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If all goes well, I (The Captain of THIS ship) will be back at this whole journey FULL TIME in April 2013 (to include getting back on my Blogtalk Radio channel)!  During this completely unexpected “hiatus” (and I can’t tell you just how much of a struggle it’s been right now) I couldn’t post articles nearly as much as in the past BUT I did notice that the site gained a super amount of activity!!!  (I really am at a loss to find words to express my deep THANKS).

Since the many readers here KNOW I don’t fucks with Facebook (or ANY of those socially popular media mediums) I would like to gauge just how you guys are finding “Why O’ Why”!  Now remember… I lived out of the u.s. for 10 years so all of this is VERY new to me but I’d LOOOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT if you’d take the time to participate in this lil’ poll.  Just a click’ll do it!  With love, Jazz 🙂

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