of eight, only to drop the ball and spin out of control.

Instinctively, I remained opened to the possibility that he was ever speaking the truth.  And now I’m pretty convinced that he is actually a victim of mind control.  Especially after hearing this little comment from him, which isn’t part of his resume; I.Q. = 163 and has been with MENSA since he was ten. 

So now that a little time has passed between” the Katt Williams I met overseas and now”, the information he states in the below video, as “safely yet directly” as possible should resonate NOTHING but the truth for you.  Hollyhell is a very dark place and the illuminati are real.  Always have been.  This is a man whom they, for whatever reason, has decided to not exterminate.  The set ups and scandals have truly had an impact on him BUT he’s still brave enough to tell you all THE TRUTH.  Listen to this interview courtesy of “BlackTreeTV”...

Remember the Randy Quaid interview when he said that hollywood has “star whackers”?  Think it’s a joke?  It’s deadly serious.  Winks and nods at Katt for standing tall despite the many times they came atcha!

13 thoughts on “*** Katt Williams Speaks About The Illuminati In Real Terms (VIDEO April 4, 2013) ***

    • Indeed! Rare to find these days too. I love how he pointed out that he was looking for someone else [to speak the truth] but found NO ONE (other than Dave Chappell– I saw these clips overseas too because I too wanted to know why he walked away for $50 Mill)! Yet another comedian who is highly intelligent…

      Their rewards await them in heaven because Lord knows, it’s about to get real interesting in the ‘days to come’…

      A note to Katt– You see? There’s plenty o’ people who knew something foul was happening to you! Hang tuff, man! By the way– although my best friend was (R.I.P.) probably old enough to be your father– can I tell you that you look just like him (less the perm)?! Sending up the prayers for you.


      Sidebar: I’ve just gotta add this… When parents take the responsibility of rearing their children with the basic foundations early on… they will NOT abandon those foundations when they are adults. These two MEN are a great examples of “when parenting GOES RIGHT”!!! So “hello and how ya’ doin'” to the parents of Dave and Katt!!!

  1. Im African and live in Africa and ever since I saw Katt Williams, I have always known that he was different from all the other stars. He is a great man. God bless him for accepting the cup of suffering in order to stand for the Truth. We love you Katt!
    However, you say you suspect he has been programmed. So how is it that he is able to act on his own free will?

    • Hi Willa!

      “for accepting the cup of suffering in order to stand for the Truth”– VERY nicely stated! Katt sacrificed more than we know for OUR sakes!

      Mind control is super tricky do detect no doubt and the reason I feel he might have been a victim is because of that I.Q. of his! These organizations that study intellect are really hubs for Mind Control. Tavistock Institute, MENSA, etc. have a real dark agenda behind their existence. Katt won an Oratory award at 8 and with MENSA since he was 10. Mind control victims usually begin to break their programming during their 30’s and that’s when their free will is being witnessed. This is pure speculation on my part though, but I couldn’t help but notice a little twitch he did during his latest interview. Could be nothing or it could be he was triggered by a word and even a hand gesture during that interview. Whatever the case– I’m glad to see lil’ man survive his ordeal because it was real!

      Just to give you an idea of what I mean by these victims being “triggered”– this one is a good place to start;

      • Katt Williams is full of shit about his IQ. Makes me wonder what else is he lying about? He said he requalified every 6 months for Mensa. That is a lie…

        Directly from their website:

        Rejoin American Mensa
        “If you are a former member of American Mensa and are currently living in the United States or its protectorates, you do not have to requalify your membership. You can simply reinstate your membership online using your membership number”.

        No way anyone with a 163 would pronounce the “th” like an “f” when enunciating words. No one would want to look that stupid.

      • Katt’s IQ is pretty high. I read his bio back in the day. And any affiliation with MENSA may not be such a good thing as it is a programming hub. And I do believe him when he speaks of being attacked. The evidence today is undeniable.

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  5. I have no problem with Kat Williams as comedian. I just have a gross aversion to lying. All I am stating is he embellishes (or lies) about one item in his past, who is to say that he did not construct all of the rest. Once he lies, all of the rest of his history (his bio) goes out the window, which is sad. I truly think, given his troubles and some of the stuff said, he really needs some help to get clean. If not we will lose him

    • That’s what I don’t think people actually get… Katt was being harassed, slandered, not to mention “they” took his kids from him. How many times was he arrested/detained/accused but not ONE CHARGE was ever brought against him? You can believe he pissed off the wrong crew and this was his punishment. Still can’t figure out why they didn’t kill him (though glad they didn’t) cuz he was telling the truth about those mansion parties AND he was naming names (Jamie Fox, Steve Harvey– I know harvey is a frat boy too) and money hungry enough to try and throw Bernie Mac under the bus (“google” that one).

      And I agree– one lie discredits anyone or even a situation (think Sandy Hook). I’m a little surprised that the only thing you’re ‘stuck on’ is his IQ instead of peeping what he’s sharing. And again– an affiliation with any of those organization points to programming. I do think Katt might have been a program victim who’s programming was beginning to come apart. The first time I saw him in a movie he was wearing a leopard printed suit. And think about this– half the world (if not more) no nothing about MENSA. So bragging (embellishing/lying) would fall on deaf ears as most people wouldn’t have a clue what he’s referring to. 😉

      My personal view on Katt is people need to thank him for the courage of his convictions. “he fought tha law and he won (cuz he’s still alive)! “I still won’t join the illuminati but I now have a healthier respect for their organization”. Katt Wms.

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