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56 thoughts on “Victoria Soto’s Facebook Account Was Originally Created 4 Days Before Her Death! Explain THAT!

  1. loved the blog! i hope everyone reads this and wakes up. i knew as soon as this happened it was fake. they want to disarm us to make us slaves. i will fight before i`m sent to a camp. great job and keep telling the truth.

    • Hi there dixie and you’ve got a sista blushin’ BIG TIME! 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind words!

      And it is indeed rare to hear anyone recognize this fake from the start! A breath of fresh air and just the ‘boost’ I needed to “keep it comin’!” Like seriously! Still can’t believe that collectively, we missed the very best oppty. that I could find to put an end to this madness through’s BRILLIANTLY thorough plan! I’m a bit stomped on an alternative plan other than massive non-participation (but we know muthafukas ain’t ready for that yet) right now but I’m optimistic that someone somewhere is going to be able to give us the same fuel as Kickthemallout tried to! Keep your eyes open for the next post on this shameful (and poorly executed) farce! I’m planning to squash ANY and all apprehension that actors do play in these roles!

      Thank you so much for the love, lady!
      Jazz 🙂

  2. I’ve been following some of these theories over the past week and I finally decided to express my opinion, which is that you and others like you are spinning lies and fear in order to further your paranoid worldview. You are reaching for nonexistent straws with this stuff.

    Emily Parker’s FB page was not created by a family member, but by friends in Utah. Do you have prove this is not true? The burden is on you to provide this information and I don’t see any proof. You simply assert that it was created by a family member, when it appears that it was created by friends in another state. You can disagree with me, but you need to provide proof, not ranting insinuations. All I see from you is loose linkages that miraculous prove your point. What you’re accusing the media of doing is exactly what you’re doing. Funny how that works.

    The quote regarding harassment of victims, etc. is related directly to the online copycat postings and adulation for Adam Lanza’s actions after the shooting. You obviously won’t trust this information, but here is the explanation: As you’ll see, this was a decision reached by Connecticut law information. I’m sure you’ll connect this to a larger cabal that has taken over in Connecticut.

    Next, extending Connecticut’s 14-day statutory sealing period for another 90 days makes perfect sense. Why in the world would you release information about an on-going investigation, especially one as complicated as this? When you have this type of violence and this many victims the amount of information to digest is overwhelming. Again, you won’t trust this site, but here’s an explanation: This is not an example of oppression, it’s an example of common sense.

    And you obviously do not understand that 10 year old children are capable of expressing the ideas presented in the note you attached. Are you insinuating that someone else wrote this note? Of course this child had heard her parents and others talking about these ideas and then regurgitated them in her own words, but that’s how kids learn. They emulate their parents and other authority figures. If you have children, I’ll bet that they agree with most of your ideas, unless of course they have decided to rebel against your “truths.” Your “proof” that this incident is about taking away your guns is not proof at all. It more closely resembles schizophrenic thought patterns than anything else. Interestingly, most conspiracy theories resemble the thought patterns of mentally ill individuals.

    Finally, you refer to yourself as a “real investigator,” but you don’t provide any legitimate proof that this is true. Nada, zero, zilch. You’re a conspiracy theorist and the useful thing about conspiracies is that nothing ever has to be proved. Any piece of contradictory information is simply further proof that your “truth” is being misrepresented. Of course you’ll debunk each of my points and “prove” to yourself and the world that I’m the one being duped or perhaps that I’m somehow involved in the conspiracy. That’s fine. I only hope that you get the help that you need and that your fear is someday reduced to a level where you are able to participate in thoughtful discussions rather than paranoid rantings. God bless.

    • Child… you caught me on a bad day! schizophrenic, paranoid rantings? Okay– you are definitely a shill and when I get more time than I do right now, I’m going to show them (the readers and anyone else) how to read between the lines of lame ass responses like this! You know… the more I think about it– you lunatics must truly be afraid of the “awakened” because not only was the ‘sandy hook, line and stinker’ shooting the lamest thing I’ve ever seen so is the bombardment of webs/blogs getting hit with all sorts of scripted responses like this one! lol! You guys are actually making my friggin day cuz you really are punks!

      I just gotta touch on this one thing… your link to why they are ‘sealing’ this for our safety… girl… that article isn’t saying shit other than; “we’re just keeping this on lock down because we can”! lol! Until I hear more chatter about the man in the woods who was taken out in handcuffs, um– there’s no way I’m not going to be asking questions– BELIEVE THAT!

      I’ll be back…


      • You don’t want shills? Or is it that you don’t want anyone who disputes the nonsense you people are trying to say is truth .

      • Obviously I like a good debate… I say that over and over.

        Now… smart ass… what part are you not getting about an account that was produced a full 4 days before this person ‘made a casualty list’? 4 days before we even knew of this shooting? Either you’re a shill or you’re related to Jethro. Which is it?

        How much do they pay you guys to sell out these dump ass americans who still believe this country is okay? Like seriously– I’m just curious what is the price to sell out like that? Just like these bad actors that surround this entire (laughable) event, I wonder how they sleep at night? I mean, you can actually see those involuntary moves people do when they are not telling the truth– what’s that called again? By any chance are you working with Associated Press? Seems quite the coincidence that my lil ole’ blog locked me out for 5 hours recently right after their visit. That was a real shame too, you guys because it was the most time I had since my hiatus. I was actually looking forward to reading and replying to all of the amazing comments! Oh well… just like “Adam Walsh”, Heather and now Pam… betcha neither one will come back with their rebuttals. I’m guessing they pay these guys to just ‘stick and move’ or try to discredit. Maybe they just get paid minimum wage cuz Pam’s comment here is just too damn funny, ain’t it?!

      • Trust me… ‘she’ won’t be back. They never do because I’m guessing their job description is to pop in say some ‘stupid’ shit to try and discredit then leave. lol!

        Typical authorized bullying behavior. This behavior is also known in the real world as; Chicken Shit! lol

      • Hahaha… I just saw Allison Cooper– I mean Anderson, you guys 😉 get all bothered by that Tenured Professor who leaves ‘mass lying-ass media’ no wiggle room! I do like to read the comments on topics like that and I was pleasantly surprised that CNN’s expose’ failed as it did! People ain’t buying it! We have to keep our eyes peeled though cuz if he or his family is hurt/killed or there’s a sudden heart attack… just know it would be in complete retaliation! I know that MSM has a tendency to mention and label critical thinkers as loonies but this is the first time I’ve seen a major conglomerate devote more than 2:30 to a package… unless we’re currently in “sweeps” (NOT!) it makes no sense! lol

        And this is just a lil observation but is the writer of the article on CNN with Anderson getting hot under the collar related to Tonto cuz I can’t get over the title which reads exactly; “When is social-media use a crime?” Huh? Tee-hee– I couldn’t resist. 😉

      • I do worry that he might be taken out or his family threatened.He is a brave soul and we need to show Support!!!

      • I agree! It’s a real shame that it takes a tenured professor for this to gain some attention too. And ‘poor’ Allison should have come out of the closet years ago! lol

        His attack or defensiveness had the markings of “one of them” so guess what I just found? Good ole Allison did his internship with none other than THE CIA! Yep! He’ll always play this down because he’ll never admit that he’s part of the elite. Thanks to USAHITMAN.COM for the find… click HERE to read more about allison’s past that he’d rather keep quiet. Oh… and for those who do not believe that the CIA is planted in every newsroom and has been since their beginnings… check this out as it was finally admitted the year before the Bicentennial! Watch You-nazi take it down—

        I always say– ‘what’s done in the dark comes out in the light’! 😉

      • No, it is that we do our Research and it is disinfo puppets, such as yourself, that don’t want the truth to get out. All the so called conspiracy theories are PROVEN to be truth so your mission is fruitless. The American peolpe are Awake now. As far as Sandy Hook there are many others who EXPOSED that HOAX, many. Andersom Cooper had to address the issue ok Shill.

    • Nailed it Heather. These conspiracy nuts twist bits of information to feed a deranged narrative. I hope they get eventually sued by the families.

  3. RE: The screen capture you have from CNN from “Natalie”…there was no victim named Natalie. Also, the child in the corner of that picture is a little boy, Daniel Barden, who was 7. Here’s a link, from Mr. Beck.
    Natalie is his sister, and she wrote the letter AFTER the shooting.–Sister-of–Daniel-Barden-pens-heart-rending-letter-to-President-Obama-on-gun-control-184407651.html
    I like to do research, too. 🙂

  4. what Ii think is weird is how come no schools in that area went on lock down after the shooting happened? there are numerous interviews by sandy hook parents saying that they were notified of the shootings, but one mom said she called her son to see if he was on lock down and he was not. Now I was in high school when columbine happened in Nevada and we went on lock down immediately when word got out of the shootings. It just seems odd that a major shooting happened and they don’t even go on a lock down, which is an automatic thing for every state to do.

    • Way to go, nerdychick83! The FACT that not one other school in the area was on lock down is yet ANOTHER smoking gun!! Ever since “columbine” schools automatically go on lock down when there’s a ‘school shooting’ reported but somehow, we are overlooking that fact. And if you’re referring to the woman who called her son at high school and he verified they were NOT on lock down and then she mentioned she got a text from CBS– we should have listened more carefully to her statement.

      I do love how “we” still want to give our guberment the benefit of the doubt but what is still not addressed is that tribute video for the slain victims that was uploaded November 10, 2012! One ill-researched fact is one thing but when we get more than one ill-fact, ummm… all bets are off!

      I’ve got about 2-3 more articles I need to post on this subject (CUZ, DAMN!!) and the final post I’ll make is to re-visit the subject of that NDAA that Obama signed along with the drones. A man was killed by the hands of that “law” on 2/2/13!!!! What’s today’s date?! And people still think we’re aren’t EXACTLY like Germany was right before ‘Hilter’ did his thing/!

      I do like a smart cookie and you, nerdychick83, are one smart cookie!

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!
      Jazz 🙂

      • I’m arriving way late to the game, but as someone who followed the story as it was breaking live, red flags went up immediately. One thing I realized, all the cars were parked like you park in a car lot, all facing the same direction and not even in parking spaces. Like a parade of cars came in and parked in a rushed, but orderly fashion. Then, you see someone in plain clothes with a SWAT vest on open the trunk of one of those very same “nondescript” cars to take out their weapons and gear. Also, no ambulance allowed at the school. No volunteer medical workers were allowed on site. Also, how does a mentally disturbed 20 year old who can’t weigh more than 120lbs manage to have a shooting accuracy of 96%? Meaning 96% of his shots hit their targets. Also, reviewing the now-released (though heavily redacted) video, that crime scene is spotless. The school looked like a school normally does during the summer, only with two “staged” classrooms. As the daughter of a school teacher who went, every year, to help pack-up and set-up my mom’s classroom, I know what a school looks like both when it is in use and not in use. And let me tell you, those bathrooms were not bathrooms used by elementary students. The police dash cam video is devoid of any smudges or smears on the windshield and all the tree-tops are blurred straight lines. Then, there’s the clearly photo-shopped pictures, and green-screened videos (look for a blue blur). There are so many glaring inconsistencies, that one doesn’t have to “grasp at straws” but merely realize that the entire thing is implausible. I wonder if this story will end up being the JFK assassination of the next generation.

      • Well, HI THERE Autumn! All I can say is where were you when this was first published?! (smiles) A comment (and observation) like yours would have surely gotten the dialogue going much sooner than now! 🙂 Really good to know that some of us out there didn’t swallow this RIDICULOUS pill of NONSENSE! 😉 Shame, FOR SHAME on the “Sandy Hook Line and Stinker, Stinger” that has fooled so many!!!

        Just a little tidbit– this blog was “threatened” with a “take down” of this site about 2 months ago by Veronica Pozner’s husband. Me thinks they are “panicked”. The truth shall NOT be hidden. 😉


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  7. You people are horrible human beings….your life must completely suck! Put down the crack pipe….you have obviously had ENOUGH. I would kill myself before I had to live a life as paranoid as the idiot who wrote this bull shit. WTF are you going to do if the goverment wants to take your guns? NOT A DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!! You act like they couldnt just walk in and take whatever they wanted…NEWSFLASH DUMBASSES…YOU ARE DEALIING WITH THE GREATEST MILITARY POWER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN…your measley guns are no match for what they have. You need a pysch evaluation…and if this was a conspiracy…do you really think the people that came up with such a genius plan are stupid enough to create a website before said shooting happens? What makes you think that some other over the top pyscho dumbass like yourself didnt create this website and change the date on it??? Maybe to screw with other dumbasses like you? GET A LIFE YOU PATHETIC MORON!

    • Well you certainly told me! There you have it, fellow people! I’m THE GENIUS OF CHAOS! It was me all along! Get tha fuck outta here, man! HAHA LOL

      This is yet another example of a shill, you guys. How do I know? What’s missing from his rebuttal? Any facts (plus you guys already know I don’t fuck with Facebook). He’s just yelling (like a shill would). Oh… as far as the military could swoop in and do anything even without our consent… um, WRONG!!! That’s why they need to destroy the 2nd Amendment FIRST, dummy! I know that you’re a shill and you won’t be back but do some research on the Village of the Damned… seems good ole’ Newtown could be a cookie cutter town. It definitely has a high activity of satanism and the occult.

      I keep asking you shills this question but no one wants to answer but exactly how much was your price to sell out?

    • I agree. Little YOY50 here needs to join us here in the land of reality and get some fresh air. Honestly, one more rant from the Queen of Shills and I will create a charity for pathetic paranoid pieces of scum.

      • 🙂 your an idiot acting like governments don’t do things that are shady or that would be considered as criminal you need a MOTHA FUCKIN history lessons. false flag operations happen all the time since before kennedy go to library congress website you can read about all the investigations that have revealed “conspiracies” inside of the government, an example might be OPERATION NORTHWOODS stupid little fuck. people like you who cant seem to puzzle together simple information and believe whatever the news says instead of going with what is the obvious, like a little sheep. SEEMS to be a bit more crazy then someone who thinks the Government should be watched much more closely. Its not a conspiracy if it is true.

    • YOU Seth are the Pathetic one! The greatest military power the world has ever known?… REALLY, you do mean the MOST CORRUPT Military the world has ever known, DON’T you?!!! Do some research you Pathetic COWARD! We don’t need a Crack Pipe we deal with REALITY! WAKE UP and DEAL with the truth being a Coward will NOT save you in the end.

  8. I honestly don’t believe you, YOY50. If these children WERE massacred, as they were, how would you feel if you were the mother or father? Although guns aren’t the problem, its the people behind them, gun control is a problem the US faces. Have some respect for the families.

    Your facts are incorrect. Stop your paranoid shit and grow the fuck up.

      • okay folks, this person is definitely a shill! He’s signed in with the same email address and is pretending to be both ” :)” AND “Sorry99”! Fukin insane! Another way to tell? Calling muthafuckas names and shit! I told you he was bad at what they are paying him to do! LOL!

        I’ve got two prescriptions for you,

        1) GET SOME PUSSY, BOY!
        2) MY BELT ACROSS YOUR ASS. I take that back… I’d use an extension cord on your ass cuz I’m not trying to wear myself out!

        Matter of fact, I’d be whooping your parents asses too cuz what a fuck up you are!

        Oh… one more thing to “tha both of yous”… your breakdown of the ‘the blaze’ was just repeating what every other government official and mainstream media keeps trying to force down our throats! The article didn’t debunk shit! You see, I read the comments when bullshit is so abundant just to see if the reader is astute or not and turns out, the blaze gots plenty of blowback from their “debunking”. LOL… makes me think of Allison Anderson Cooper’s attempt over at CNN to put us paranoid freaks in check! LOL… the readers definitely let it be known that Allison failed MISERABLY! You are actually speaking to someone who’s worked in news, buddy. Real producers actually do get reliable sources before they jump the gun on a story otherwise it’s your ass! And you do know that only 5 own ALL OF MEDIA? Follow the money and see who The Blaze is housed under.

        I guess I should feel honored that shills are bugging “Why O’ Why?”. Must mean we’re getting SOMETHING right! And I know I got this right… you need some PUSSY, boy!

        To everyone else:

        I’m going to approve his other comments too. They need “approval” because his dumbass forgot the fake email address he used initially!!!! LOL hahahaha!

  9. I don’t know who you think you are, but stop ‘lolling’ and have some respect for yourself. You’ll thank me when you sober up.

      • hahahaha lol! SHILL!

        I’m ‘sorry’ ’99’ times over for your lost soul you overpaid but underdeveloped shill. You are not very good at what they’ve paid you to do. How much do they pay, by the way? I’m so curious what the dollar amount is to sell ones’ soul.

    • Yet another muthafucka that gets the word “respect” confused with SOMETHING ELSE! AND another example of a SHILL! I’ll be honest… you guys have waaay too much time on your hands to come by this lil blog to shoot out nonsense.

      Did you actually read this post? The facts reveal that this account was created 4 days prior… um… what part of this article are you NOT COMPREHENDING?!

      Be gone.

  10. I wont be gone, so don’t treat me like your chlamydia.
    However I’ll be willing to be gone so long you stop saying shill 🙂

    Look, I don’t have time for paranoid people like you. What I am trying to say is : maybe you are right, perhaps it was all a government hoax. But still, you have no determined evidence. So I suggest you portray your theories more conservatively, out of respect. Remember, if one of these little youngsters were killed and it just so happened to be your son/daughter, you wouldn’t appreciate having conspiracies thrown around you.
    I guess with you, when you don’t like reality, you invent your own. At least that’s how you seem to be acting. Next thing you know, you’ll be screaming :
    “You have to sign this petition! It’s to get Congress to require all envelopes to be self-adhesive. When you lick an envelope flap, the Post Office runs it through a scanner that takes a DNA sample. Then they match that up with your name based on the return address. Homeland Security claims to be keeping the information to know how best to protect Americans from a gene-based terrorist attack, but if the wrong people came into power, they could use it for eugenics and put everyone with a certain chromosome combination into concentration camps! So will you sign the petition?” on your website, which I strangely enjoy reading when I am bored like hell.

    I found this on a website, and it’s all about the conspiracy video that messed you up… read it:

    #1 The director right off the bat uses the media as a source for most of his arguments. Media outlets are always competing, trying to be the first one to put out new information. In times of breaking news a lot gets put out too early without reliable sources.
    #2 Every time there is a mass shooting, there is always the thought that comes out another gunman was involved; this is nothing new (Aurora, Virginia Tech, Tuscon)….. It’s a common fear every single time.
    #3 A big deal was made about a guy found in the woods near the school. It’s small town USA. Why could he not be out doing some investigating and being aware after hearing gun shots and seeing police cars. Not saying it’s the smart thing to do, but neither is slowing down and looking as we drive by wrecks on the interstate like we all do.
    #4 The director wanted to point out this guy in the woods was also wearing camouflaged clothing; once again go to any small town America gas station/WalMart and count the people who wear camouflaged.
    #5 Maybe he was placed in the front seat of the cop car after being mis-accused of being a gunman for his own safety. It would suck to let a guy out around so many pissed off parents if there might have been some speculation he was even somewhat involved.
    #6 The video around the 5:15 mark supports the director’s accusation that the assault riffle really was not taken inside, it was left in the car the whole time – I’m not a big gun expert, but the gun found in the trunk of the car looks a lot more like a shotgun than an assault riffle.
    #7 The demeanor of the medical examiner is scrutinized…. He is a small town Dr. who works with dead bodies all the time. That takes a “special” person not to mention he just performed autopsies on 20 kids…. probably more than he has done the past 5 years combined. MANY people laugh and say stupid statements when they are nervous or anxious. Don’t act like you don’t. And if the government was having actors take part in one of the biggest cover-ups in US history, don’t you think they would have got a better actor than this guy?
    #8 Director points out the death-injury difference between Aurora/Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook…. Tech and especially Aurora were situations in which the shooter was suspected of just starting to shoot bullets everywhere… Sandy Hook on the other hand involved the shooter putting multiple round of ammunition in each of the victims bodies to ensure maximum damage. Of course the death ration will be higher than injuries.
    #9 Whose to say that Adam Lanza had no gun history? Just because he’s 20? Apparently he was raised in a household with A LOT of guns… Are we to believe he was surrounded by them all his life but had no knowledge of how to use them?
    #10 He has his older brother’s ID…. Adam was only 20…. I know plenty of underage people (including myself) who has used a fake ID at some point of time… Why is it hard to believe couple years ago, the older brother gave Adam his ID to help him get alcohol? I know a couple different sets of brothers who have done this for their younger siblings
    #11 The demeanor of Robbie Parker is attacked… Once again just because he’s not initially crying when he comes out everyone is freaking out. People deal with grief in all sorts of ways. There really is not right or wrong way. It’s like we view the video wanting to see him cry.
    #12 Robbie Parker is accused of “Getting into Character” for some acting scene he is about to pull off…. Maybe he is just gathering his thoughts and emotions because he is about to have to talk about the death of his daughter to the public. Once again, if the Government was going to hire actors for this mega cover-up, you think they would hire an actor smart enough to “Get into Character” inside the building and not in front of a hundred cameras….
    #13 At 9:46 the director accuses Robbie Parker of setting up a Facebook page for his daughter the day of the shooting…. If you go to the page and look (Like I just did) it was actually a couple family friends who set it up. There is no proof that Robbie had anything to do with it. It is speculation on the part of others.
    #14 The picture of Emillie Parker sitting on the President’s lap in the dress is spooky but the middle child looks a lot like Emillie. I know this is weird but us poor folks pass down close from older sibling to younger sibling all the time… The original photo of the family is not date marked so we don’t know how much prior to the shooting it was. Maybe the dress was passed down to the middle child as Emillie out grew it.
    #15 Gene’s segment “the neighbor”, is really just another episode of attacking and speculating what we think Human Behavior should be during a time of crisis. While a lot of information is thrown at us, nothing very objective is pointed out. The director also claims that there is evidence that Gene says the bus driver was woman in another interview but didn’t share footage or a source on it
    #16 Notice how he chooses to do a talk over on the Anderson Cooper interview at the 15 minute mark instead of talking about what they are actually saying… He attacks the family for smiling as they talk…. Yet this is days later, and Anderson is getting them to reminiscent on the life of their daughter… They were talking about the good times. Go to Anderson Cooper’s website and search for this video clip and see for yourself
    #17 The director again attacks the medical examiner. This time just making it seem like he was misinformed, unprofessional, and an unreliable source of information….. didn’t the director earlier in this video correlate the Examiner as being part of the cover up? What side is he on? I’m confused…..
    #18 He uses a Google earth picture to show an absence of cars and children at the school…. Besides the fact that he doesn’t have a time or date on the image, isn’t there a delay on the pictures… I just looked up my house… it 8;15 and Dark outside…. not in my image….
    #19 a 5 year old says the gun shots sounded like a someone kicking a door….. Why is this made into such a big issue in the video??? Is that a bad way for a kid to describe a gun shot?
    #20 22 minute mark…. maybe all the ambulances had already left… This footage is obviously some time after the shooting… plus how many ambulances are in a town the size of Paragould suppose to have?
    #21 The FEMA thing just a coincidence…. Go to their website right now and look at all the drills going on across the country everyday…. And the vast subject matters they train for…. FEMA also trains directly with just about all law enforcement agencies, even here in Jonesboro check it out.
    #22 The Victoria Soto Page that the Director references obviously ain’t up for us to look at anymore which only means one thing…. ha ha….. along with the government, the school, the media, Newtown’s law enforcement, and Newtown’s 27,000 citizens….Facebook is part of this massive conspiracy also ha ha
    #23 Notice how the United Way website he shows at the 28:15 that he claims was made before the incident doesn’t have a creation date anywhere he does not show it anywhere just states it …. I just went to it and and there is no creation date to be found……. So I guess go ahead and throw the United Way organization in the list of conspirators also.
    #24 Common Sense – We think our Government who isn’t smart enough to learn you can’t spend more than you take in, is smart enough to pull off a MASSIVE cover-up which would involve 10’s of thousands of people to keep quite about….. This breaks all rules of common sense. A girl can’t even stay at a 50 person fraternity house without everyone finding out…. but yet our Government can stage a mass murder and involve and entire town, multiple government agencies, and media/website businesses and no one let’s it slip?
    #25 If the Government wanted our guns that bad, aren’t there better-cheaper-more efficient ways to get them? Gun sales have shot up since this and no serious legislation has been brought forth in Congress to take guns away..


    • Sorry99 you must be a complete idiot for real how do you really think the government has your back. people like you are why this country is going to hell, HOW the fuck would you not question every detail of such a terrible crime and what kind of idiot cant realize that every great empire has broken apart from within and history repeats itself, just cause the technology has changed doesnt mean people and their values have. OPERATION NORTHWOODS. one perfect example of why you should think and not be a sheep.

  11. ‘Sorry99’ and ‘:)’ is in fact a girl. My friend Lauren is both of them, and she suffered a horrible thing that I shouldn’t really post here as it would upset her.
    I guess she just knows first hand how it feels to lose someone and thats why she put up a defensive guard, regardless of what happened at Sandy Hook.

    Keep this in mind, please go easy on her. Time hasn’t healed her mourning.
    I like your website but please keep in mind that your readers have different views and a healthy debate is always good to read, especially when I have popcorn 🙂

    – Jess

    • Okay, Jess. I can dig that!

      I get that people have different views (OBVIOUSLY) and you guys need to know I’m well in my 50’s and was co-captain of my debate team back in high school. I LOVE a good debate but I’ll come hard if people throw nasty names when it’s completely unnecessary. I am not one of these “so called women” today who thinks its cool to toss out the word Bitch. You see, in my world… them there are fighting words. And she’s the one who hit fukas with chlamydia and shit.

      I know what mourning is like. I lost a fiance and my father. I know all too well how differently it can appear but I know for a fact that parents who just lost their child one day before would not be composed at all for television. Loosing a child… there’s absolutely nothing like it and that, Jess is what drives me (and others like me) to find out the truth. Somebody’s lying and their using children to keep us at bay. Lower than low.

      You’re a good friend.

  12. Thank you 🙂

    I am very sorry for your loss. I am sure Lauren would never had said what she did if she was feeling like herself. She hasn’t been herself recently, the pain really is breaking her to pieces. It hurts to see somoene fall apart in front of you, it makes me feel helpless.
    I also was the captain of the debate team, as I was suggested to join due to my stubborness (according to my mother, I get it from her mother-in-law (AKA monster-in-law))!
    I agree that there is something not quite right with the Sandy Hook massacre, some substantial details are missing. But still, I keep my views under the wraps in the outside world. If I was to say something, people would look at me with disgust. I guess everyone is entitled to having the freedom to not only express them selves but to think what they want (so long as it is not discriminatory) and I respect that, but if I believe that if something is not right, such as the discussion above about school lock downs, I should be able to express that.

    However, they could have been killed – how would we know? And I feel sorry for the families. When people say “No tears, obviously actors” in response to the statements and press conferences, it reminds me of Lauren. When she discovered what had happened, she didnt cry at all. The shock had hit her, and she didnt speak, eat, or sleep for a week, until she finally collapsed. That was what made me feel like utter shit as a friend.

    A good site to challenge our theory:

    • Thank you for the condolences. Time does heal all wounds. And you shouldn’t feel less than a friend… the person your friend lost is in GOOD HANDS! God does take care of all.

      Now… you describe exactly the standard behavior of most of us who’ve suffered a loss; “The shock had hit her, and she didnt speak, eat, or sleep for a week, until she finally collapsed.” That in a nutshell is “our argument”… loss of a loved one keeps us STIFLED. Absolutely no one can muster a word when they’ve lost an innocent 5 yr. old. Hey– the last person who was loving the cameras after their children were killed was that chick who drowned her little boys and said some person tried to hijack her. In the end, we found that she was the culprit in her kids death.

      And I do agree with you on this point… “how would we really know”? Now that’s considered “critical thinking” as there is still absolutely no evidence of a massacre. There are confirmed “victims” with acting in their background, i.g.; Laura Phelps, Gene Rosen and the latest discovery of Chloe Anderson ( It really is okay to question “authority” otherwise if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! And your ‘guberment’ does have a healthy track record of LYING OUT OF THEIR RECTUMS! And I’m “afraid” that’s article got debunked weeks ago. Um… who owns them again? 😉

      We do have one thing in common, Jess… I was (still am) encouraged to become an attorney! lol! I don’t know if it’s actual stubbornness with me, but I simply keep an open mind to facts. And as it’s been said; one lie compromises the ENTIRE event. You will accept that it is the PEOPLE and not the “guberment” who should be in control?

      One last thing… it is not our intent to claim that real parents who did suffer a loss of life are not real. But if you guys keep digging, you’ll find (as I did) that some of these real parents were not allowed to view their dead children’s bodies! Digging a bit deeper, you’ll also find that (STRANGE) MEDICAL EXAMINER “petitioned” to keep child autopsies out of the public eye… when was it? Nearly a YEAR PRIOR? Court documents are on the internet for anyone who takes the time to DIG.

      I’m gonna send a prayer for :)/99… she will get through her loss eventually. God will ABSOLUTELY make that event make sense to her one of these days. I was devastated by the loss of my fiance (for example) at the beginning of his death, but over time, GOD showed me why things happened as they were DIVINELY meant to. EVERYTHING has a season.

      The very best,


      • I have recently as a past active duty Marine started noticing things that bother me in reporting of events not just here but around the world. I cant say with any proof i can lean any direction with any comfort. It is good people challenge things which are spoonfed…from history we have learned of unspeakable things that have been kept from us. As a wiser person i realizle that thes cover ups and secrets are rarely truly kept for the benefit of the public but rather for various groups with hidden agendas. Truly theses issues we are battling each other over i fear keep us fdistracted from the larger global crisis going on all around us…whether i have a handgun or not doesnt matter one bit to the the rest of the world but instead of watching

  13. sorry phone went nuts wouldn’t let me finish last post but i want to say whether the story be true or false i am saddened and embarrassed as a citizen and ashamed of the state of the world and our part in creating the problems we now face……we figjt here over hanguns but some of the money donated by those who appose guns have made money off selling them into global conflicts . i have guns but its worth us of a pebble when faced with the direction the world is heading…we need to organize thoughts for an answer so i can look at my kids in the face without tbem seeing the fear for their future in my eyes…keep up the discussions good things are born from debate. sorry for typos…using so called smart phone

    • Thank you Mr. Woodward! I’m a firm believer that debate brings forth solutions! I actually had a grand slam but the conditioned minds of the masses let it slip through their fingers. Check it out whenever you have a moment as it was truly inspiring! KICKTHEMALLOUT.COM I even love the name of the website.

      I truly appreciate you stepping forward as you sound as though you had the same paradigm shift I did when seeing the corruption (not one word can actually describe it for me) while there. It is truly people like you that step forward to speak about what they saw, was forced to do or turned the other cheek on, who are the heroes. I’m glad it’s shaken you to the point that your children are your focus– you’re seeking truth for them! I like it! 🙂

  14. Wow. I figured something was afoul when this whole incident broke the news, but I figured a “Monarch” had been sent in to massacre the children, somewhat like the Batman shootings at the movie theater. Now you claim that no children were killed at all? I wouldn’t discount that theory. I firmly believe that our government will go to great lengths to cover up and lie about anything. I noticed that there were several links throughout the blog to other websites that support your argument, but they don’t seem to work anymore. Quite annoying really, plus it makes me more suspicious. I’d like to know if you have any other links to sites that breakdown this conspiracy further? I like to do my research. Thanks.

    • Hi there and my apologies for the delay– SUPER BUSY these days! 🙂

      Yeah, I agree, very annoying when links no longer work! I keep encouraging readers to read posts asap because there is a tendency to delete links/videos pretty rapidly as of late. I have some serious updating to do but that’s definitely in the distance. I have had a chance to peep at one latest development (at least to my knowledge due to lack of time) but maybe a group of children were killed after all! One of “my boyz” on youtube “Scotty Walker”) actually got arrested for contacting the medical examiners office. It seems there was an actual sacrifice of children which took place at a near by church (you know those churches KNOWN for their basements?) and the people responsible for THAT created Sandy Hook! In route, there is the church, a MASON TEMPLE, and the school! Check out the clip on the topic (though the original one I found has been deleted);
      UPDATE 8/10/13: Just found the idahopicker’s video but not on his channel… check THIS one instead:

      The best site that I found was called; Sandy Hook… can you believe they are no longer out there?! The Idahopicker on youtube was the original video I saw which indicated a sacrifice took place the morning of this event (in lieu of the aforementioned video link) but I can no longer find that video! I find all of that very suspicious. I hope to be back at this full time here shortly, so bear with me, RC! 😉


  15. Victoria Soto was the cousin of the founding father, Freemason, inventor, Governor of Pennsylvania, Ben Franklin!

  16. I am an anti-gun supporter. So I don’t see this conspiracy the way that many of the pro-gun people would see it. However, I do believe that there is something fishy going on with the Newtown shooting. The Soto family are completely off, not to mention all the other families that have displayed more than odd behaviors. What I think is that, if there were in fact a shooting, for some reason all the families got paid enormous amount of money to stay quiet. That’s why they are just so happy, as seen in all the interviews. They just can’t hide their excitement. If this were a hoax, then they got paid even more money so they are all happy. Period. I feel that something is totally off about this incident. It’s not from the flawed news facts, but from most of the families’ reactions that I came to this conclusion.

  17. Pingback: SANDY HOOK MASSACRE EXPOSED? | bonjukianpatten

  18. “The fact that a “R.I.P.” page was created before the shooting is A SMOKING FUCKIN’ GUN”.
    You fucking idiot!! The title of a page can be MODIFIED. Get of the fucking computer. You are only making these people’s life hell but you obviously don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself. I hope tragedy hits home, one of your loved ones is taken, and then every calls YOU a fucking liar.

    • Not according to The WayBackMachine. It’s very simple– either you’re a shill or simply unintelligent and lack discernment. Oh, and way to go at at wishing loss on someone’s loved ones. Displays the demons you’re possessed by. Hey– hope you’re getting paid well for the temporary pay-off. I hear hell is CRAZY hot!

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