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“Dreams From My Father”: Barack Exposed AGAIN!

Look at this image closely:

I’m a firm believer of “what’s done in the dark comes out in the light”.  Just like his fake birth certificate, yet another farce is revealed.  Coming from his own Facebook account we see the sloppy photoshop work of your president pulling the wool over your eyes.  Can’t see what I’m referring to?  Check out his mother’s hand as it touches her sons’ side.  That don’t look like no stinkin’ white woman’s hand to me!  Many thanks to Joel Gilbert for exposing the truth about a man who’s leading this country down a path of no return for your watchful eye.  Click HERE to order and read his book and catch his trailer.  He names Frank Marshal Davis as Barack’s real father.  Keep digging deeper fellow people– nothing is EVER as it seems. 

A brief update on Why O’ Why’s hiatus– still working on this major project that has occupied 100% of my time.  I really do hope to get back to the serious business of opening our eyes so please be patient.  Thank you all for your continued support, the comments and subscribing!  You guys are making my day!  Continue to take care of each other and keep your eyes wide open– “they” are counting on us NOT too!  One more note– to the wisenheimer who made the comment about Indians being terrorists, uhm… you missed the point of that post!  Amercians are trained to think men of colour in foreign places are terrorists– I know the images posted reflect Indian models (smart ass) but the average american doesn’t know an Indian from a Saudi!  But thanks for commenting! 😉



11 thoughts on ““Dreams From My Father”: Barack Exposed AGAIN!

  1. Okay all I see another another with some intelligence who see the president and see failure. I all I see is a Man Who has the hardest job in America. Must of us who make comments couldn’t handle such pressure so how dare anyone be so bold to nick pick another person. This is an great accomplishment for minorities in this country if we vote him out then this great opportunity we have as an country is lost maybe for ever…. finial thought about any president is you have to respect the man who take on the weight of this country and the world. be cause that is what is expected of any president of the united states. whoever is is only one man with an Idea and maybe its a good one maybe not but at least he is willing to try to make it happen….Calvin W.

    • Hello, Calvin and thanks for commenting. I’m on an extremely tight window here but I had to chime in on your comment because it is so extremely misguided that it’s very important that you (and others like you) understand what you are defending. The guise that a president (any of them) are actually running this country need to be dispelled immediately. They are not. They are and have always been mere puppets. The fact that you are focused on race indicates to me that the powers that be have done a bang up job of brainwashing this society as race has absolutely nothing to do with this post. He has been deceiving the masses and that is what is being exposed. The fact that you’d hone in on a racial factor saddens me deeply because you are overlooking the obvious– a photoshop image of a man who’s trying to portray something that is a complete fabrication. I ask you, if obama has nothing to hide– why the photoshop attempt at all? If he is who he says he is, why not simply prove you are a natural born citizen? The answer? He is in a word; lying! Additionally, we’ve learned to accept the lame concept that it will take more than 4 years to fix all this ills of this country. With that thinking, why even have someone run a country if it’s that ‘fucked up’? You are overlooking the fact that if he really is running the show– it starts and stops with him. Did you in know that there are 12 (at least) higher levels of security clearances above the presidents? Congress is our only oversight yet they continue to fail the citizens of this country time and time again. Why is that? They’ve been bought and sold long ago. We are under the illusion that we are in fact ‘voting’ but in reality– there is no such thing! PLEASE MAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THIS TODAY

      You are buying into the false hype that campaigns, promises, slogans, and a man with a dream can actually change a damn thing and it’s simply not true. I challenge anyone to name just one thing that the last 8 presidents did to positively, permanently affect the quality of our lives. You won’t be able to because democracy in itself is a FARCE! The difference between a ‘democracy’ and a dictatorship is one extra body! The difference between a Republican and Democrat is simply THE SPELLING! Wake up from the slumber you’ve been conditioned to accept and get to the root of the problem. I’ve been beating this drum since I first discovered that it was a SLAM DUNK to ending this nightmare once and for all; “KICKTHEMALLOUT.COM” will blow you (and them) away! Visit their site and see what is really happening and best of all, how to end the nightmare once and all. While you (and others like you) truly believe that yet another “election” will give us the hope we need, the grid iron gates are closing in us all in a more accelerated fashion than I’ve ever seen! Pay no attention to the man in front of the curtin– it’s the muthafckas behind it that run the show! Research “The Creature of Jekyll Island” and trace back to the beginning. It’s a slight of hand that has been very affective.

      A final note; a “great accomplishment for minorities” in this country would be to stop the BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!!! When WE accomplish that, then we can really get started trying to fix the impressions of others against a race of people who are incredibly divided (sadly). I personally think, ou ancestors did die in vane! I have no respect for a liar– and that includes your president and “Why O’ Why” will continue to expose his ass at every turn.

      Further research bullets of materials to help you see the truth (use the search tool on this site to help you):
      The Bilderberg Meetings
      The U.S. Educational System
      Tavistock Institute
      S.1867 National Defense Authorization Act: Part 2 – The Remix
      Genetically Modified Foods
      ANYTHING 9/11 related

      A parting thought; “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”
      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)!

      Footnote: To all who are commenting on this site– thank you once again! I will reply to each and every one of them soon. Take care and keep digging for the truth!

    • AWWEEE!!! So much love in the room! I’ve missed you and your insight too! I WILL be back real soon! Took on more than I anticipated but it’s cool– I do hope to be back in the saddle really, REALLY soon. Take care and thank you for keeping your eyes opened too. It’s extremely important because time is really of the essence.

      That damn Obama– he and his are ‘steady on the case’!

      @ Resurrected– Hi there! I’ve missed your input as well– the 411 is going to be addressed soon– more than likely through the blogtalk radio show (easier to summerize on the air vs the written word so do stay tuned! Hope all is well in the land of lies and deception– it is, of course the CAPITAL! LOL!

      Much, MUCH love and (en)light(enment),

      Jazz 😉

      P.S. I’ll never be gone– that is never in the plan. Remember this always– I’m in good health, have no enemies and am not suicidal!

      @ Kay– PULEEZE (PLEASE) look closely at that image again. There’s no slight of hand just poor photoshoping. Remember– this image was obtained through your presidents own Facebook. Keep digging– truth is really stranger than fiction.

      • Hey lady explain to me how to listen to the talk radio so I can listen to your future session please.

        I know that you are not a big fan if but they have an animated clip on there called my Pet Goat that I think that you should watch and interpret and tell me what you think about it.

        Another thing remember the clip with the Jew Rabbi Mr. Frankstein or something like that well I wanted his again recently and he made some pretty disturbing comments about the Golden Arch, and their food being attached to human sacrifices.

      • Disclaimer: I am not saying that it is true but I think that you should hear his comments and judge for yourself.

  2. What’s “creepy” about the photo ? Just looks like a family photo to me.The hand is darker because it is in shadow ( her knuckles are still white).

  3. Can we talk about this new show “stars earn stripes”? Desensitizing us to military training and adding that “stars” factor????

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