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Dallas Goldbug AKA WellAware1: A Lesson For The Eyes

I keep this guy on the Blogroll because all it takes is one, just ONE and you must accept the grand lie!  I have a hard time accepting all of his findings but just like everyone else we are naturally conditioned to question reality versus fiction.  What in the world am I referring to?  These friggin actors who’ve been distorting our perceptions every since film and television entered into our lives and homes!  His latest expose’ features an “americana’ favorite but before I get to that– this is prerequisite viewing.  If you think that lighting, makeup, angles and the whole sha-bang can’t change the look of a person, hopefully this will clue you in on that reality… I think it’s pretty ironic that he chose Walt Disney to use in his example with his extremely perverted self and his land of torture known as Disney!  Think it’s a game?  Peep his latest discovery… “AAAAaaa”…IS THAT THE FRIGGIN FONZ?  I think it’s also interesting to find out that Henry Winkler is yet another Jew in Hollyweird ‘disguising’ himself as “just another white guy”.  The entry just below this one is must viewing to understand how they love to hide their real identity and therefore their agenda.  This distortion has been going on since the very beginning.  To add a little more spice,  check out what David Cole showed us back in 1994 on the Phil Donahue Show…  Any thoughts? 

P.S.  I hope to be back in the saddle soon.  Thank you again for the amazing support and just know I miss chatting with you all!  Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Continue to keep each other safe and keep your eyes wide open… “they” are counting on us not to.

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