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**HIGH ALERT** Allison Wyatt’s Image Was Faked! Her Mother Speaks Out! (Sandy Hook Hoax Proven AGAIN)!

Truth always comes out in the light!  I’m sure to the toxic mind (poisoned by GMO’s, flouride, Red Bull, Coke etc.), it will never matter what evidence surfaces to prove this fraud because for some reason, too many think this is just a game.  When you realize just how much life as we know it depends on our action (or inaction as it appears to be) while we are in the midst of this deception the word “regret” will not fully describe what you will feel when your paradigm finally shifts.  

Cathy Gaubert is the mother of Lily and much to her horror the image of her daughter is being used as one of the “dead victims” of that fake ass shooting!  An image that, according to her mom, was from 2009 on Lily’s first day of school!  The press refers to her very much ALIVE little girl [Lily] as Allison Wyatt!  Her image was lifted without the mother’s consent or knowledge through one of these media social sites!  Click HERE to see Lily (although the world is coming to know her as Allison) and read, re-post and pass her mother’s plea along to all of your friends, families and colleagues!  Move your cursor over the image for the message from Mrs. Gaubert.  And here’s an image that ran in one newspaper which is becoming increasingly difficult to find:  

[Image: 9xGuF6Q.jpg]

How many times do we need to see this ‘tragic’ event fall apart before we accept that we have been deceived (well, I haven’t)?  If anyone dismisses this– you will deserve what lies ahead for us all (cuz they ain’t dickin’ around).  And our friends over in the UK have a lesson for us about gun banning.  Theirs took place in 1997 (betcha didn’t know that) and NOW they get it!  They are forewarning us and we’re ‘lucky’ to have them caution us too.  Peep our future if we’re not careful and make no mistake about it… this will be OUR fault and it will be too late!

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.  — FDR

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