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*** IMPORTANT UPDATE: 1/27/13 *** Another SMOKING GUN Pointing At “Sandy Hook” By Associated Press! (They Think We’re Stupid!!)

*** Here’s the latest tidbit that I think you all will find interesting!  Thanks “T” for the find! ***

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Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record

Name: Adam P. Lanza
State of Issue: New Hampshire
Date of Birth: Wednesday  April  22, 1992
Date of Death: Thursday  December  13, 2012
Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
Confirmation: Proven
Disclaimer: The Social Security Death Index is made available to the public through a number of websites, including, GenealogyBank is only a host for the Social Security Death Index. As a result, we do not control the information that is provided us in the SSDI.  In order to have information corrected or removed, please contact your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. Documented proof of an error may be required. Contact information for your local office can be found at

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How do I know his middle name?  Check HERE for an article that actually list his full name.  Plus now you can find Adam on Wiki which does list his birthdate too.   And please note that I was able to find my deceased relatives as well as my best friend of 22 years on this site.  I wish someone could (intelligently) dispel this one for all of us “dummies”!  Carry on! 😉

– Ω –

This “shooting” supposedly took place just after 9:30am after the schools’ doors were locked so we know for sure that this “shooting” could not have taken place before 9:30am, right?  And as this CNN article reported; “The door was locked when the gunman arrived.”  So we’re clear on that, right?  So why in the world did Associated Press tweet this shooting at 7:25AM?!  Make no mistake, this tweet did happen and AP headquarters have always been located on THE EAST COAST in NEW YORK!  Thanks to a sharp-eyed lady named; hollywoodpastels on Youtube (THANKS FOR SENDING THE SCREENSHOT, LADY:) ) she managed to capture the image of the tweet!

AP Has ESP-- They Tweeted Sandy Hook Shooting TWO Hours BEFORE It Happened.

AP Has ESP– They Tweeted Sandy Hook Shooting TWO Hours BEFORE It Happened.

I know, I know– some asshole will still try to dismiss this but that person would be an outright shill cuz you can’t explain this one away.  You can check out “hollywoodpastels” video on the matter HERE— it’s very interesting!  Now… she addresses where this tweet originated from and tested it for delivery (you guys already know I’m NOT into that idiotic tweeting) and according to her, this is a tweet that happened well BEFORE 9:30am.  Regardless of all of the testing debates that might ensue– the East Coast is still 3 hours ahead of the West and that’s MY math!  And how would any other news bureau know about an event that’s going on on another coastline?  That’s why they have bureaus!  Duh!!!  So suck it up and again, welcome to REALITY!  This is the real world and you should clearly be able to see that we are dealing with some straight up psychopaths!  And please note– the day I wrote “hollywoodpastels” and asked her if she could copy that screen shot, I actually found the original tweet but as of today, it has completely vanished!  The link I sent to my email that day goes straight to their HOMEPAGE!!!

I’m still maintaining (at least right now) that no one was actually killed other than possibly Adam and his mother.  And their “truth” is mind bending as one report shows Adam killed his mother at their home and yet another report tries to convince us he killed his mother at the school.  Initial reports also claim that his mother was a teacher at the school but that turned out to be another case of “poor journalism”, I guess.  So if we are to believe that mama Nancy wasn’t an employee at Sandy Hook then why did Adam select that school?  Very disturbing.  

I was initially leaning towards Adam not being a real person but it turns out, he might have been (unlike the ‘victims of hook, line & stinker’.  Seems dude just dropped off the face of the earth 3 years ago which suggests to me (a theory only b/c I haven’t had the time to explore all the leads to this twisted fictional event), that he and his mom were probably ‘bumped off’ back then while appointed foot soldiers waited until the green light was given. With this type of “PSYOP” obviously at work, combined with an over-zealous ‘team player’ planted in the newsroom at AP, that tweet could have easily been shot off without anyone realizing the major SNAFU!  You see?  That’s just the kind of thing that a network of authorized bullies might do!  Get so cocky that even they overlook details.  And no matter how they [media/’authorities’] try their best to spin THIS ONE– the fuckin’ internet (and “hollywoodpastels“) actually busted their cocky asses!  I love it!  

I can’t tell you how cool it is to find that so many are not easily falling for this one.  Gene Rosen, the crying neighbor who supposedly took in 6 kids that day worked for The Screen Actors Guild!  That’s just like anyone who “voted for” Ronald Reagan!  We already knew he was an ACTOR but for some unknown reason we actually believed he was “leading” this CORPORATION COUNTRY!  LOL!  Seriously?  Sometimes you guys crack me up!  LOL!  They are highly paid ‘script readers’.  Considering Gene Rosen’s “acting skills”, they’re hardly believable actors wouldn’t you agree?  I mean seriously.  There’s no continuity to his story whatsoever!  And please do note that he actually stated; “that I looked at the casualty list at 6 o’clock”… impossible as that list was not released until December 15th!  And if I’m not mistaken, his interview took place around 10:40am!  Did authorities round up and confirm 26 dead bodies within the hour?!  That’s some detective work for your ass, ain’t it?!!  Additionally, would a bus driver drop off kids with a complete stranger after passing by the Fire Station?  I don’t know about you but I think a Fire Station is a much safer option than an older man who kinda makes me think of a pedophile so this bus driver should be fired if you ask me.  The more I think about this ‘bus driver’ character, I’m thinking what was he/she doing?  The “enter stage left” of this bus driver makes no sense.  I mean, wouldn’t this person want to come in and USE THE PHONE?  I’ve seen bus drivers call parents when their kid isn’t at the bus stop just to make sure the kid is sick and not missing so when she dropped off these kids what was so urgent that she was fine leaving peoples’ kids with this creepy guy?   It really is ridiculous, isn’t it?  You’d think there would be at least one interview with this bus driver to get the full story.  But of course you won’t because IT DIDN’T FRIGGIN HAPPEN!  lol

Whenever I post an entry it is because I’ve done a considerable amount of research– worthy enough that I stand by whatever I publish.  And now, after several years of scraped knees as I’ve tumbled down one rabbit hole after another, this ‘event’ is completely recognizable as one of their SLOPPIEST efforts!  It is a CLEAR sign of their desperation if you ask me!  The only way to usher in their “order” is to remove our guns!  Make no mistake about it.  And far too many of us became aware of the immanent threat of The 2012 Olympics thanks to brave people like Rik Clay, which I believe forced them to “abort that operation” as it would have been way too suspicious to swallow.  So this, “The Sandy Hook Line and Stinker-Stinger” had to be one of their many back up plans!  And thanks to companies like; Visionbox/Crisis Actors (among others) “they” simply hired the WRONG crew of actors for this job!  In my last entry on this subject I point to the fact that not a one of the these “family members, friends or witnesses” drop any friggin liquid from their eyes although they sounds “soooo distraught”.  That is because they are ACTING!  Stop letting them fool you.  Put the remote control down and investigate this TERRORISM because every single person who had their hands in this (along with other events just like it) should be rounded up, stoned, then left to spend the remainder of their days in a tiny cell with a itchy wool blanket and forced to sleep in 30 degrees every night.  I personally think killing them would be the EASY way out!  Stop being their ninnies and understand the direction things have been shifted because this is a GOOD THING.  We’ve actually got a lot of power right now and they know it!  Their biggest fear is that we will actually realize that!  There truly is “POWER IN NUMBERS”, fellow people!  Here’s a little cut/paste of Gene from an Intelius initial search, a service I actually used to reconnect with my best childhood friend.  We met when we 13 years old.  We hadn’t seen each other since Junior High plus she had married and divorced, you guys.  Their service “led me right to her door” so I’m guessing they might have a pretty good database.  Just a little something to marinate on… 😉

We found 17 people that match Gene Rosen in Newtown, CT

1.  Gene I Rosen , age 62 Get more details
This information for purposes of identification only (not included in reports)
Name/Aliases Has lived in Has worked at Has studied at
Gene I Rosen
Rosen Gene
Mission Viejo, CA
Oakland, CA
Alameda, CA
Dallas, TX
Maywood, NJ
Photogenec Design LLC
Screen Actors Guild
California State University Long Beach
Whittier College
2.  Gene Rosen , age 81 Get more details
This information for purposes of identification only (not i

24 thoughts on “*** IMPORTANT UPDATE: 1/27/13 *** Another SMOKING GUN Pointing At “Sandy Hook” By Associated Press! (They Think We’re Stupid!!)

  1. You know….I am the most un tinfoil hat person there is….but this shooting has forced to make my very first tinfoil hat….something just does not seem right.

    • Haaaa-laa-lu-yah, Haaaa-laa-lu-yah, Haaaa-laa-lu-yah! 🙂

      Hi there, JB and welcome to the ‘party’! Glad to be any part of a paradigm shift– it’s the only reason this blog exist! 😉 Just so ya’ know– I actually HAD a slam dunk solution that I tried my level best to put the word out about but to no avail as people still went to the polls last year. I continue to remain on board with this ‘project of blogging info I find worthy of research’ as I sincerely hope to run across something better than what tried to show us! When you get a minute, can you tell me what you think and if we can find something better before these next 4 years come to a close? Though deep down, I doubt we’ll have another oppty. Their website was THE solution in my opinion because as we see, legislation on gun control is flying through “a hot minute” after this ‘event’. And people don’t think this is about gun control? Tsk, tsk.

      I sure hope there’s an alternative to what they offered cuz this blog is holding on for that. And; “something just does not seem right”… well, that’s because it ain’t, my friend! Welcome to the rabbit hole(s)– pick up your knee pads to your right and get ready for a bumpy ride! lol


  2. This is complete bogus.. For you to say that only Adam and his mother were killed is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Innocent kids died and you maintain that it never happened and everyone is just “acting” you make me sick… I feel sorry for people like you…

    • Look at the evidence. The first piece is a death index, and obituaries that list Adam P. Lanza as being dead on Dec. 13. When did the shooting occur? Dec. 14. You tell me how a dead man shot all those kids. Now, I will qualify that it is a touchy subject and if any children realy did die than by saying this didnt happen is disgraceful, but the amount of evidence, all the things that dont add up, it all makes it hard to beleive it. Its sick to deny it, but the idea of the government doing things like this to influence the american people and there votes, they need to be brought to justice and they cant be allowed to lie to the american people and falsify things just to push legislation they want through congress… you are ignorant if you accept what the media tells you and if you dont look things up and research things for yourself, than you are being a mindless citizen who is allowing themselves to be manipulated. You have a vote, that vote is important, and the government cannot be allowed to fool you into voting certain ways. Gene Rosen, his records dont even list him as living in conneticut, and as being a member of the screen actors guild. Do research, investigate, be involved rather than just accept everything you hear and hand over your independance on a platter to potentially manipulative politicians.

      • It’s frustrating isn’t it, Jay? Hi there and welcome! Your insight is refreshing! Glaring evidence, anomalies that can’t nor should they be dismissed yet people are refusing to accept the reality of the matter. I guess Tavistock got it right! I know Edward Bernays got us by the brain early on. In fact… he’s the godfather of brainwashing the masses. I just have to remind everyone about the pet rock. Yes.. the pet fuckin’ rock! Masses of people bought a rock in a box and named it! lol! I swear… I couldn’t understand it back then but I certainly get it now! Psychological warfare on our minds and morals disabling us from logical reasoning. Or should I say… suppressing that darn Pineal Gland!

    • Just open your mind a little. Could it be possible that you and I and everyone in America have been fooled. From the very beginning, being a Mom, I could not understand the reactions of supposed family members that were shown on the news. It did not FEEL right. I could not understand why I did not see more children and more parents in the clips. It just did not feel right AT ALL. Look at the evidence, there is such a lack of evidence that this event ever happened. Please please just think about it!!!

      • The event happened. I have not been fooled, why would the government cover something so bad as this up? There are sick people in this world and Adam Lanza was one of them. The shooting happened.

  3. Um hello idiot there is a FOUR hour time difference between the East Coast and the West Coast not a THREE hour time difference. You really need to go back to school since you are to stupid to realize this. You have Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones. That is four, not three. Seems you failed math. LMFAO at your claim that you did the math. You failed!!! 1+1+1+1=4 not 3 moron.

  4. BTW moron if AP tweeted about it at 7:25 in their time zone which you moronically posted there is a three hour time difference between the East and West coast, when in it actually a four hour time difference, 7:25 plus 3 hours equals 10:25 which was well after 9:30. Your math totally sucks and you made a fool out of yourself. Also the shooter shot a window out which gained him access to the school. The school did not have bullet proof windows. Seems you can only not add but also not read.

    • lemme ask you something , dude, since you seem to be pretty educated on this particular topic. Which gun did he shoot the glass out with?

  5. Just FYI, the Gene Rosen profile you have is not the same person. That Gene Rosen is 62, where this Gene Rosen is 69. I’ve looked it up in Nexis and found both of them.

  6. You do realize that there are 17 results for “Gene Rosen” listed there, don’t you? And none of the addresses are in Connecticut. Did you even try to see if there was a Gene or Eugene (common full version) actually IN the Sandy Hook area? There are 3 that I found just in the White Pages. And guess what? One lives RIGHT UP THE ROAD FROM THE SCHOOL. I know, I know. They have been working on this plan for YEARS. (Adam has been dead for 3, I believe you said?) they could have planted that cover. Come on! They are either terribly thorough or incompetent at planning this hoax. Which is it? Yes, the guy’s story is screwy. But then again, so is the murder of 20 children.

    • Hello Alisa (and all the others who are trying to shoot this down)! First… watch the insults! There are rules to posting. A difference of opinion is encouraged (required in fact for the critical thinker) but unless you want me to call you insulting names I’d advise you to state your case while showing some fuckin manners. As my grandmother once said; “truth needs no insults”. I don’t censor but part of my rules is no insults thanks to The Vigilant Citizen thingy I was forced to write about/expose. Take heed you guys! The only reason these recent comments got through is because of some major technical shit and I am just now able to gain access. I hate to delay comments so I allowed these as they’ve been sitting here, pending approval for a hot minute. Now– on to my brief rebuttal to all of these muthafuckas that want to call me “stupid, idiot, etc.”… GENE’S DUMB-ASS IS AN ACTOR! PERIOD! (Winks and nods to Mackquigley on WordPress!)

      And to the fuka that said “Gene is a nice/decent man”– the man lacks SCRUPLES in order to portray himself as a ‘victim’ and participate in a fraud of his ‘fellow ass-mericans’! That muthafuka don’t sound good to me!

      To all the ‘real people’ who are down with this blog and what I’ve dedicated (more than you’ll ever know) by exposing what truths I do find… thank you!!! These fukas are examples of what I’ve mentioned before known as SHILLS!!! Betcha’ bottom dollar NOT A ONE will have a rebuttal or an apology for that matter! They are just low level shit stirrers! I wish I had more time to reply to all, but you guys know I’ll be back! Oh yeah… the “math” I was questioned about… um… 7:25a EST is what time on PST? Anybody? And research what time the shooting actually “began”. My trail led to 9:35am to be exact as confirmed in the link regarding the time the schools’ doors closed.

      And one more thing… Gene’s listing on Intelius is just a way to get you guys to do your own research! Example; Gene states that he has a six year old grandson during his “crying game” interview. Digging into what Intelius lends as ‘leads’, you find Gene’s performance in Theater where he states; “he has a 8 year old grandson”. What’s the big deal? You tell me. Does a grandfather actually forget his grandchild’s age? A boy grandchild at that? And now… if I understand things correctly– good ole’ Gene is now a victim of receiving threats?! lol! Like seriously– who’s threatening the guy? Why? Even if he is busted in his lies is there really someone out there that would run the risk of prison (possibly for life) by threatening/harming this guy? Remember that I’ve said; “people are actually good– we’re being trained to be bad”? Dig into THIS if you need a place to begin your research on that. 😉

      It’s elaborate and takes a lot of people (agencies) to pull this off but this, as painful as it is to accept, was a huge PSYOP! A mind fuck for ya’ ass!

      Jazz 😉

      • SMH… What an idiot. It was 10:35 when AP tweeted about the shootings…. Very little about your blabbering in your article is true. You are just one of those conspiracy theorists who try to make up shit that doesn’t exist. To even remotely think that the kids didn’t die or that it is a conspiracy from the government is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It’s people like you that I have no respect for because you make fun of a tragedy like this. Adam killed those kids, he is the only one that planned it and knew about it…. ENOUGH SAID…

      • I am a bit offended that you connected MY name to a reply about people calling names when I was more than polite. And you are more than a bit hypocritical when you then turn around and curse and call names. No wonder some people can’t take you seriously. I did do research and continue to do so. Your site will no longer be a part of my reading since you are not interested in admitting some of your points are wrong.

      • Hi Alisa! As well you should be. I felt as though you were definitely polite with your query but I’ve seen that bait and switch happen before so I felt I needed to set the tone for the shills. My apologies. Sincerely. Now that I know you are real and simply inquiring, I want you to know that I deeply apologize for hindering your thirst for knowledge in any way. Thank you for exploring this rabbit hole with Why O’ Why at all!

        Take care, lady!


      • Admit that your points are wrong as Alisa said or maybe instead of addressing her and looking like a fool you be a real man and address the rest of the comments towards you that you know are right and that prove you wrong….

      • Don’t get it twisted Christopher– that apology was for Alisa only. As I’ve mentioned over the past several months that my time has become extremely limited and as I mentioned in my rebuttal to all you shills, I’ll be back. And when I do, I’ll be able to address your “distractions” cuz the way I see it… you’re still in denial about this tweet.

        And for the record– I can absolutely admit when I’m wrong but I’ll not have you fakers of funk come up in my yard and stir up shit without giving me something valid other than; “he’s a good man”! lol hahahaha Oh yeah, “Chris”, what’s up with your fake twitter account that no longer exists?

      • What the hell are you talking about?? First of all, this is a blog article and not a “tweet” get your facts straight on that, secondly I have a twitter account. You don’t even know me so you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Thirdly, I never said anything about any one being a good man. Can you even read?? Once again, I have a REAL twitter account and not a FAKE one…. SMH.

      • You are so obvious Chris…!/Cbates875 DOES NOT EXIST = BOGUS! If you have a real account, why did you use this one which says “ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST”?

        This tweet was NOT an article… it was an archived tweet directly linked to Twitter– prove me wrong otherwise. And I did summarize in order to highlight what these comments included (time constraints have cut into my time on the blog lately) and while you may not have said; he’s a nice guy’ your rebuttal is equally lame! Telling me “i’m wrong” is not how you debate Christopher. No matter how you try your best to ignore this… that tweet was stamped 7:25AM when the shooting didn’t even “start” until 9:25am. Remember… they ‘reported’ Adam entered the school after the doors were locked?! A new security system installed a very short period prior so they have ‘boasted’ about the fact that they now can buzz people in! Did you know that the windows were bullet proof too? I want to see those over 100 rounds as Adam sprayed bullet proof windows or some blood on the surface because according to “the medical examiner” Adam put anywhere from 3 to 11 bullets in each “victim”!

        If you’re just dickin’ around Chris, go somewhere else and play… some people want to be enlightened and not waste their time.

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