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Circles, Going Around In… More Sandy Hook BULLSHIT!!!

Okay… this is actually starting to really piss me off!  Just examining all that has been stated, redacted, edited, miss-spoken and anything else about this STORY we’ve had to wade through is enough to drive a sane person INSANE!

So I’m looking over all this b-roll trying to find any shots with broken glass or any indication that Adam blasted his way in.  Of course I don’t believe for a second that I’d actually find that sort of footage but we do have to double check things and peep what I noticed.  First, I’ve just got to list a few songs that are rolling though my head right now that involves the word “circle”.

(Going In) Circles by The Friends of Distinction

Circles by Atlantic Starr

Circles by Billy Preston

Circles by Chaka Khan (my absolute favorite vocalist of all time, you guys)

Whew!  That’s better!  Okay… the illusion is now busted wide open!  I was always disturbed by the set up at Sandy Hook with the emergency vehicles having no way to exit.  And it completely stood out to me that there were a shit load of ‘civilians’ and few uniformed personnel on the scene.  Having worked on a few movie sets and working directly with extras, the activity leaped off the damn screen you guys!  Have you figured out where I’m going yet?  In fucking circles!  They had a small group of ‘extras’ walking around in fuckin circles!  I want to give your eyes an initial target because they almost pull this off since we don’t realize what we’re looking at, at first.  Just keep your eyes on the boy in the yellow shirt and black shorts at the start of this clip.  He’s the marker cuz his ass is on some wind up doll shit!  Dude has NO CLUE where the fuck to go!  Check this OUTRAGEOUS shit out

Did you notice the trail of folks heading towards the other side of the building?  There’s no shot to show them moving away from the property like a real evacuation BECAUSE THEY AREN’T!   They’re just doubling back or as it’s known on the set, “back to one”.  Would you be lollygagging around after a shooting where suspects might still be on the loose?  And why are they going in and out of the same two doors?  Is the dude by the door holding a tray of refreshments (hits clearly at 10:05 mark)?!  Did you know it was a pretty chilly 34 degrees that morning?  I’m as hot blooded as they come but even I wouldn’t be wearing shorts yet this confused and wandering kid is.  His outfit is more befitting of 60 degrees which it just so happens to have been (62 degrees to be exact) on September 22, 2010!  That’s when the Department of Homeland Security took part in a little drill there.  Is it a crime scene or what?!  HELLL NAW!!!  IT WAS A DRILL, DAMMIT!   A STINKIN’ DRILL!!!

6 thoughts on “Circles, Going Around In… More Sandy Hook BULLSHIT!!!

    • Awe, man! Sorry to hear that. Our library actually has a two hour limit for the day! Can’t get shit done that way. I’m hoping you’ll be back in the saddle soon as well as me because I’d still love for you to be a contributor! (I didn’t forget btw 🙂 )

      Hang tough, Dan!


    • AAAWWWEEE! You’re TOO kind! (me blushes to the point of RED)!

      So glad you can dig the approach. Just trying to be creative when broaching such “out there” topics. 🙂 Good to know “Why O’ Why” is peeking its’ head through out of the sea of many!

      And for the record, (since you found the site) I always like to bring this to the surface for the masses to marinate on… cuz it’s PAINFULLY real– And do “google” the one lone cop who speaks about the blue/red lists…

      Thanks so much for chiming in! I LOOOOVE talking to “the awakened”!

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN), (Breakfast at) Tiffany 😉


  1. If you women were true blue Americans you would not even comment on this sort of thing, please get with the program; listen to your feds, take your meds, turn on your tv, get your diet coke, your cheetos and your electric walking machine, easy payments, second one free!; dance the booty wave!

    • Hahahaha! I think “we’ve” been on that steady course since this HORRIBLE song hit the scene:

      And booty wave? Really? Now I KNOW I’m getting old! lol

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