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10 thoughts on “Even “The Arlington Red Devils” In Ohio Had Foreknowledge of Sandy Hook!

  1. I am from arlington. (Unfortunately) i can guarantee that not a single person had any previous knowledge of this before it happened. Its a strict, religious and cult like village, full of brainwashed sheep. Who ever posted this was probably a high school student ,working on the school webpage for his/her com. Apps class. Typo. Oops.

  2. This is a right our Lie! Quit spreading Photoshopped pictures on the net about something you know nothing about!

    This was never or has ever been posted on the Arlington Red Devil website.
    This news thread and page needs to be discredited for false reporting and taken down and an apology given.

    Arlington School has in NO WAY participated in any Hoax!!

    Its a disgrace that you don’t verify your information!

  3. May I just say as an alumni of this little school in Arlington, Ohio that I’m just excited we were important enough to be part of a conspiracy. Whoop! Go Red!

  4. I do believe that Sandy Hook was a fake, but fucking retards like you pull this shit and make people who want “real answers” look crazy. Next time you photoshop a story to say something happened in 2012 change the fucking copyright. You’re so dumb.

  5. To all the recent comments on this story…. you are all shills! Nothing is photoshopped or fabricated here. These are simple facts. The website is exactly where the screenshot was captured so don’t be so obvious with your nonsensical ramblings. Makes you look as if you rode the small school bus too. Oh… and watch your tone– your anger ALWAYS gives you away. All of you comments bore me, by the way. How can you be sooo late on a topic that you’re passionate about? Yawn.

  6. Hahah this is pathetic! Its is so easy to just go into the scripts and literally just type in whatever you want. Just another way Arlington Cry’s for attention! This is just sad

  7. I love conspiracies…that is conspiracies that actually have support! Kids with even the littlest computer knowledge can type anything they want on a sites script and it will appear as if it actually was posted that way and then disappear when they leave the page. And it seems nobody has EVER seen this so obviously this is what it was. IF I wanted to I could go to a government site and declare vanlue the capital of the US! Don’t believe me? I could do it right now if I actually cared enough to prove this terrible argument to be wrong.

  8. Wow, I think you better find a new hobby. My kids go to Arlington and I can assure you we had no prior knowledge of this. This was posted the day after this cowardly attack for our kids who were concerned it could happen to them. A little research would go a long way in your case.

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