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Dr. Peter David Beter Talks About “Organic Robotoids” (With A Little Twist By Elvis Presley)

I’m not even sure how I found this other than getting lost on youtube one day but it seems the name of these “droid-like” beings that we keep profiling here are actually called; “Organic Robotoids”.  And it would appear that you and I are real late on this topic because Dr. Beter was talking about this subject before his death in 1987!   1987, you guys!  He even claims that the Russians accidentally discovered this and that these things can be manufactured within hours!  Here’s a brief audio of one of his lectures…

You can click HERE for “all things Dr. Beter”.  And here’s an interview with a woman who has the most interesting eye thing happening.  What I can’t figure out is why is only one eye reflecting this?  I know the skeptics and the shills will continue to come out the wood works but I’d love for someone to explain this.  Lighting, camera angles, etc., simply couldn’t explain this happening in one eye and not the other!  Here’s the youtube clip.  Do note, I really loathe some of the music people will lay under their videos so if this musical selection bugs you too, just mute it. 

HERE’S  the original clip.  It’ll hit at the :45 mark.   This next clip is super freaky and pretty darn convincing.  This ‘thing’ is in the crowd yet no one seems to notice it!  If it is a person, I’d think he’d certainly garner some stares as this looks like maybe a political convention or rally of some sort.  I’ve asked the uploader to provide the source as I always like to find the original of these types of videos.  I’m placing this one in ahead of verification because what a capture if it’s genuine!

The below is courtesy of AIPAC 2012.  Here’s the short clip that is being analyzed by others with a different angle which gives this ‘person’ a really interesting appearance.  And do note the man right behind him… his facial features are much more vivid/crisp than that ‘droid’/Nephilim/demon.  I find that exceptionally odd since the ‘man in question’ is in front of the other guy!

Click HERE for the Part 2 analysis.  And HERE’s the original AIPAC Conference (hits at the 8:09 mark).  This next clip is truly one for the records.  Unfortunately, locating the original clip is a major challenge because when you go to the Antiques and Roadshow archive and type in November 2012, you get a whopping 700 results!  But I’m including this now because the  uploader describes how she and her husband were watching the show, they saw this happen, hit rewind and began to record.  Some of the comments suggest that he’s wearing glasses, but you get an example of someone wearing lenses in the shot.  Also, the lady next to him has a weird smirk on her face.  And if you pay very close attention, that hosts’ eyes “reptileez out” too.  See for yourself…

Here’s a shot for you to study.  And surprise, surprise, it’s another reporter because after all, this IS a global thang…

Meidaset (Italia) Reporter.  Notice her fingers morph and one eyes' pupil is shaped like a pyramid.

Mediaset (Italia) Reporter. Notice her fingers morph and one eyes’ pupil is shaped like a pyramid.


Do you remember the line in the movie; “Men In Black” when Tommy’s character said;

Elvis isn’t dead– he just went home (or something like that).

That was no joke.  Rare footage of Elvis doing all kinds of freaky looking shit has surfaced.  Way before our “digital days” so keep that in mind .  Here’s a couple of screenshots of “one of these things” doing their thing…

Elvis Presley - Fingers Morph

Elvis Presley – Fingers Morph

Now… there’s an awful lot happening within these 4-6 seconds.  [VIDEO SOURCE]   Elvis loses control and begins shifting.  His dad attempts to distract the little girl putting his hand to her face.  Elvis allows the paper to roll back towards him giving him an opportunity to cover that hand for a bit.  When the shifting finally ends his fingers look normal again…

Elvis Presley Fingers At End Of Morph

Elvis Presley Fingers At End Of Morph

You’re gonna love (or deny) this next image…

Elvis Presley Eyes Shift 1977 Footage

Elvis Presley Eyes Shift 1977 Footage

That “bug eyed” looking Elvis shifted when the make up guy was touching him up [VIDEO SOURCE].  He actually shifts a few times in this footage…

Elvis Presley Eyes Shift 1977 Footage2

Elvis Presley Eyes Shift 1977 Footage2

You’ll notice once he stops shifting he actually looks in the camera as if to say; “Fuck!  Did ya’ll catch that shit?”.  Still not convinced “Men In Black” told us the truth about Elvis?  Check out his other”hand-morphing” captured on film…

Elvis Presley: Fingers Are Wildly Morphed!

Elvis Presley: Fingers Are Wildly Morphed!


Remember.  They love to flaunt the truth in film/TV and here’s some of the best evidence to actually support that “theory”.  One of those 1950’s style documentary (government) films was actually made where the reporter in the piece talks of investigating u.f.o.’s.  Funny thing is, his friggin hand clearly morphs into a “claw” and then goes all kinds of crazy trying to shift back to normal.  Be sure to listen to what he says too…

Hand Morphs Into Claw 1950

Hand Morphs Into Claw 1950

[VIDEO SOURCE] So.  We have old and new captures [Fred Durst AKA Limp Bizkit]  and the same thing keeps appearing so there’s absolutely nothing ‘technical’ about any of these glitches.  Muthafuckas really have been morphing before our very eyes.  And these demons seem to stay close by the ones they have charge over.  Check out this capture of Little Richard with what looks very similar to that thing in the crowd of people yet no one sees it…Little Richard With A Demon Watching Him [VIDEO SOURCE] [ORIGINAL VIDEO SOURCE-hits at :27]  This last image is of one of ‘america’s favorite’ comedians.  I’ve gotta say– I’ve always found his ear to be quite distracting and odd.  Well, that ear ain’t got shit on his teeth and eyes morphing.  [VIDEO SOURCE]

Steve Colbert Teeth and Eye Morph August 2012

Steven Colbert Teeth and Eye Morph August 2012

Editor’s Note: 4/7/13 — Just remember that I keep saying they are all connected.  I just did a frame by frame of Elvis’ dad hand and it was no “innocent fun” when he placed his hand over her face.  His hand actually did a quick morph too.  Vernon was completely aware of Elvis’ morphing which indicates that we may actually be able to see these occur with the naked-eye too.  The Fred Durst capture was clear as a bell.  Notice the tips of Vernon’s fingers, for those who’ll try to claim it’s the movement of his hand.  Those tips shouldn’t look like “icing peaks’.  And you guys are taking note that all of these hand morphs seem to involve the left hand?

Elvis Presley Dad's (Vernon) Hand Morphs TOO

Elvis Presley Dad’s (Vernon) Hand Morphs TOO

When I say they are everywhere, they are EVERYWHERE!   All I have to say is that these sightings are becoming so frequent it would be ridiculous to ignore them.   It’s truly disturbing to me that they have been “blending in” or “befriending” us.  This is just a friendly reminder because the grand deception has got to be in full swing;

Be ye therefore ready also: for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not. — Luke 12:40

7 thoughts on “Dr. Peter David Beter Talks About “Organic Robotoids” (With A Little Twist By Elvis Presley)

  1. Most if not all of these videos and pics have been debunked as being hoaxes! It also requires some healthy and logical thinking! Look, all this nonsense about reptilian shapeshifters, organic robots, and whatever nonsense, is fear propaganda and disinformation! And, sadly, it seems to suck a lot of people in! Too bad!

    • IF you had a valid point I’d be the first to agree with you but, hell… even some “celebs” (themselves) are admitting to it! Where you been, man?! Have you ever seen that Durst concert footage? Explain this…

      Watch it at full speed then STOP, slow it down (.25 on the youtube settings) and pause right @ :05. Hey! I understand it’s a hard pill to swallow but the fact is… there are some non-humans kickin’ it on earth. I really only use the adjectives that the internet has chosen because it’s “readable/digestible” to those who ARE aware of the subject but to me?!!!! They are simply DEMONS. Cuz guess, what? Even THEY are real. There’s even a reference in the Bible that tells us there is truth to their existence as James 2:9 actually states; Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and TREMBLE.

      The Captain of THIS Ship

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