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How Many MORE Examples Do We Need?! Desira Keys/Salter: Is She A Corrections “Officer” Or An Inmate? (The Latest James Holmes Discovery – VIDEO)

Good LAWD!  This is MADDENING!!!  Just when I thought I was done covering (supplying you research avenues) The Batman Shooting (and I don’t even have the proper amount of time today to cover this one fully) THIS shit happens!  Why O’ Why?!!!  But, it’s one of those deals that couldn’t wait!  P.S.  I will be replying to comments to include the emails over the weekend!  Just been super busy, you guys. 🙂 

So my good buddy “SunnyC” (thanks, lady– good lookin’ out!) was going over her emails the other day and got her weekly youtube update thingy.  She usually ignores the suggestions youtube makes but she saw something that grabbed her attention so she clicked.  Part of me asks; “why o’ why did she have to click THAT link?  lol.  Seems the Denver Fox affiliate (Fox 31) had an interview with someone named; “Maria” who was a few cells down from James Holmes in the country jail.  Her story seems pretty simple– she was “blowing the whistle” on an inmate who she describes as cunning, manipulative and receiving preferential treatment.  Open and shut, easy peasy, right?  Well… somebody’s watching this shit super close because “I spy” a fake!  Or should I say “The Devils Advocate. Info” did (KUDOS on the sharp eye)!

This is yet ANOTHER example of people within ‘a system’ who are willing to distort the truth or should I say, ‘actors’ who are manipulating the information we receive and therefore our point of view!  FUCKIN’ OY VEY!!!!   This person is not “Maria” but instead, she’s Desira Keys and is working in Corrections for At Risk Youth!!!!  So when you view the clip below, understand that the local authorities to include the local police on some level as well as FOX NEWS (are you surprised?) fed us lies!!!!  James Holmes IS A PATSY!  Programmed to kill  Oh yeah– in the short time I have to really dig into this discovery, I did find that the Corrections lead guy in Colorado (Tom Clements) was killed just the other day!!!

Do you see the games they play?  A dangerous one at that!

I was planning to let this video stand on it’s own one day but I think it fits perfectly with all of these “lone nut killers” who are “mentally challenged” that we’re trained to believe are these “real ticking time bombs”.  I hesitate a little in introducing this to you guys because God forbid that this would become so easily accessible.  But it is absolute proof that ANYONE (and I do mean anyone) can be told what to do and have absolutely no recall!  The added nightmare?  Supplying fake witnesses when one could be COMPLETELY innocent!  And if you think for one second that your guberment doesn’t have its’ hands on this drug, appropriately [street] named; “Devil’s Breath”, well– you’re more naive than I imagined.  Shit– we’ve already got it on record that your CIA admitted to mind controlling masses of american people up until 1973 when Richard Helms destroyed all related evidence (amongst MANY, MANY other things)!  Hell– Clinton even ‘APOLOGIZED’ for it!  Watch, learn and get ready for “the world’s scariest drug” [Scopolamine] that the true gangstas of this country have put to use (still do– just ask James Holmes)! 

3 thoughts on “How Many MORE Examples Do We Need?! Desira Keys/Salter: Is She A Corrections “Officer” Or An Inmate? (The Latest James Holmes Discovery – VIDEO)

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