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Think We Weren’t Warned About The Connecticut “Shooting”? Guess Again! (Batman Lives!!!)

Many of us have accepted the fact that movies gives us clues to headlines that eventually show up in our late night news as some random (tragic) event.  Here’s one example; 

  • “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage predicts “The BP Oil Spill” one year before it happened.  And and if I’m not mistaken, haven’t we had movies predict our future before?  These come to mind immediately…
  • “The Minority Report” with Tom Cruise– can we be indefinitely detained for pre/thought crimes today?
  • “Enemy of The State” with Will Smith where having a cell phone is key to our whereabouts.  

It’s indeed disturbing to think that they give us these hints just as they did in the years leading up to 9-11 via various movies.  Sometimes, these images are direct and others are through the art of symbolism or a tactic known as “Predictive Programming”.  But hey– movies are just innocent entertainment, right?  Well… guess again!  Whether you like it or not, we actually were given a clue BEFORE the “Sandy Hook” shooting took place through none other than the movie; “Batman Dark Night Rises” (or whatever it’s called)!    Don’t believe me?  Check out the map Warner Bros., whos’ famous ‘water tower is known in some circles to be “the keeper of celebrities’ sacrificed souls“, used to promote the movie to various media outlets prior to its’ July release…

In case you don’t see it, the words “sandy hook” is located near the bottom left near the words; “Strike Zone 1”.  Here’s how, as an online entertainment review type of website, promotes this media blitz:

The villain has an elaborate plan for Gotham City, and the viral package we received today gives us a glimpse at the disasters we’ll get to see when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in July. Is this all a ruse to lure out Batman, wear him down, and then break him like he did in the comics? Or is this version of Bane hell-bent on destroying and then ruling Gotham? Regardless of the master mind’s true intentions, the Joker would likely be jealous of this elaborate scheme. Let’s check out the details from the viral package.

You can click HERE for the full images and review of this viral tube that circulated.  While UGO was giving a review (or were they in on it too?)  for a group of people who take these movies way too seriously (camping out overnight, etc.), they actually gave us a big clue that there was foreknowledge!  I haven’t seen the movie (nor will I) but I’ve heard it said that a map with those words are actually in the movie too!  You see– I’ve been unable to get ‘teary-eyed’ about this shooting because I’m not convinced we’re being told the truth.  Nope– not for a second!  And it doesn’t help to see images of “parents who’ve lost their children”, smiling.  You tell me.  Could you muster a smile?  

One Happy Parent From The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax! Would you be smiling? Robbie Parker is an ACTOR and a bad one at that!

Deception knows no limits.  We are being manipulated yet again and the only logical conclusion for this particular PRODUCTION is to steer us towards “stage left” or the dialogue known as “gun control”.  Stay tuned, fellow people, as there is more to come on this subject.

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