An IMPORANT Note To Ed Chiarini (aka Wellaware1 and Dallas Goldbug)!

Hi ALL!  As I’ve mentioned periodically throughout this long and unexpected hiatus that I’d be back as soon as possible.  Well, I’m FINALLY rounding that corner and have finally been able to make contact with the infamous Ed Chiarini!  You know the man that has inspired most of the recent posts here?  But, for some odd reason, I can’t access my email!!! 

Ed, I got your reply to my email Friday evening and when I hit “send” to reply back, I got nothing but a blank screen!  I’ve been locked out of the email ever since!  FRIGGIN, UGGGHH!!!!  If you could utilize the number within that email and give me a buzz instead, that would be great!  I just made contact with the provider of the email today so hopefully this technical matter will be fixed and if that will be the case, you’ll see a reply in your inbox today but if not, please use the number and give me a buzz!  I KNOW the readers here and the listeners to the radio show would love to hear more about your AMAZING and DISTURBING discovery that we are part of a massive SIDE SHOW and that our “political” arena has been infiltrated by with nothing but disguised actors!  Can I just tell you that your recent update (the entry below this one) regarding JFK is the root cause of my lack of sleep these days!  Talk about; “a game changer”?!!!!  You, Ed, are doing an amazing thing!  The world needs to know too so I truly look forward to hearing from you!!!!

To ALL (again)!  For anyone that sees this entry and if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area in particular, please let Ed know that I’m trying to reach out to him!  A side note, his “contact form” on his website won’t allow me to hit “send” so I thought this blog would be a good way to get the word out!

Can I just say how much I’ve missed blogging to the many readers here?  The continuous support of “Why O’ Why” during this hiatus has warmed me in a way that I can’t fully describe!  I miss you all soooo friggin much!  Take care and I’ll be updating soon!


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