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Has The Code Finally Been Cracked? (Zionism vs. Judaism Revealed)!!!! (UPDATED WITH VIDEO AGAIN SO PLEASE WATCH NOW!!!)

**** UPDATE (12/23/12): Just so you know, Youtube has deleted their account– are you surprised? ****

Hi all!  By the way— thank you for the continuous and amazing support!  So much love in the room!!! 🙂  I’ll get right to it as I only have a small window today but this one couldn’t wait so on to it!

Zionism is a tricky word for most because it’s quite elusive but thanks to the good folks over at TheEndofZion on youtube they shed some much needed light on this subject.   This is for mature (not as in X-rated) minds only as the truth shall set you free.   Dig into this well researched documentary and know the truth about who really runs the world.  They are some really cleaver folks who’s been fooling the world for far too long.  Shame on those ‘devil advocates’ for sending us all down a spiraling maze of lies!  Take the time to download this one cause it’s a real stunner!  Just a heads up… the Talmud states exactly how we ‘gentiles’ are viewed and there is a song in this video that will shock you to your  core as it reveals the truth about their view of Jesus.

This should help you keep in mind that we really need to KICK THEM ALL OUT  this November.   I can’t stress enough how important this years’ election is.   I strongly feel (a personal feeling) that it will be our last shot to GET IT RIGHT!   The power belongs to the people not the government!  It really is time to stand up and let our voices (votes) be heard.  I’ll be back soon (of course) so continue to take care of each other and please USE THAT TOOL BETWEEN YOUR TWO SHOULDERS!

Update 2/23/13:  Please be sure to check out their new website located at: The End Of Zion.Com

3 thoughts on “Has The Code Finally Been Cracked? (Zionism vs. Judaism Revealed)!!!! (UPDATED WITH VIDEO AGAIN SO PLEASE WATCH NOW!!!)

    • I’ve been trying to locate it elsewhere because it really is an excellent piece of work. You’ve gotta wonder what makes them so afraid of exposure if they have nothing to hide. As soon as I can locate it again, I’ll definitely repost it! I still can’t get this awful song out of my head that was sang to mock Jesus! Alarming.

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