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Did You Know The U.S. Army Is Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists? Getting Ready For The FEMA Camps, You Guys!

So.  Are you still convinced that Bill Hefner’s letter from 1997 was lying about those nasty little internment/relocation (resettlement) FEMA camps?  The U.S. Army is currently hiring traitors to enslave u.s. citizens…


Here’s THE LINK to see for yourself (they actually offer what might be considered a “decent” salary too) and here’s the PDF for what is known as the “Internment and Resettlement Operation” (dated, February 2010).  Oh but wait!  There’s more!  According to “Sherry Questioning”, The Department of Homeland Security has purchased a whopping 2,700 Armored Vehicles (actually, these are called; MRAPs or Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles) that are meant to patrol the streets of the u.s….

Homeland Security Armored Vehicle Moving Through Kentucky 2013

See if you can spot anything significant about this truck.  It’s definitely “a military thing” for this to be displayed in such a way.  And although the U.S. Army is definitely hiring these Internment/Resettlement Specialists I think they’ve already got their back up plan in place (just in case u.s. military men CAN’T take our guns or imprison us).  Think they ain’t ready for that?  Meet the Russian Troops who were training at Fort Carson, (Colorado Springs) Colorado last year…

Russian Troops Training At Fort Carson, CO 2012?  Why?

Russian Troops Training At Fort Carson, CO (2012)? Why?!

“WTF?!”, you say?  REALITY!!!!

So far we’ve had Russians, Canadians and Polish troops in our yard conducting “exercises” (that I’m aware of).  Here’s an article from Susanne Posel from September 2012.  A nice little summary of just some of the activity as they get ready for MARTIAL FUCKIN’ LAW!  And click HERE to visit “Sherry Questioning All” and check out her discoveries.   And you can click HERE for more shots (towards the end of the thread) of those Russians training for SOMETHING…

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2 thoughts on “Did You Know The U.S. Army Is Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists? Getting Ready For The FEMA Camps, You Guys!

  1. Holy shit, now its getting serious… Almost everything in place (FEMA camps, ammunition, personnel, coffins, surveillance). One HUGE operation, you americans have ZERO control over your government, a really sad story for humanity.

    Blessings, Chaukee

    • hahaha lol! Well, that’s the first time that I shocked the profanity out of you! hahaha lol!

      I’ve been saying for years now that they have militarized the police force and now they are nice and brainwashed and prepared to LOCK US UP or SHOOT TO KILL! And according to a few insiders… they WILL kill Christians and people standing for the truth immediately leaving the sheep (you know… the ones we’re trying to wake up) to a life of slavery.

      Yeah… I’m coming to the conclusion that these events are indeed inevitable. These people are hell bent on bringing in their nwo. Between the rituals (where they continue to have an avenue to harness “our” energy) and the false flags they are definitely ready to take things to the next level. And when I think on the Harbingers that have occurred… I say it’s time for people to ‘get their hearts RIGHT! That friggin date of the Georgia Guidestones really bugs me too…

      I simply cannot believe my timing to return to the friggin U.S.!!!!! 😦

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