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Gene Rosen Was Definitely On A Production Set At The Sandy Hook (“Line & Stinker-Stinger”) Shooting!

This is a screenshot from Fox News’ Live Shot in Newtown, CT.  It shows our boy Gene with an interesting notification in the background (click images to enlarge)…

Gene Rosen Near A Sign For Actors To CHECK IN!

Here’s a tighter shot…

tight shot of check in sign at sandy hook elementary

[Video SOURCE] This apparatus is called a Solar Powered LED Portable Sign.  You know?  The ones that warn us of freeway/lane closures during am and drive time traffic or construction?  Is this a usual item at a crime scene?  Nah… not at all.  These signs are used for instructions, directions or warnings.  And the plot thickens, doesn’t it?  Well, hold on tight because below is a cut/paste of a PDF ExPlan manual that shows how to determine each player/staff member during these drills… cuz you know… it is a [production] set after all.

Parking and Directions

Parking information and directions to each venue area are available from the Emergency Management Agency.

Refreshments and Restroom Facilities

Refreshments and potable water will be provided for all exercise participants throughout the exercise. Restroom facilities will be available at each venue.

Exercise Identification

Identification badges will be issued to the exercise staff. All exercise personnel and observers will be identified by agency uniforms and/or identification badges distributed by the exercise staff. Table 2.1
describes these identification items.

Why is that important?  Seems we’ve got us a bonafide snapshot of a real life Exercise Director at The Sandy Hook (Line & Stinker) Shooting…

Crisis Drill Excercise Director Caught On Tape

CALLING ALL PHOTO EXPERTS:  see if you can tighten up on that snapshot of good ole Alicia and see if can read what it says under her name.  Could be a major clue, don’t you think?  I can’t imagine that teachers are walking around with disposable name tags right before the Xmas break, can you? 😉  Now… we may have at least one crying kid for once in these photo ops but we also have another smiling “parent” and someone named Alicia on the scene as indicated by her name badge.  Is she staff for the exercises that day?  Quite possibly when you consider this part of an ExPlan manual:

Table 2.1. Exercise IdentificationGroup Badge Color

Exercise Director             White
Exercise Staff                 Black
Controllers                 Green
Evaluators                 Red
Actors                     Orange
Support Staff                 Yellow
Observers                 Blue
Media Personnel             Pink
Players, Uniformed             None
Players, Civilian Clothes         Gray


According to this list, she’s a “big dog” on the set, wouldn’t you agree?  And the man pictured on the right sure looks like another face that’s been in these types of drills that ends up blended in with “real news” (hell– what is THAT anymore?).  And who is this guy?  Well… it has been noted that his family is one of the main families behind these charades we’ve been seeing.  His name is Brett Greenberg and he’s the great grandson of Maurice Greenberg, former Chairman/CEO of AIG.  This kids’ definitely made appearances before and here’s one of them…
brett greenberg an actor at occupy

He’s what they use as a ‘controlled opposition’  which appeals to our sense of “one of us”… think Alex Jones’ ass.  But he, like many, many others, really is one of them or as “truthers” like to call them; “The 1%’ers”.  I prefer the term; Devil’s Advocates because that is exactly what they are.  Click HERE for a snippet of his performance regarding the above image.  And here’s POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY, IOWAs’ drill that took place in 2011, you guys.  These are the drills that “headline news” is made of, folks.  Need I really go on?  Do you really need to see anything else?  I don’t know why it isn’t registering yet but only ONE LIE is all it takes!  How many have been found in just this article alone on this disturbing subject?  We shouldn’t believe one word they tell us about this event.  Hey!  If this is how you guys are in relationships (for example, because we’re definitely in a relationship with this sick creeps) where you’re being lied to and cheated on but you keep overlooking the obvious… fuck it! 

For kicks and giggles, here’s another drill I found that took place at The University of Florida and this one was preparing people for A ZOMBIE ATTACK!  Sound familiar?  Remember those rash of “zombie attacks” that occurred (LOL)? Any “U of F” students or staff out there who participated in this?  Click HERE for the PDF.  When you peep the link for this I hope you’ll note the graphic imagery they use in this video news report.  A dead, naked man covered in blood but they couldn’t show us just one image of the building with bullet holes or shattered glass at The Sandy Hook Line & Stinker-Stinger Shooting?  Tell it to Stevie Wonder because he actually can’t see cuz I just ain’t buying it!!!!!  Next up in the actors credits; Stephen Barton…

9 thoughts on “Gene Rosen Was Definitely On A Production Set At The Sandy Hook (“Line & Stinker-Stinger”) Shooting!

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  2. Gene Rosen has been taped practicing his lines and fake emotion before an interview such as this one. He has a painting in his house which is 100% creepy – very much like MK ultra. This guy has given at least 7 different versions of how he happened to come in contact with the lost kids…there were no lost kids but definitely they are MK’d. The whole production was obvious….a ceremony to induct those into their way. Lots of Purple color nad references…lots of symbolism after the event in the rememberance of it etc.

  3. 26 people died you inconsiderate, disrespectful, creeps. You’re upset because they didn’t show pictures of dead children? You really think the families want pictures of their bloody dead children in the media for the whole world to see? Take the tinfoil off of your head and see the big picture you paranoid jerks.

  4. That woman named Alicia was working at a nearby store when she heard the news of the shooting at her daughter’s elementary school. She frantically left work to get her daughter who she feared may have been one of the innocent lives taken that day. Luckily, her daughter was unharmed. THINK before you people believe the outrageous conspiracies you read on the internet. 20 children and 6 educators lost their lives that day. The pain suffered by the families of the victims and the community is very, very real. Trust me.

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