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Proof Of Droid-Like Reporters/Public Figures/Entertainers? A Device Between A Reporters’ Legs…

Okay.  So these “supernatural” on-air appearances by “reporters” are something that IS taking place (below are related articles posted on “Why O’ Why?”).  This latest clip (thanks again, “T”!) may show one of the devices that is needed to see these ‘droids’ as humans when they are broadcasted on our “newly improved and required switch from analog to digital”– remember that mandatory ‘transition’?  Allow me to back up for a minute…

Years ago while working in Telecine/Master Control at a local Paramount affiliate, we went “live” on that overnight shift when the planned shift happened.  Me and “Rolando” worked that shift.  After midnight when the big switch occurred, we were 30 minutes into the movie and coming out of a break when the system failed MISERABLY!  We actually had to cut the reel and the audience missed 12 minutes of the film!  Of course we were up in arms as our view was; “why tha hell was this (digital) switch even necessary”?!  We both hated those “discrepancy reports” because in ‘business’ the EMPLOYEE is always the one who’ll take the fall– no matter the technical difficulties.  So the question I find myself asking (myself); after more than 10 years of digital viewing, why so many “glitches” if this was designed to eliminate those on-air mishaps?  The explanation seemed logical at the time because analog and digital simply didn’t work well together on occasion.  But analog worked fine on its’ own as I recall.  I know our production meetings talked about this switch for nearly a year before it happened as upgrading all systems was required.  I remember complaining about it because it felt just like the mandatory switch from LP’s to those “supposedly” indestructible CD’s!!!  So why use a digital operating system if it continues to CREATE these on-air snafus?  Well… the following footage may just hold the key.

Though the guys who are covering this piece seem to think this is some sort of sexual device between this reporters’ legs I say; NO WAY, JOSE’!!  I’m just gonna throw this out there– one ex I had “gave goooood love” and had me thinking about him all day at work on MANY occasions!  There were a few times I had to go “polish myself  off” in the ladies room just to take the edge off!  I may have been wound up, but I would never bring a sex device to work when a finger will do ya!  I think most women would ABSOLUTELY agree!  And if she does have a sex device strapped to her, she still knew that camera was panning to her in mere seconds– she couldn’t wait to adjust it?  So before you view this clip, step out of smut lane for a moment and put this clip in its’ proper perspective especially in light of these on-air “phenomenons”…

Here’s the screen shot for closer examination (click all images to enlarge):

sara eisen bloomberg whats between her legs

Now… this next clip is why I’m thinking this is one of many needed devices for these on-air “droids”.  It’s certainly NOT a mic-pack.  Click HERE for an example of what is pretty standard use and size which is typically attached to on-air talent from the backside while the ear piece streams up behind the person to their ear.  On occasion, they can be seen in the ear.  Although this on-air person is male, his transmitter would not be placed in the lapel/arm area.  Talent and guests are wired for sound the same way!  Watch this closely because Glenn Beck does a quick move in what appears to be him turning off this guys’ (needed) device!  It’s almost as if he made sure this device was off to prevent further malfunctions!  He even wipes his fingers on the back of the guys’ jacket after he “switches it off” (um… YUCK!!  What is THAT about?!)! [VIDEO SOURCE]

Click HERE for a clip of Christine O’Donnell leaving the air LIVE and you’ll notice she goes for her ear to remove the ear-piece (again, that cord streams up the back side from the transmitter which is attached to the back of anyone who goes on the air).  And HERE’S another (better) example of the mic removal and do note that these are two separate networks who mic their guests the same way.  So… the next time you see an image like this (by the way, this is ANOTHER on-air glitch by Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson) you should be able to see more clearly now cuz your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you (plus their little “device(s)” is helping you to see “them”):

paul joseph watson face 2


Thanks to the very cool “I Spy Butterfly(‘s)” clever way of introducing signs (hidden in plain sight) of celebs under the influence of mind control (she’s under the blogroll), I’m gonna throw a few more captures out there of other on-air glitches for your consideration because now, there’s simply too many to ignore…

Young George W Bush (4)

From waaay back in the day yet poppa bushes’ eyes display clear weirdness

Here’s poppa bush and “them there eyes” while he and Clinton were begging us to “send cash” during the Tsnami Relief. Remember that? [VIDEO SOURCE] When you view the source, do note his same fidgety behavior.  Biden displayed the same thing during his recent on-air glitching.

George Bush Sr LOOK AT HIS EYES - Tsunami Relief Scam

George Bush Sr LOOK AT HIS EYES – Tsunami Relief Scam

Patricia Velasquez Eyes and Face Shift on the show Arrested Development

Patricia Velasquez Eyes and Face Shift on the show Arrested Development


Oh!  And ya’ gotta’ love this one!  Didn’t her eyes use to be BLUE?…




Hold tha phone!!!  Didn’t George Sr. once have blue eyes?!

George Herbert Walker Bush Once Had BLUE EYES! What Happened?!

George Herbert Walker Bush Once Had BLUE EYES! What Happened?!

Brad Pitt With Reptilian Eyes Too

Brad Pitt With Reptilian Eyes Too


Don’t worry– Brad’s got his wife, Angelina by his side.  After all– they are (all) related.  That shit ain’t cute by the way and should’ve NEVER been ignored

angelina jolie reptilian eyes

Angelina Jolie Reptilian/Cat Eyes

Seems Angelina has some other abilities too…

Angelina Jolie's Scary Neck Morph!  WTF?!

Angelina Jolie’s Scary Ear/Neck Morph! WTF?!

A parting thought.  For me, this naturally begs the question; why the FUCK would I trust anything from “mainstream” media sources when there is ABSOLUTELY deception at play?  On the cool– this is some SCARY SHIT!!!  And is it me or do they seem like they would STINK?  You know, like from the bowels of hell or something?!!!  In a nutshell… all of these various beings (to include aliens) are spawns of the Nephilims.  Satan’s slick-ass helpers!  STOP BEING DECEIVED.


“Some X Files Happenings (again)…”

“Paul Joseph Watson…”

“Joe Biden’s Eyes…”

“Would You BELIEVE (Ali Arouzi)…”

“Beyonce’s Possession…” (just because I don’t think enough of you are really getting it! 😉 )

12 thoughts on “Proof Of Droid-Like Reporters/Public Figures/Entertainers? A Device Between A Reporters’ Legs…

  1. I don’t know what’s between that reporters legs but it looks very strange!lol I hope she was not pleasuring herself on camera. That is some sick stuff! But to be honest I wouldn’t put anything past the media these days. The news channels today are a total waste of time. Most if it is mind pollution anyway.

    • I can guarantee she was not in the newsroom getting her rocks off with 30 seconds to air! lol! That camera man was just a step away from her too! Is there hanky panky happening across these newsrooms? Absolutely but not live on the air! Believe me… no one wants to ever go on the “forever reel”! That’s when you do something goofy, stupid, loose your cool or whatever on camera! Most of the stations I worked for had an office reel. If your snafu hits the air, you go on that reel! lol! And “mind pollution” says it perfectly!

      • You worked for a news station?? That’s pretty cool! I took some radio and broadcasting classes in college. It was actually pretty fun. Got any good behind the scenes stories? Please do

      • Yeah… been in a few newsrooms back in my day. It WAS cool at first until I was directed to spin a simple piece about the health benefits of red wine. The fact that the truth about red wine would be spun put a sour taste in my mouth (just like radio). One of these days I may tell the tells and poke at those love affairs, but I’m saving that for another time. Hopefully the timing will be right! 😉

        I will tell ya’ this… the (infamous) black reporter who lost his cool when a bug flew in his mouth was one of my ex-co-wokers! lol

      • Yeah. I knew Isaiah. I will say this, he never got involved in office gossip and was a professional but he did lack “personality”. Rather dull, quiet (nothing wrong with that of course). But check this out… seems the re-analyzing of that footage has begun! After re-review… this bug isn’t flying in his mouth… it actually appears to be COMING OUT OF HIS MOUTH INSTEAD! And his spitting efforts doesn’t release this from his mouth! Before you check it out, I will say this about him… he was ALWAYS the same way. Even when I tried to joke with him about one of his live shot snafus (raw field tape), he was very ‘removed’ and a bit ‘dead’ behind the eyes.

        I also commented (in another article) that one of the anchorwomen was “as dumb as a rock” (very pretty though) and hailed from Columbia University… a haven for government experiments to include MK Ultra.

        Check it out;

        I’ve already proven (at least to myself) that there’s no discrimination with these creatures when I spotted this sista a loooong time ago;

        P.s. I’ll be back online more steadily next week. I really hate that I don’t have the time like I once did but I’m finally turning that corner. There’s sooo much to cover! 🙂

    • Hmmm… interesting. I did a little digging and it turns out there was one woman who fought to masturbate at work because of some “medical condition” but she was in Brazil. American women don’t need permission– we just do it! And I’d still be hard pressed to find anyone woman that would bring an 8 inch dildo, strap it on at their desk which in ANY newsroom is a wide open area! There’s no privacy in a newsroom AT ALL! You can’t even hide what’s on your computer screen!

      Think OUTSIDE the box, yo.

  2. That’s a strap-on dildo, and she probably wears it to work so that she can feel powerful. After all, old-boy’s networks seems to still be in operation. Or maybe she pegs the boss, or some other high powered male ass-ociate between jobs. Just a wild guess. How old are you people? Do you even know that dildos are just about as old as human technology? Pegging wasn’t invented yesterday, ya know.

  3. The other thought I had was that this was deliberate. She (and her network/handlers) are letting the larger public in on a secret (i.e. pegging) which is being promoted, perhaps as a kinder form of sexual culture than priests, rabbis and sport’s coaches raping boys, for example. Just a thought…

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