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Did You Know (#6): Minnie Riperton and the SNL Connection

Okay… I may be quite a bit late on this (and that’s cool with me) but just the other day, the lady with the octave range that still astonishes us (the world) to this day was profiled on some show I watched.  R.I.P. Minnie cuz you really were an angel!

This post is somewhat two-fold– a homage to her incredible vocal range and yet ANOTHER ‘nod and wink’ at interracial dating/marriage!  You see– I’ve noticed the large amount of hits on my little “EXPERIMENT”! 🙂  Big smiles to you all and I’m soooo glad you “get it” by the way!  Anywhoooo….

Did anyone know that the late, great, Minnie [Riperton] was married to a “white” man until she died (crazy to think back and realize how young she was at her passing– only 31 at the time)?  Yep!  The very NATURAL looking (more props for the “Natural Hair Movement”) Minnie married a white man!  And from the footage I saw– they really did appear to be happy and DEEPLY in love!  Happier than the average– dare I say!  So first and foremost, this is yet another kudos for allowing love to land on your soul mates– no matter the colour!  I’m just a suka fa love baby… what can I say? 😉

Not only did she marry a white man (and he lovingly married her too) but they wrote that very famous hit; “Lovin You” way before she became a household name!  He was simply strumming on his guitar one day and she starting singing along and the rest is musical history!  Here’s a snap of her and her husband, Richard Rudolph…

True Love Is A Beautiful Thing!

And here’s that SNL connection!  I actually stopped watching Saturday Night Live eons ago (there will never be another Original Cast in my opinion) but as it turns out, their daughter is a cast member.  I only saw her in this movie called “Idiocracy” (a movie aimed at poking fun at the masses by the elite who’ve DUMBED-US-DOWN) and thought she was funny but had no clue who she was.  Here’s her pic for people who didn’t know this like me…

Minnie Riperton’s Daughter, Maya Rudolph

Who knew, right?!  So now when we hear that timeless classic, we’ll know what she means when she says “Maya, Maya, Maya…” towards the end!  I figured it might be a good thing to include a cool entry just because of all the bullshit going on these days.  😉 

One love, one life, let’s get together and feel alright — Bob Marley

I wasn’t actually going to include the musical clip but then I thought it would be cool to have the image of her and her little girl along with her handsome husband playing in the background in your minds when you listen to this classic again.  Check how cute little Maya was (still is) with her mom…

Maya Rudolph and mom, Minnie Riperton, who passed on when Maya was only 6 years old.

And now for that timeless classic– enjoy! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Did You Know (#6): Minnie Riperton and the SNL Connection

  1. I think she was profiled in an Unsung episode, and I really do like her music. Especially “Inside My Love.”

    Maya was also in the movie “The Bridesmaids” as the bride. I watched SNL when I was younger, but I don’t watch it (or any TV show, really) much now. Got a life to live!

  2. Hi Natasha and thank you! I couldn’t remember the name of the show! And “Inside My Love” was indeed tha jam!

    And good for you on living your life! TV will suck the life out of anyone! (smiles)

  3. i am glad you made a post to celebrate the unsung Minnie Ripperton. I knew about Maya because my father loved her and when I was a kid I asked what she was saying and he told me the history. my parents taught us to love people for their hearts and how they treat you. also if you know about the “Love v. State of Virginia”, that was also a dynamic that played a valuable role in interracial marriages.

    finally as a general factoid I recently read that when black women marry white men the marriages are 44% less likely to divorce after 10 years than those of white women marrying white men. maybe opposites are supposed to marry and we should stop looking at color…

    here is the paragraph – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce_in_the_United_States

    A 2008 study by Jenifer L. Bratter and Rosalind B. King conducted on behalf of the Education Resources Information Center examined whether crossing racial boundaries increased the risk of divorce.[20] Using the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth (Cycle VI), the likelihood of divorce for interracial couples to that of same-race couples was compared. Comparisons across marriage cohorts revealed that, overall, interracial couples have higher rates of divorce, particularly for those that married during the late 1980s.[20] The authors found that gender plays a significant role in interracial divorce dynamics: According to the adjusted models predicting divorce as of the 10th year of marriage, interracial marriages that are the most vulnerable involve White females and non-White males (with the exception of White females/Hispanic White males) relative to White/White couples.[20] White wife/Black husband marriages are twice as likely to divorce by the 10th year of marriage compared to White/White couples, while White wife/Asian husband marriages are 59% more likely to end in divorce compared to White/White unions.[20] Conversely, White men/non-White women couples show either very little or no differences in divorce rates.[20] Asian wife/White husband marriages show only 4% greater likelihood of divorce by the 10th year of marriage than White/White couples.[20] In the case of Black wife/White husband marriages, divorce by the 10th year of marriage is 44% less likely than among White/White unions.[20] Intermarriages that did not cross a racial barrier, which was the case for White/Hispanic White couples, showed statistically similar likelihoods of divorcing as White/White marriages.[20]

    • Hi Angel and thank you for your patience! I’m so glad you liked the post and THANK YOU so much for your comment and facts! Loving v. Virginia, the stats on interracial marriages! Good stuff there!

      I long suspected that the black wife, white husband (or other) union was seriously underestimated and possibly discouraged! I am reminded of a sista I met while in Kuwait who invited me to thanksgiving dinner. I met the entire family along with 50+ of their closest friends and the most interesting part? Her husband was Kuwaiti and MUSLIM! She was from Florida and was still a practicing Christian and had moved to Kuwait before the FIRST Gulf War so by the time I’d met them, they’d been married for over 17 years! Happily at that! It was probably one of the coolest experience I’ve ever had. Just people getting along, breaking bread and having a great time! She prepared both meals and check this out– Lamb and rice and on the other side of the table a traditional thanksgiving to include those greens with the HAMHOCK in it! lol! Yes, pork was in a Muslims’ home (though they did not partake of course) I simply thought it was too cool that both traditions were respected and presented. Very cool!

      I’m not really sure what’s going on with ‘my brothas’ (https://yoy50.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/a-powerful-message-for-the-absentee-fathers-you-should-really-be-ashamed/ ) other than they are simply lost! That’s not to say that there aren’t some TREMENDOUS black men who are great husbands and father’s ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qY2wP6XtrVU ) but they are seriously falling short! As if it’s a game or something. I’m guessing that their “light bulb” will finally go off when they are turning 60ish with enlarged prostates that they’ll understand what they’ve been fuckin’ off!

      Thanks for commenting on this one! It’s so cool to know that Minnie was a sweet as she appeared!!

      Jazz 🙂

    • Hi EPHEMERA! So sorry for the long delay. Busy beyond belief (but in a good way)! Finally a moment to respond to just some of the amazing comments that have lied dormant for a while, today! 🙂

      I wish I could find more on Marc. Been curious to see just how much Maya and him (plus mom and dad) might resemble (can TOTALLY see dad in Maya as well as Minnie). He’s probably playing it ‘smart’ and shunning “the industry” and living a blissfully quiet existence.

    • Hi there, Michael and thanks for commenting from my home state! Boy could I go for a lobster roll! 🙂 Glad you liked the article, my man. When I discovered this– it just reminded me of the impression I had of her when she was alive– sweet, gentle and ‘angelic’. 😉


      • Thank you so much, I wish i got the opportunity to hear her live. The more i learn about her life i am so much more locked to her music, and her vocal range is absolutely incredible. Lobster roll… good stuff.

  4. I’ve loved Minnie Ripperton since this song came out when I was 14. I remember seeing her on a talk show right before she passed. She said something about having breast cancer and that she’d used her breasts for feeding her children, which was what they’re meant for. I remember thinking how true that was and how amazing she was. I cried when she passed. Seems like yesterday. Such a beautiful blessing to our world.

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