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William Casey: The CIA Directors’ Statement From 1981 Should REALLY Make You Re-think SANDY HOOK!!!

What in the world?!!!  Did he really say this?!  (Thanks “T” for the image)


Supposedly, Casey uttered these words at a meeting held in 1981.  The only thing I could find to verify his existence (or should I say– I had some time this weekend) was through Wiki and THIS article (there are other articles) which suggests he was silenced because of his knowledge of what really happened during The Iran-Contra Scandal.  But if this quote is said to be true– well, there you have it!  Sandy Hook will ALWAYS stink to high heaven as far as I’m concerned whether you guys ever dig into it or not!!!

Now… for ‘safety’ measures… I will always feel it necessary to add this tag when something “quirky” appears which is; “I don’t have ONE enemy and am in PERFECT health (EVEN for my age) and that I would NEVER commit SUICIDE.”  Why am I stating that again?  As I was typing this I took a break and when came back I decided on a whim to check the blog for hits.  I got an interesting ping-back which as I type this, is still pending approval.  BUT, it’s a brand new article (you’ll see this pingback under the comments for my “Victoria Soto” piece) that is just being released which has no comments at present.  What’s interesting is that this newly released article links nearly all the research I used prior to posting anything on “The Sandy Hook Line and Stinker-Stinger” event!  And the Snopes article it links on this subject has been “debunked” many times over already!  This article (site) has a straight up feel of an APPOINTED shill to my lil’ blog, ya’ll or possibly just collecting data on the activity here.  It has been exposed that there is a “blue/red” list that one of these days, we’re all going to realize.  I’m flattered and all but part of me is definitely saying… WHAT THA FUCK?!  FOR REAL?  With all of the spying on us that goes on in this CORPORATION country I think it would be wise to note this matter.  And by the way… does anyone know anything about B.M. Goldwater A.F. Range in Arizona?  They’ve been hangin’ around here for a few hours now.  I’m thinking A.F. stands for Air Force, right?

For the record, my sudden hiatus which began late 2011 has slowed down the entries here (plus “SunnyC” had a baby and my other appointed person is dealing with a parent who has Alzheimer) but “Why O’ Why” has no plans of ever folding!  That is to say, unless we (us ‘ass-mericans’) get it RIGHT!  Not bailing out, no plans to quit and ain’t givin’ up the fight, fellow people!  If you don’t get a notice in my words (and by now, I think you guys “get the feel of my flow” 😉 ) that “Why O’ Why” has changed its’ mind, INVESTI-FUCKIN-GATE! 😉

The “Captain” of THIS Ship,

Jazz 😉

5 thoughts on “William Casey: The CIA Directors’ Statement From 1981 Should REALLY Make You Re-think SANDY HOOK!!!

    • I friggin looove you Dan! Awesome link, man! For real! I know when I first read his statement I was thinking that cocky muthafuka but that link is super duper cool!!! What I can’t get is why do sooooo many people remain in denial about just how dark our government truly is? I personally think our government is the head of the beast while hollyhell rounds it up at the rear. The only person I THINK has their heart right is that sista that everyone likes to give a hard time… Cynthia Mckinney. It’s hard to say definitively anymore because EVERYONE is a friggin actor in politics but I do think this woman is the real deal

      TO EVERYONE: READ THE LINK! You won’t regret it!

      • I have a picture on my webpage (which is down for lack of money) of Cynthia McKinney standing before Congress with yellow food packets that the military drops to help hungry children and yellow cluster bombs they drop to kill and maim children. Alex Constatine (rip) and Jesus Is Saviour are two other excellent websites exposing the freaky hypocrites, jeesh was just reading about David Ferrari and Barry Seal, weird stuff! Mae Brussell shore told it straight; Do not forget to read:

  1. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you
    an e-mail. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

    • Hi there, Kitty! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement by the way! 😉

      The email is located just under; “Got Somethin’ To Say”… it use to ‘pop’ when I was using another format. Looking forward to hearing from you. And please be patient– I really need to be a twin these days (lol)! Take care and thank you for stopping by.


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