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9 thoughts on “An Interesting Thing Just Happened… Wondering If My Post Is Making Someone NERVOUS?

    • Hi there, Dan! Hope you’re doing well!

      Rothchilds are all over our so called unbiased press! Still can’t figure why the masses don’t accept that those so called; thousands of magazines, newspapers, and cable channels are only owned by five individuals. It is the ILLUSION of options– “all around the world its the same song” — Digital Underground.

      Miss you much, man!
      Jazz 😉

    • AAAWWWEEE!!!! Thank you soooo much! Can’t wait to get back at it full time!

      Still having a few strange things happen but so far– I can access everything. Keeping an eye on it it! 😉

  1. Yes, and your map on the post about predictive programming involving the recent school shooting won’t load past the halfway point. Ominous indeed. I’d say you’ve definitely drawn the attention of some individuals who do not like that you are aware of their presence.

    • Thank you sooo much for the heads up! I was just confronted by someone (who shall remain nameless at present) that this blog is also displaying ads or banners (or something) for some disinfo reps!!! WTF?!!! When I log onto the blog– I don’t see that at all! And that map actually loads completely when I look at it so I would have never been aware! Stinkin’ bastards! Does the link work? Just curious because it works on my end. They better not try to take this site down. And again, if they do, it’ll only confirm that I’ve been right about a whollotta shit here! lol!

      Welcome to the “party” Candide and again– thanks for the heads up! You rock!
      Jazz 😉

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