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Calling All Catholics! Can You Explain This To Me? (Your Pope And His “Taste”)

While on this journey known as “life”, I’ve explored all types of religions to include spending a year in the Catholic church.  I’ll be honest… I simply didn’t get it.  Maybe it was the church I attended at the time but I found the practice to be filled with ’empty’ (to my soul) rituals and a pristine protocol that lacked any real spiritual connection to our Highest Source– God Almighty!  That is my truth so no one should be offended.  I also didn’t comprehend what made priests so special that we needed them to speak to God.  Since I was born into a Baptist family, I suppose my foundation, to it’s limited degree at the time, was hard to erase.  I was taught that I could have a direct relationship with God– no need for liaisons so I guess that’s just engrained in me.

I was reminded recently of my first and last trip to Rome.  Last, because it was one the most “beautifully, hateful” places I’ve ever had the chance to visit.  They absolutely hate black folks, you guys.  Call me crazy– but I didn’t expect that.  Germany (except for Frankfurt), maybe– but friggin ROME?  Nah… I didn’t see it coming.  But while I was there (aside from being called Ne’gro practically everywhere we went until we finally jetted to Venice which was AMAZING) I got a real understanding of the phrase; “all paths lead to Rome”.  Wicked fucking (BEAUTIFUL) place that it is!  While we were there, I remember this so clearly too, the friggin Pope was visiting the u.s.!  But that didn’t matter to the tourists because as we left that morning to head on our sight seeing tour we passed by the Vatican.  People (tourists as we were told) were there to see the Pope!  LOL!  My brief point: blind idolizing and worship(ing false idols).  Hey– when I plan a trip (domestic or international) I usually know what’s happening at that time.  I knew before I got there that the Pope would be u.s. so how did so many others not know?  Blind idolizing and worship. 

And why do so many believe that the Pope is a special liaison to God?  Since I’ll never go back (and I recommend that every single Black person skip that location cuz they REALLY DON’T like our asses– a friggin monk called us the n-word one day!!) I hate I actually didn’t go inside (the lines stayed long for days) because thanks to “T” reminding me of that trip, he brought it to my attention that this sculpture has been a fixture (for general services too) within the Paul VI Hall since 1977.  I personally can’t think of anything that is more blatantly “In Plain Sight” than this sculpture.  The acceptance of “darkness” was definitely incorporated back in ’77 cause if anyone can look at this sculpture and not see that it represents hell and demons and all that is DARK you are absolutely “being of this world”.  Check this shit out (click to enlarge)…

The Resurrection Sculpture At The Vatican DEMONIC

It’s called; “La Resurrezione” by Pericle Fazzini and it’s suppose to represent Jesus resurrecting out of a nuclear blast/crater  or something!  The extensions surrounding it represents souls!!!!  Excuse me?  Huh?!  Here’s a piece of footage so that you can get a better look at this thing.  Oh yeah… I’ve become aware that these Satanists are big on numbers.  It just so happens that the measurement of this structure is 66 feet by 23 feet by 10 feet.  Look at that again.  Do my eyes deceive me or is that blatantly ‘saying’ 666?  Take the 66 and then adding the last two numbers, first separately then combined, you get another 6 (66×6 ) or 666!  In plain sight like a mug!!!!  Check out the clip to see how it takes on other appearances from different angles and see for yourself that they are holding weekly “religious” services with a capacity audience of 6,300 while quietly ‘honoring’ Satan…

And click HERE for a clip of are all of those Catholics enjoying themselves during ‘religious’ services (the video loops over and over so there’s no need to watch in its’ entirety).  To me, the many faces that can be seen don’t even appear to be in tuned to God Almighty at all!  They seem to be “following the crowd” or following some protocol.  And I’ve gotta say… having your cellphones on and USING them during ‘church services” is simply appalling.  “Blind Faith” at its’ worse!!!

My question(s) to all Catholics?  Um… you’ve never felt the slightest bit weird being in the presence of this thing?  Does this image really give you comfort?  Does the Pope really hold the key to your salvation?  If you don’t do your appointed “hail mary’s” do you really believe you’ll be punished, go to hell or whatever YOUR priest tells you?  While I absolutely believe that God is a Living God who does exist I know that the bible has been tampered with.  And I have never subscribed to anyone building a relationship with me and God except for me and God!  So I just had to ask some Catholics just a few questions about their views and in particular I’m real curious to see the reactions to this sculpture.

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5 thoughts on “Calling All Catholics! Can You Explain This To Me? (Your Pope And His “Taste”)

  1. Hey girl it’s been a while. I see you doing your thing and bringing up thought provoking topics.

    It would seem that we are in a generation that is not involved, that does not ask questions and that lack analytical skills. I am not Catholic and have never wanted to be Catholic but I have visited a few Catholic churches services. I didn’t feel the spirit in there. I was raised in a Baptist church when learning my spiritual development but most of my relationship with God has developed through personal revelations through my holy spirit. To me, people make being connected to GOD confusing. I have always asked the same question and I also didn’t comprehend what made priests so special that we needed them to speak to God. I also have never understood the point of the third party when having a relationship with GOD. You don’t need a mediator because that is what the Holy Spirit is for– if you have ask him to come into your heart. I don’t think you need another man to really know GOD we all can lead each other to fellowship but most of GOD greatest servants didn’t know him through other men with the exception of Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham, Daniel, David, Nehemiah, and Paul. They all knew him first and mostly through separation of man. Jesus was the messiah. The gift of knowing God through a manly image and he was also the sacrifice that died for our sins. His existence had a real purpose. Even now I never go to church to connect with a man, preacher or leader of a church, I go to hear a Godly message and to be in a place with like-minded people. A place of fellowship. But even like back in the day, today, many people idol/worship. So when I hear people talk about GOD I listen to here if they are speaking of my God because there are many Gods in this world and many demons and people want to be and play Gods. I don’t connect to a religion per-say I only focus on having a personal relationship with God by trying to stay connected to the light in his word. Now I do like the Baptist background and chruch services because everything is done with a passion for God from the singing to the preaching.

    • I’ve been thinking about you! HOPE ALL IS WELL, Ladybug! 🙂

      Things are definitely going to the next level cause we’re about to get a real change come our way. Squeezing out as much time as I can and hopefully (GOD WILLING) I’m going to be back at this full time again when April rolls around! There’s so much to cover.

      And even though I grew up in a Baptist home… um… they fall short too. The singing will absolutely move you but maaaannnn– using church as a pick up spot to break as many hearts as you can OR running over a blind man who’s trying to make his way to the bathroom OR the pastor who’s down-lowing it (think; Eddie Long) or the money bishop ( OR digging in our pockets nothing short of 3 times during a service… like mindedness is hard to come by these days! I simply can’t be around false idols or blind ignorance especially when I’m communing with God! He’s probably cool but I ain’t! lol!!! (Be ye neither hot nor cold…)

      Bottom line is we need to tune into Him for the guidance to find that “church home”. If something doesn’t bode well with us, we should absolutely keep searching.

      Glad you could chime in! How is the District that’s on it’s own, by the way? 😉

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  3. Yeah!! I am so bewildered also. Here in Philippines, where Pope is about to come, people just idolizes him as if he is our Saviour. I dont understand why. I wanna question them, or tell them they should’t but you know. All of them are Catholics and they really honor Pope. :< I am just so sad that.. that honor should be given to Jesus and not to him.. He is just human afterall. And i cannot still even understand why do priests after 10 years of studying the bible, cannot even teach us to have relationship with God rather than praying to third persons like Mama Mary, Pope, and all the other saints.. :< Did they even understand what they have studied?? :< Its so sad.. I wish i could tell them. But I couldnt cus they will took that badly. :< Whaaa. @___@ God help them!!

    • Well thank you so much for commenting on this one! I’m disturb that after all this time (since I published this article) that the behavior of Catholics still remain. Busted for pedophilia countless times since I published this– why the loyalty without questioning of “character”?

      Glad I’m not alone in wondering on this subject and to think my little article reached the Philippines?!! Spread the word, dear friend and align yourself with like-minded people (Warriors of God). Something major is coming to us soon. Ain’t no mystery either– it is the return of Christ! We’ve gotta get it right! 🙂


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