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Beyonce’s Possession Caught On Camera At The SUPERBOWL! (Videos and Images)

Believe what you chose but we are absolutely living in a time of heightened supernatural disclosures.  Our eyes are not deceiving us.  We are getting a clear chance to see a world which has largely eluded us until now.  If you still think that superbowl wasn’t a massive ritual to open portals, evoke demons and signify the mark of their ‘new beginnings’… guess again.

First things first– for the kids out there who ride hard for a chick who doesn’t know you from Adam– um… “strike one” as that is known as IDOLIZING!  

1 John 5:21 – Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

This will be very difficult for the fans who idol and worship her but you are (by the Grace of God) being shown something that you truly need to see.  The below images are screenshots from the HD recording of the superbowl.  While it’s been more than 10 years since I was in an editing suite (Beta, Avid or Final Cut Pro) I doubt seriously if this has been manipulated in any way.

beyonce possessed at superbowl

That image may not look so bad upon initial review but if you look closely her nose, mouth and chin area are elongated much like the same area of the face as “The Grinch”.  I loathe using this ‘cartoon’ character as an example but it’s the only way for me to describe the look in her face.  But then again, they are using subliminal messages in our childrens’ entertainment and trying to pass it off as “innocent”…

beyonce teeth morph

In this shot we see her teeth morph!  We all know that Beyonce has a decent set of chompers but these teeth look uneven and her rabbit teeth look longer than normal.  Here’s another snapshot of her tongue displaying something…

The Inside of Beyonces Mouth Morphs At The Superbowl 2013

Below, we see her eyes go BLACK and those teeth become enlarged…

beyonce eyes go black at superbowl performance

And exactly what is protruding from her neck?  Can you see a face with (closed) eyes, HORNS (even) and a nose looking downward?  What about those teeth again?

beyonce neck during superbowl

And at the very end when she raises her head for the final time during this song, check out the deep hatred in her eyes which are no longer black.  At this point, you are witnessing the entity that is invoked during her performances or as she likes to jokingly state; Sasha Fierce.  And ‘Sasha’, Greek in origin, means; ‘man’s defender’ while ‘fierce’ is as defined;


  1. Having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.
  2. (of a feeling, emotion, or action) Showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.
ferocious – violent – savage – furious – wild – truculent

One might construe ‘Sasha Fierce’ to mean; “ferocious man (as in; wordly) defender”

beyonce officially possessed

Looks totally different than the black eyes that appeared earlier, doesn’t it?  But don’t confuse the look in her eyes as some “sultry” posturing.  To the contrary… you are staring at the eyes of pure darkness as that portal was definitely opened during one the most important of all nights to them and their rituals.  The only way that this effort was successful for them at all, as they worship Satan, is to harness YOUR ENERGY!!!  You should all be soooo proud!  If the fact that the Superbowl is “THE EVENT” for GLOBAL human sex trafficking (for sacrificing blood to their god) still didn’t stop you, maybe, just MAYBE this will make you think twice.  Whether you comprehend the POWER of YOUR energy or not– they certainly do!  Start using your energy positively because they are syphoning every amount of energy you put out there!  Satan demonstrated the power YOU GIVE him when you entertain his agenda.  Can you explain these anomalies?  Here’s a clip of Beyonce speaking about; “the first time I felt something COME INTO me” during her performance at a 2003 gig (begins at the 1:33-2:32 mark)…

Here’s her entire superbowl performance in High Def.  The entity shows up during her first song towards the end.  View this in a device where you can watch frame by frame and behold one of Satan’s helpers for yourself!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesians 6:12

Now… if you want to get to “the nitty-gritty” of things here, this short documentary by a person who’s demonstrated (to me) that they are indeed one of God’s Warriors is probably the best source for some enlightenment into these dark mass rituals and matters.  It even starts to break down those “twin” coaches and their significance as well as the location of this years’ game (tsk, tsk).  If the fact that the superbowl is “THE EVENT” for GLOBAL human sex trafficking (as they sacrifice blood to their god) wouldn’t detour you, or how important it is not to PARTICIPATE– then maybe, JUST MAYBE this will shed some light too.  Something just occurred to me… The Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980 (in Elberton, Georgia).  That date is the equivalent of 33 years from its’ erection to be exact.  Just a footnote for those who recognize that they looooove the number 33.  This side note will resonate once you’ve watched the film below.  “For those who have eyes LET HIM SEE…”

And here’s a parting image of Beyonce… what tha hell is that on the side of her face?!

beyonce alien or possessed

A special thanks to the following Youtubers:




You guys are doing a bang up job!

69 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Possession Caught On Camera At The SUPERBOWL! (Videos and Images)

  1. Hey my dear,
    Still doing a great job I see! I actually also suspect that now is the time that we start seing their wickedness with our bare eyes! But what do we do from then on? Ignore them, switch of TV, educate our fellow humans about spiritual truths, the dark “rulers” of the world and our potential to be great souls.
    God bless you, Chaukee

    • Well, Hi there my friend! And thanks for the kudos! You’re so doggone sweet! 🙂

      You’re pulling my leg aren’t you? lol. “But what do we do from then on?”… Hey! I’ve lived long enough to remember that when we were snowed in (for example) and the electricity went out we were FORCED to entertain ourselves. I think our society will be just fine without the idiot box. And you’re talking to someone who spent YEARS in the entertainment biz. It’s so ironic that I used to be in a business that I’m now telling people to turn away from. God does have a sense of humor! 😉

      I remember the year I dedicated to just reading the bible. I was pleasantly surprised by how captivating it is (the research, the cross referencing). We’ve been so conditioned to accept these gadgets that I’m sure most tremble at the thought of separating themselves from these things but the human being is a totally equipped creature. We can do anything we set our minds to. I can envision a MASS BIBLE STUDY across this land cuz we shooooo need it!

      • That prayer club is a great idea. if you decide to start a prayer circle, I’m up for it. Hi again by the way.
        Keep keeping on. Magnanimous blessings, h.

      • Magnanimous blessings to you too, Hadiza! Long time no “see”!

        It’s definitely been a thought spinning around my head. Time will certainly reveal the plan on that. 😉

        Hope you’re having a great day!

      • I am a victim of my son’s alter ego after 2 series of X Factor. This is a fantastic article and very much spot on from my experience.

      • Hi gessyw and thank you so much for the compliment! 🙂 Lots of research (heart and soul) went into this!

        I’m VERY sorry to hear about your son victimizing you! WOW! Are you safe? It must be AWFUL to experience such a thing first hand! Is he safe now? Did he get out of it? If you care to share more, I’m sure the readers here would LOVE to know more (from someone who knows all to well that this stuff is PAINFULLY REAL). I hope you’ll continue to be in touch so that we know you’re SAFE!

        With love and light,

        Jazz (The Captain of THIS Ship) 🙂

      • Hi there, lady! No worries– just glad you’re okay! 🙂 And yes– it’s located near the top right (hand column) under “Got Somethin’ To Say?” ( Look forward to hearing from you whenever you can! 🙂

        With love,

        Jazz 🙂

      • Hi there, lady! Just wanted to let you know I’ve finally got a few days off so will be playing catch up! 🙂

        Just a brief word on Donny “Tiny Hands” Trump, though. 🙂 They are all hand picked puppets who are only performing. Ever heard of Steven Jackson’s card game from 1995? Trump has a card from this “game” too… It’s also interesting to stumble upon an interview were a woman (Joanie Stahl ) who talks of an FBI agent that claims “Donny” was selected as the next POTUS TWO FULL YEARS ago… Along side that– Donny has been shapeshifting too. Does his pupils match to you? 🙂

        All the world is a stage.

        Jazz 🙂

      • Brilliant Jazz. Thank you for the links. I’ll enjoy going through them. Yes the world is a stage, mostly full of clowns :/

        God bless my friend. Respect!

      • Brilliant?? Really??!! Two “blushings” in one day???!!! 🙂 You guys are making my day!!! 🙂 And you’re sooo RIGHT! A stage FULL of CLOWNS!! LOVE that tag-line!! 🙂 Can I use that?! hahaha


    • Hi there, Nina! (I’ve always loved that name btw)!

      Here’s what fascinates me… have you noticed that sooo many ‘performances’ seem to have flames?? Fukas popping up from underneath, flames and fire? They are conditioning us to believe hell is just a joke! I saw a commercial for LAUNDRY DETERGENT and even that was promoting darkness. (A masked figure strapping down shirts and stretching them out). The biz has COMPLETELY changed since I was in it.

      And you commented about how evil she looked because God showed you! And believe me when I say, He’s gonna show you lots more soon. 😉 I’m curious what the reaction in the room was when you stated “she looked evil”…

      Thanks so much for the encouragement too. I was rushing this one (cuz time is short) and the typos were too embarrassing! lol

      • It was my husband and I, and he agreed. it was like she said, it wasn’t her it was Sasha Fierce and you could see that. Obviously she takes power, money and fame over all else as do so many. I admired Tupac he didn’t want to live that way.

      • Well good for him for seeing it too! Sometimes our significant others are the last to believe a loved ones ‘weird’ observations. 😉 I actually am concluding that Beyonce (and believe me when I say that she as untalented as they come and I loathed that she has such an impact on our young girls) might actually be a victim of Mind Control. At first I was leaning towards her knowingly participating but she has benchmark signs of “sex kitten/beta programming”. This footage was brought to my attention and on the sly, we can see Jay Z doing something covert (maybe it’s something he’s wearing or how he’s posturing/holding his hands) before she snaps out of it and starts to perform. The oddity is within the first :31 seconds:

        It STILL breaks my heart that Tupac ain’t here! He was going to be a force to be reckoned with and THEY KNEW IT! Rumor has it that he’s living safely in Cuba but I haven’t had time to research that one just yet. 😉

  2. Hi. this is my first visit to your site although i have in the last 5 years been rather ‘obsessed’ with understanding the shadow control of the music and movie industry. I totally understand how music and television are being used to dumb down society but on a more serious level to indoctrinate us and prepare us for some evil that lives with us and that is surely to be unleashed on us, considering how often and how much more out here in our faces we see it today.

    I live in Africa where entertainment is just that. Entertainment. We watch all the movies. Listen to all the music and even watch the entertainment bits of the super bowl for instance; even though we do not even watch the sport – is it baseball or american footall? i don’t even know.. But i watched the madonna performance and the Bewonce one this year and because i am clued into what to look out for i saw them for what hey are – rituals of a very dark nature. But most people here do not get it. Hell, only 5% of the people in my country have access to the internet so even sites like this are unknown. and so the deception here is very tangible.

    i would like you to answer something for me. I looooove music. I have been collecting music all my life and i listen to it all. Some songs that are trending are clearly demonic so i stay the hell away from them. But i love some Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Jigga etc music – and i know all these are puppets. What i want to know is do you think that listening to this music can pose any real danger to me? am i supposed to just turn off the radio? can the music really be enchanted and cast a spell on me?

    Love your website by the way, especially since you answer to comments posted on your page; makes it more real. Hope to hear back!

    • Hi there, Bee Kay and welcome to the party! 🙂 You’re too kind, by the way!! And Africa?! I love it!!!

      You are spot on with your comments (I love an “awakened mind” but I’m a little surprised by this; “… i saw them for what hey are – rituals of a very dark nature. But most people here do not get it.”… I was actually under the impression that rituals, witchcraft, etc were common knowledge in Africa? Forgive my naivety, but I’m surprised that it wouldn’t be widely known. I understand that only 5% have access to the internet but I’ve been under the impression that rituals and ceremonies have been practiced for generations. And unfortunately, entertainment isn’t just entertainment. It pains me to say that too having worked in ‘the industry’ for nearly 20 years. I now know and ACCEPT that there’s nothing innocent about it. That is the hardest thing for people to accept because we have no true knowledge of how powerful our subconscious is. But they do– o boy do they! I look at it like this; if it really meant no harm, caused us no harm or affected us in anyway– why would they take the time to place the symbols in these images (videos, cartoons, movies, etc.) if it meant NOTHING? If you get some time, I highly recommend starting here to understand the power of the subconscious and how easily they slip these symbols (in plain sight) in, that only last a few frames! A few frames!!! Why not make it longer? Why be covert? Here’s an example of darkness masked in our children’s “innocent” viewing options;

      And this one is good to marinate on regarding the “innocent” music; And since you already witnessed the ritual that brought out the entity that possessed Beyonce at the superbowl this year, I won’t beat that horse again (O’ YES I WILL LOL– . 😉 It’s super important for people to “get” that they are still harnessing our energy whenever we partake of ANYTHING they’ve cast a spell upon. John Todd is the first (to my knowledge) to speak the truth about satanism in the music industry in particular. I paraphrased him when I said, “cast spell(s) upon”. He was out of the music business and spreading the truth in the mid 70’s. Back masking, casting spells– there’s nothing innocent at play. The killing part is we’ve had knowledge about these subliminal subconscious attacks as one the first printed articles on the subject surfaced in 1958;

      So to answer your question, it’s a pretty safe bet that all of today’s secular music (and that does include some gospel acts too) are not safe for consumption. I hate to give this advice because of all of the shills and controlled opposition workers out there, but why not support an independent label and hell, what’s wrong with keeping the music at a local level? Why not support the local bands and cut those demonic middle men out the picture entirely?! 🙂 I do not believe that the industry become completely infiltrated until approx 2002-2005. All the big labels as well as the big acts are completely untrustworthy. Do I still play my Chaka Khan? GUILTY! But I’m still stuck in the 70’s, 60’s and 50’s– though it KILLS me to never want to hear “(Welcome To The) Hotel California” by The Eagles EVER again! The time has come for us to check ourselves and be firm; “be ye neither hot nor cold”. All of the acts you mentioned are attacking your subconscious. Edward Bernay’s is a man everyone should get to know;

      I’m so glad you’re digging the site and that you’ve started “the journey”. I wish I would have taken it much more seriously when these subject matters were introduced to me back in ’96 because NOW it’s ALL AROUND US!

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!,

      Jazz 😉

      • Listen to the wise lady Jazz, I would agree on that one, too:
        “So to answer your question, it’s a pretty safe bet that all of today’s secular music (and that does include some gospel acts too) are not safe for consumption.”

        You only feel the difference if you were completely off that new music for some months – then you can grasp the whole sickness of lady gaga & co! There is some old, peaceful stuff, like Bob Marley, my favorite, that seems pretty clean to me. Now I rather listen to Bill Cooper’s lectures when in my car and learn something than to let myself be programmed demonically…

      • “Now I rather listen to Bill Cooper’s lectures when in my car and learn something than to let myself be programmed demonically…” Amen to that! And here’s another suggestion… learn a new language! lol Pop a language tape in while you’re on those morning commutes! And am I the only black woman in ass-merica who still enjoys classical music?! hahah lol

  3. Be-Yawn-ce is very demonic. I don’t know if these images have been altered or photoshopped. But it really doesn’t matter. She is not the sweet little girl from Texas anymore. She ditched that image a looooong time She is a slave to money and fame. She has no soul. I hope all the success and hero worship was worth it. Although I doubt it.

    • Okay… I usually call her BOUNCE (like the fabric softener) but I like yours better! lol!!! And I can tell you for a fact that those were not photo shopped! You see, remember she’s talked about sometimes she can’t remember what she’s done on stage? Well, that’s because she actually has been possessed all of this time! So when she saw photos of herself for the first time, her publicist reached out to one website to have the pics removed! So every single shot is what she was looking like under POSSESSION! Here’s the article;

      If we can believe in God, why are we having so much trouble believing there’s a devil? And if I’m not mistaken, Satan was the most beautiful of all the angels and the “master of music”!

      • Glad you like my name for I really think she’s truly lost her mind. But she’s no different than most pop stars today. They will do anything for fame and fortune. And thanks for the link.

      • You know… I was actually beginning to lean towards her being a victim of ritual abuse but the more I examine her, I think she’s just like Madanna… a sold out witch priestess. I’m beginning to think she willing sold her soul although there’s one piece of footage that truly makes me think that Jay z signed up for “the doll factory”.

      • Okay thanks. Yes I’m familiar with it. I’ve done extensive research on it. It is really sick! I remember that Oprah interview. I think it was from the 80’s. Those stories are chilling! Also thanks for the other link about the queen.

      • I’m so glad to see that others actually know about this! I keep saying that every single time we participate in anything they do (watch a movie, tv, music, modeling, sports, etc.), we actually contribute to their CONTINUED ABUSE! All of the popular ‘stars’ are under this influence and the ones born to those ‘popular’ families are already subjected to this UNIMAGINABLE torture! Sick doesn’t describe it fully, does it?

        It breaks my heart to see the signs too. Suri Cruise (just one example) doesn’t stand a chance because we are so fanatical! In a strange way, we are more guiltier than they are because we watch their every move. It’s properly known as; “IDOLIZING”! 😉

      • Hi there, Scott!

        I dig where you’re coming from,i.e.; “prince of the air”. I tend to pull that reference to him a wee bit further as in “prince of the airWAVES” too. 😉 He (lucifer/satan) is a tricky lil devil, ain’t he? 🙂

  4. I have been wanting to research these music artists that don’t seem to have anything malicious to them. For me growing up in a strict household I avoided secular music and avoided anything that was perverse, promoted perverse behavior, had vulgar language; however, I have been wanting to research the music (and really it extends to all media) that appears “clean” (especially since newer contemporary Christian artists do not have lyrics that are conducive to maturity–one is the artist who has an album called Eye on it and whose lyrics are contradictory) since opposing doctrine, and harmful ideologies can be easily hidden.

    The only thing I can say for sure is that I have been much happier simply avoiding secular movies, television, and music but I do admittedly struggle with certain genres such as science fiction and the like (namely Doctor Who, Fringe–though I had appreciated that a scientist had felt remorse and talked to God about his actions but it still something that one has to be careful with).

    • I’ve mentioned before that I truly believe all genres of music as a whole have been completely infiltrated at about no later than 2004. Any of the popular, mainstream acts are all tapped for misleading the masses. I’d highly recommend checking out TheIndustryExposed on youtube. He has a complete series on the subject.

      I’ve never watched Dr. Who but am somewhat familiar with the show. Television has truly been the tool of the devil since it’s inception. Old shows that are in black and white reveal the agenda too. I personally think the “safest” programming is that Dog Whisperer! I can’t think of one show that doesn’t have the subliminals floating about. Even The Food Channel (something I enjoyed before living overseas) flashes the Baphomet/Devil’s horn constantly, nowadays. Entertainment is Evil… period. 🙂

      • I do think though starting in the 1900s is when we start seeing a progression of filth. I remember learning that a song from the 1950s this song called yummy yummy in my tummy was actually about oral sex which was shocking to me. However my church basically teaches that anything that induces any carnality, the worldly beliefs etc is best to stay away from and that really goes back forever with the operas, the artwork, the literature, have always been tainted with the sins of flesh. I have started researching classical music because I feel as if that even if there might not be any lyrics the music in itself can have its own message. I have always wondered then how one’s lifestyle then influences their artistic work since what we put into our mind is what comes out then if they are living a carnal, hedonistic lifestyle that comes out.

      • Hi there Passing Through! Can’t wait to get the time to respond to all of your thoughtful comments but I wanted to pop in share this clip with you regarding “Dr. Who”… the boldest shapeshifter television has ever seen! Check this out:

  5. I wanted to say I realize that my comment seems contradictory but what I meant to infer is that it’s always been tainted but I personally feel that in a way the industrial revolution helped spread perversity because of the new technology and more so when we were introduced with the film industry, television, radio, then the mass publication of books and onward.

  6. that is the 180 degree inverted image, or what people on the other side of the camera saw, but didn’t see because it was quick flashing lights, but that image is dark fearful ominous image of evil watching

    • Nice catch, someone! Isaiah 29:15 “Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the Lord and their works are in the dark, and they say, “Who seeth us?” and, “Who knoweth us?” (16)… they turn EVERYTHING UPSIDE DOWN…! Thank you so much for sharing! Really good insight to understand to literally flip the image. Peep the knowledge, folks! This is not a coincidence. Every performance is indeed A RITUAL.

  7. Lookie, I found it! How clever of me! FYI- I worked in TV and music also most of my life. I still partake of both, but on a very limited basis. I don’t buy any new CDs, nor concert tickets however. Mostly because I’m broke. But now that you’ve pointed out how my purchases support the evil deed doers, I’m glad that I don’t.

    • “But now that you’ve pointed out how my purchases support the evil deed doers, I’m glad that I don’t.”… Well, I’m glad to hear you don’t either! (smiles) So you’ve been in the biz too?! Wonderful! It’s good for others to hear from another voice who’s been behind those doors to share the knowledge of just how sick it truly is.

      And when I watch or listen now, it’s with TOTAL discernment (and research)! I’m truly no fun to be around when watching a movie or listening to today’s music. hahaha When I see “a subtle to the masses eye” but “makes me cringe” oddity, I’m very vocal about! lol! One recent example was while watching Oblivion with Tom Cruise. Caught my first shapeshifter too (thanks to Johnlenizz on youtube)! It can actually be found at the 111 minute / 36 second mark! And the subject matter was quite blatant if you ask me. There’s far too much programming in movies and music for my taste.

      I’m glad you found the spot to leave a comment! I’m telling you– others WILL appreciate your insight and knowledge in the evil-tainment biz! No doubt! 😉


  8. I’m not sure how I ended up on this site, but oy. As a follower of Christ, I’m legitimately embarrassed that this much energy has been spent on what is essentially a witch-hunt. What if you’re wrong? Saying someone is possessed or worships the devil is a pretty big accusation to make, and blurry pictures aren’t proof. Are you being careful not to “bear false witness”? Just because people — entertainers in particular — don’t believe what you believe or make choices that you perceive as immoral, dehumanizing them by citing “demon possession” does nothing but make you look crazy.

    It’s convenient to think God is judging all the same people that you judge. I get it. But even if you’re right, you have no control over others’ choices. Love God, love your neighbor, pray for these people and LIVE YOUR LIFE. God is bigger than any of these things, anyway.

    And please, for the sake of every Christian who has to fight an uphill battle against crazy Christian stereotypes just so we can have relationships with the “evil people” you so casually dismiss, just STOP. Live justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God. Let him do the sorting later.


    • You sound as though you’ve only begun your journey to find God because you should know that man created the word “christian/Christianity”. Jesus wasn’t telling people he was a Christian.

      “Just because people — entertainers in particular — don’t believe what you believe or make choices that you perceive as immoral, dehumanizing them by citing “demon possession” does nothing but make you look crazy.” Now… with all due respect, the research has proven without a doubt that they do sell their souls and rituals are taking place that they MUST participate in to be a part of the 20 Million Dollar Club. I don’t think she sold her soul, I know she did. This has nothing to do with judging, this is unveiling the devil and his workers who are here to deceive and manipulate us. A true soldier of God is a warrior and a warrior fights against… warriors are not passive. The evidence is OVERWHELMING and the fact that you’re defending something as worldly as an ‘entertainer’ is surprising for a ‘christian’. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” You are defending the secular world, HLT.

      Thank you for reading the article and stopping by.

      • Just wanted to know where you get your information. HLT does seem to have some good points as well.

      • Hi there, Pew!

        Are you referring to this article only or in general? I basically type in my query in any search engine and one things leads to another with cross-referencing etc. Standard research techniques– nothing complicated or fancy. Also, I’m not up on internet speak… what does HTL mean or are you referring to a a website?

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  10. Ironically I stumbled onto this post, just a few weeks ago I spent $600 for tickets for the jay z and Beyoncé concert and up until that point I was a huge fan but needless to say I spent the whole concert locked in a bathroom stall crying and praying on the phone with my mother because of all the evil I felt around me. It was the MOST terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. I’m shivering just thinking about it, everything was so demonic I could not understand how others did not pick up on it.

    • Wholly guacamole, JackieD! I’m glad the spell has been broken for you now! That’s a lot of cheese for a concert that’s for sure! I’m also glad you had the wherewithal to lock yourself in the bathroom and pray with your mom! Those demons were not only on stage, they were in the audience too! I’m ALWAYS THANKFUL to hear when the spell has been broken. Does my heart good. 🙂

  11. I hate that this kind of stuff is ate up by the unsuspecting and the Christians who have nothing better to do than demonize EVERYTHING. It’s insane.

    1. The picture of the side of her head crinkled up is GLUE. Do you realize that?? GLUE from pne of the many LACE FRONT wigs she glues to her head!! This is common and “proves” nothing more than her hair is fake.

    2. Blurry pictures DO NOT prove someone is possessed! Any blurry picture can look like your teeth are sharper than normal, neck has unusual “bulges” etc. I for the life of me cannot understand why no one else seems to question you on your use of horrible quality, blurry pictures!

    3. Since when can a person tell from a blurry picture that someone’s eyes have turned BLACK?! She’s wearing a ton of black eye makeup and has dark brown eyes! ANY person with dark brown eyes can look like their eyes are black in pictures! Do you believe a flash in a person’s eyes also constitutes demonic possession?! Do you understans the concept of lighting/camera angles/low quality pictures that causes things to look different from reality?? I took a cell phone pic of my nail polish today. It’s blue but looks purple on camera. Did the polish “transform?!”

    4. My greatest concern is that people like you and your fans who idolize you (yes, I whole-heartedly believe you get some type of satisfaction from having internet groupies who hang on your every word, never questioning your ridiculous accusations), are on a witch-hunt. You are in no way concerned for Beyoncé’s soul. You are not praying for her salvation. You simply call her a demon and tell everyone to stay away. What if you are wrong? Did you know gossip and spreading false accusations against people is a form of witchcraft?? Remember, not everyone who cries “Lord! Lord!” when they die will enter the gates of Heaven. Jesus will be telling a lot of those people He never knew them.

    • Obviously you’re a first time visitor. I personally have asked for people to pray for their enemy. And please… let me remind you, “wheat and tares”. I do not mislead. I only post articles based on FACTS.

      By the way– if you use a really good playback tool, you can see the screen images that were captured that is why the HD video is supplied. People like you are probably one of the weakest links as you’ve convinced yourself that none of this is real. The lack of knowledge is truly remarkable sometimes. Beyonce herself says; “the first time I felt something come into me”– proves the point that even when ‘celebs’ tell the truth, so many people will STILL refuse to see.

      My only mission is to bring people to the lake to drink… is up to the individual after that. And educated yourself on MK Ultra– Beyonce is a vessel for demons now.

      I love the “passion” a WHOLE year later! 🙂

      The Captain of THIS Ship!

  12. I’m not sure about all the other pics, but that last pic with the bunched up skin on the side of her head is from her weave and the way it was glued on. The other pics are pretty creepy tho

    • Hi there Haley! And thanks for commenting! 🙂

      I too looked at that youtube footage back in 2013. There WAS oddities present. Maybe the current clips that are still available have been spliced since then. And if it is glue from a wig, I still say that is some extra bunching of skin. Hey– I’m an advocate of embracing our God give hair so fake hair is something I know nothing about or am aware of. I have seen a few recent uploads of women who show these “lace front” hair pieces but I’d say… it makes no sense for such bunching to occur. Just doesn’t seem possible. Either way– I do advise people to be careful that you’re not worshiping (defending) false idols. The Heavenly Father does warn us, ya’ dig? 🙂 The real Beyonce (Bounce) is under heavy mind control if not replaced. She is (and I do feel strongly about it) is either under mind control (from TheBlackChild– or replaced (via cloning). There is a video that I THINK is authentic by her where she is questioning her life. Beneath the surface there is truth (which could have been produced BEFORE the real soul of her was forced out of this plane– clones can’t cry or show real human emotion)…

      Keep digging as the web of deception runs far and DEEP.

      Jazz 😉

    • Hi Kitty and welcome to “the party”! 🙂

      You know… I’m very glad to hear that you loved someone so much (that you essentially wanted to be them) but no longer feel that way. And your heart shouldn’t feel sad. To the contrary! “For those who have eyes”!! 🙂 We should never feel about a stranger the way you’re describing. That is, plain and simple, idolatry. We ain’t suppose to have no part of it! 😉

      And on the cool– I have ALWAYS thought Bounce (Beyonce) was the LEAST talented figure out there! Are people kidding me?! lol! Seriously! I liked only 2 songs that included her; “Independent Woman” and “Baby Boy”. And it wasn’t because of her voice– I just liked the songs which ANYONE could have sung. Hey– I’m truly old school and only after Aretha is Chaka Khan when it comes to real vocal ability and range. Shoot even Chaka didn’t like being compared to her LOL and Etta ain’t feeling her either with all her “talent”. I did want to see the movie about Etta James but refuse to even take a peek because she’s in it. And it’s not personal. I find her incredibly untalented. Even her diction is like nails to a chalkboard to my ears. More proof (in my mind) that programming masses of people actually does work! 🙂 Really, Kitty PLEASE don’t be sad. 😉


    • Hi there, don’t let it freak you out… be glad you’re aware! 🙂 MOST are nowhere near prepared for what is to come. At LEAST you have some insight! Be CHARGED and “put on the WHOLE Armour of GOD”!

      The Captain of THIS Ship! 😉

    • My mom was an English minor. I CRINGE at the sound of her voice (whether singing or an interview). Nails to a chalkboard! I wouldn’t say she sounds like and “angry man” LOL but DEFINITELY one of the MOST untalented figures I’ve EVER seen! My barameter is based on her “bad-ness”, the UNMATCHED Chaka Khan! 🙂 Prior to her, Aretha Franklin. Few compare (to my ears) to these two! She’s simply AWFUL! ALTHOUGH, I now believe she’s under mind control she still SUCKS! “Why O’ Why?” do “parents” allow their children to listen to BOUNCE (Beyonce has to be one the STUPIDEST names EVER), I’ll NEVER understand!

  13. Just to answer the last question about Beyonce’s hairline, No she IS NOT shape shifting (lol). She is wear a wig which is more than likely glued along her hairline (in which case may not have been properly secured) and when she widen her mouth, the wig and adhesive pulled away frm her skin.

    • Hi there, Luna! 🙂

      Well, since I don’t wear wigs or weaves, I had a few girlfriends look at this who do. Their conclusion is very different than yours. And if that’s what women do to fake hair… I’d say that sure is a lot of work to create an illusion. A bad one at that. 🙂 I’ve seen lots of video on hair tutorials and that lace stuff gets trimmed so the side of her face crinkling like that, still makes no sense. Bounce is part of “the club” but I do tend to think she’s more of a victim than I once did. She’s definitely under mind control and a “diamond/emerald level” sex slave. Can you explain that face with horns poking from her neck? I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for most but honestly… this stuff is CENTURIES old. Through the grace of God… we’re finally getting at glimpse.

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