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Christina Applegate and The Australian Greens (Party): A SLOPPY Slight of Hand! (Shame On You Christina!!!) PLUS An IMPORTANT Update on The JFK Assassination!!!!!

Yet again, I continued to be amazed by the discoveries of Dallas Goldbug aka Wellaware1 (he’s on the blogroll ya’ll)!  This is the first of two further installments to present to your minds one of many deceptions being played AROUND THE WORLD by some of your favorite celebs/public figures!  Dare I say, it’s the nucleus!!!  DAMMIT SON! 

For those who haven’t read the many entries I’ve made on this subject he uses a technique known as Ear Biometrics and it is said to be far more accurate than fingerprinting.  Keeping that in mind, he’s never solely based his findings on similarities in facial features for this long list of actors he’s accusing of distorting our perceptions but facial landmarks are key.  He points out that lighting, make-up, prosthetic make-up and lenses, etc., can distort what we see on camera to include film, television and print!  I know this to be true even before my intro to Goldbug but this one here?!  You can actually see that it’s Christina in (poor) disguise as yet ANOTHER political figure all the way in “the land down under”!  DAMMIT SON!  Just peep this shit and you tell me if you can’t see right off the bat that this is actually Christina!  (Shame on you, Christina!)  Oh yeah!  Click HERE to read where Christine Milne (her current starring role as an Aussie) is headquartered!  They love their play on words those little devils!

Now that I think about it… why wait to post this next one?!  Wellaware1 first gained notoriety for his work as an illustrator at the age of 15 on a book called; “High Treason” (which was all about the assassination) so when he found these bits of footage, I couldn’t help but make the time to view his astounding discovery that the entire “JFK Assassination” was indeed an elaborate production!  I’ve been describing our “elections/politics” as nothing but a farce or massive PRODUCTION for quite sometime now.  After reviewing his video and finding the original sources myself– I’m shocked and appalled to get confirmation on just how far back this all began too!  “Art” has never imitated life– it’s a huge script, fellow people!  Definitely dig into this one right away.  Not out of ‘fear’ that the video will be removed (but I’m sure it will eventually) but because you truly need to know that this is the most tremendous mind fuck EVER!  I simply ask that you watch this one from beginning to end.  I can’t say this enough– all it takes is to prove just one event was a fraud and everything is COMPROMISED…

Two and two no longer equal four… do they?  This should really make you want to ‘kick’ yourselves for NOT utilizing the simple strategy that KICK THEM ALL OUT.COM (also on the blogroll, DAG NABBIT!) offered prior to the “elections” this month, shouldn’t it?  They’ll NEVER ‘play fair’ so why do we hesitate to finally take control of the matter?  If they could create this hoax and convince the world they killed an ‘amercan president’ back in ’63, why in the world would they re-invent the wheel for their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) now in 2012? 

Below are two original reels, one of Oswald being “shot” and the other is of his “widows'” first interview.  You’ll clearly be able to see that neither were manipulated when Ed made his video.  He only slows down the footage so that you can understand what you’re actually looking at.  When the “Russian widow” spoke clear English while asking the producer a question, you must say to yourself; why is she faking it at all?  I’m still blown away by who he says this actor is too.  The moment I saw the footage (years later of course) there was something very ‘knowing/strange’ about her eyes.  My “gut feelings” were off the chart as if I ‘recognized or was familiar with her’ but I’m still surprised by who he says Oswald’s widow actually was (still is) in ‘real life’!

And do study the raw footage of “The Oswald Stage” carefully.  You’ll be able to recognize from beginning to end that you truly are looking at a set [movie/film] and not a real event at all! 

Hollyhell [Holllywood] truly is the devil’s playground and the PERFECT tool for DECEPTION, ain’t it?!!!  This act alone is at LEAST 49 years of deception and depravity to our perceptions and true evidence that they are manipulating our views or in lay terms; ‘playing with our minds’.  One might ask,”why on earth would they do this”?  Obvious answers run the gamut but I personally think a more important question to ask is; “WHEN haven’t they done this sort of thing to us”?  That was back in 1963, wasn’t it?  We may find that that list is far shorter than we think!!!  “Men of Honor” my ass!!!!  Are you mad, yet?!!!!

3 thoughts on “Christina Applegate and The Australian Greens (Party): A SLOPPY Slight of Hand! (Shame On You Christina!!!) PLUS An IMPORTANT Update on The JFK Assassination!!!!!

  1. On 13 April 2012, Bob Brown announced that he was resigning as federal parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens and that he would leave the Senate in June. Christine Milne was elected unanimously as the new leader by the party. MP Adam Bandt was elected deputy leader. from google.

    Christina Applegate
    – Up All Night was the last TV show that she creatively produced and was cancelled shortly after she left very abruptly (2012). I loved that show….didn’t see her on TV again and she’s apparently done or doing a couple movies since.

    Makes sense that she left her job to do this Green Party thing bc of the timing!

    Also, interestingly enough, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini the Supreme leader of Iran looks like Sean Connery! He is unmistakable. His ears and eyebrows give him away. His ears attach to the face (there is no dividing line) which is genetic component like the widows peak for example.

    I did not believe it but after seeing prosthetics etc. on CA I cannot imagine anything else!!! How easily people got fooled. Who knows how much tech. we have now that we do not know about.

  2. BTW, video 2 and 3 no longer exist. Can you please write the answer? When you write a question about who the wife of Oswald truly is, and the video is removed from YT how the hell are we goign to know??!!

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