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Paul Joseph Watson From Prison Planet: His Face Morphs Too! (They’re EVERYWHERE!!!)

Seems they’re popping up out of the wood works!  You guys already know my view on Alex Jones and pretty much anyone on his team is corrupted as well.  But this Paul characters’ malfunction on camera is very clear.  Here’s a screenshot (click images to enlarge):

paul joseph watson face morphs on camera

He’s actually talking about the pope’s resignation and how the next pope will be the last when this “glitch” occurs too.  Quirky little footnote?  Maybe not.  Here’s the original video from Alex’s [Jones] youtube account.  It hits at the 4:58 mark.

This got me to thinking… are there any odd shots of Alex out there?  Turns out, there’s one.  Looks like he had a glitch on camera too…


Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. — 1 John 4:1

P.S.  This is the very first time that “Why O’ Why” has covered this subject and was able to post back-to-back on these captures.  Keep your eyes peeled. 😉

16 thoughts on “Paul Joseph Watson From Prison Planet: His Face Morphs Too! (They’re EVERYWHERE!!!)

  1. I have seen many ‘morph’ videos–this takes the entire cake shop. Every clip I’ve ever shown has been meh/not credible to my sleeping friends. This right here, it lasts long enough for it to be clear, unambiguous, not explainawayable. Have you seen the BBC documentary on the weird Swedish twins who wilfully ran into oncoming highway traffic? I would love to hear you thoughts on that. If you have time, drop me a line.

    Take care, h

      • I REALIZE your reply is to Hadiza (Hi there, Hadiza!) BUT… Of COURSE this isn’t an isolated “affair”! lol What about other videos that show the SAME THING??! Here’s some examples that I actually have NOT posted! “What say you?”! smiles… or… And this one is one I posted “WWAAAAYYYY back when”, I started this blog and discovering THIS TRUTH… Just in case the clip via younazi (aka– YouTube) IS gone/vanished/removed (most are, over time)… see this here… it’s the SAME CHICK! 🙂

        If I BELIEVE what I’ve been seeing (and I DO) HERE’S another one for your eyes to “behold” that was posted here wwwwaaaaayyy back “in tha day”! You can see that here… yet ANOTHER reporter on MAINSTREAM MEDIA who “video glitched tha HECK OUT”… hahahaha! Believe what YOU want but this stuff is FRIGHTENINGLY REAL!

        The Lady And CAPTAIN of THIS Ship! 🙂

      • Come on man, you sound insane. There’s a VERY different way that conspiracy theorists talk – lots of crazed dialogue and prattling on, and weird sentence patterns.

        “WWAYYYY back when”, for example – why not just say “a long time ago”, and why the quotes around it? You’re not quoting anything, or using an obscure term or reference. “Behold” – again, why the quotes? I don’t care that you type different, but saying things in a crazy, excited way while coming off as extremely suspicious of everything makes people believe that you’re a complete wacko, and nobody’s going to take your point seriously.

        For example, I’m sure a lot of people said there were mind control experiments done by the FBI. It’s true – they really did do that. But it probably sounded too crazy, that only the craziest most suspicious people believed it. And those people are very, very obviously crazy when they talk to you, so you don’t believe them. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, a normal person who doesn’t latch onto every suspicion and conspiracy. It takes a very PARANOID and MENTALLY UNSTABLE person to be that type of person.

        Did you ever think that Paul’s camera is defective? Or the software he uses to edit the videos create video files defectively? Have you ever seen live video glitch out? It’s explainable – those parts of the video that were recorded partially lost frames or pixels, so the compression algorithm that makes the video smaller than a raw file (probably MPEG or AVI (DivX)) had to “approximate” what it should look like. You ever heard alien sounds over a phone (I’m sure you have)? Those aren’t aliens – phone lines use compression too, just for voice. When there’s static or interference, the algorithms approximate the sounds, trying to make them sound more “human”. And it can also be cross-talk/interference.

        But you won’t accept that because you’re so naturally suspicious, you think I’m either ignorant, I work for the government, or both – anything to keep your world view going. Have fun in your paranoid distopia world on a flat earth, where the global elite are lizards who are brainwashing us while jews run the banks and control us with debt. :/

  2. Hi there HADIZA! Hope all is well! 🙂

    In my opinion, this one is undeniable. Love “not explainawayable”!!! Adding that one to my dictionary! (BIG :)’s) Hopefully you can use this clip of “Paul” to wake up your sleeping friends.

    And yes, I’ve seen those twins! I posted it way back when cuz THAT is the very first TANGIBLE documentation of real life programmed ASSASSINS! They willfully ran into that traffic because they program these people to self-destruct should the threat of capture or exposure occurs. There’s no way in the world that a woman could survive getting hit by a car rolling down the freeway doing speed limit, get up, try to run, knock a person out and get away from the clutches of the police (who were actually trying to help her)! They were actually “activated to commit suicide”. One of these twins did complete their assignment though as their target was eventually found dead! Every single “lone nut” killer in this country or others (think Oslo Killer) should be RE-EXAMINED by the PUBLIC. And the research shows that there are at least 1 million programmed assassins walking around! I’ve got bookmarks on their latest so I hope to be adding that one soon.

    Good to know that people are becoming aware of the Swedish assassins. It’s a view through the looking glass that can’t be ignored.

    Glad you stopped by, HADZIA! As always glad you could “join the party”!

    Jazz 😉

  3. Hi Sisthren! Wanted to add on your pope post, I went to Rome last summer and took an intensive tour (with a historian as guide) of Vatican City and later, visited the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. Fascinating stuff. I was dumbfounded by how entrenched the place was in occult symbolism. Had a similar experience with the non-negro loving peeps, but I adored Venice..
    Sidenote: Dang. I have got to stop using ‘negro’.

    Bless, h

    • Hi there, Sisthren!

      So you got a chance to see that beautifully hateful place too?! I was struck by the same odd feeling when viewing all of these occult symbols. Too many gargoyles to count too. Although at the time (2008) I didn’t make the connection. And if I’m not mistaken, we were informed that Vatican city is its’ own state… just like the District of Colombia! And I’m not kidding about their true hate for black folks, am I? If it weren’t for an Egyptian giving us the lowdown we might have “overlooked” our experiences and stayed for the remainder of our trip but it was him who told us to check out Venice instead.

      I’m actually good with Negro as that’s actually part of our struggle. But that derivative has got to go! I’m one of these people who has never had a problem with being called Black as that word was one we owned during the 60’s and throughout the 70’s! Say it loud I’m Black and I’m Proud will always be good with me. That “african-american’ shit has got to go, though. I know I’m american!!! lol

      sidenote… what about the tomatoes over there?! Weren’t they the BEST things you ever tasted? It took a month for my taste buds to re-accept what we grow here! lol

      • Jazz- I feel you on the tomatoes my friend-In your mouth, a GloriousAmen. Tomatoes are one of my top two sustenance choices, if stranded on an island. I ate as much and all I could- Italy and their food gets major love from me.

    • Willy Nelson?! Hahaha… I just love “your” the wise words “you” chose;

      If I knew who “they” was, I would have shot them a long time ago”… the rebuttal for gossip! 😉

      And you’re welcome! I’m actually surprised they still have the original clip available as there appears to be quite a buzz about it. If other captures seemed questionable there’s no doubt that this guy’s face “cracked”. (Ali Arouzi is another excellent capture too) Whatever they are, they are definitely NOT a figment of our imagination. It’s super creepy that they are in disguise and trying to “befriend” us. Benchmarks of the devil’s work indeed.

  4. Pixellation! i Think the Olivia W actress is more telling than this with the moving nevus on her arm and forehead thing, as well as hissing sound.

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  6. Thank you — I saw Aj with reptilian eyes. According to Donald Marshall/John Green, when that happens, the original has been “killed” by elites and taken over by elites. It is then controlled, a loyal puppet. I have seen AJ clones. The thing with Watson — I have seen these “glitches” as well — means Watson is a holograph, just a computer image.

    Honestly, what substance does AJ provide any more? With all of his resources, he doesnt’ do much original reporting. It’s all reposting of what others have written and then his own propaganda.

    Donald Marshall has seen AJ in cloning base.

    Why didn’t AJ, Watson, or Cernovich talk about Hillary Clinton’s clones, robotoids, synthetics when she began to malfunction instead of fake health issues. They know real transhumanism agenda, but never mention it.

    I expect AJ was real at one time. I think he has been replaced. The real AJ wouldn’t have been content selling pills and promoting BS all day. He actually cared about challenging the globalists and being a truth teller. Now he has a massive audience, why has be become a shill? Cloned and replaced.

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