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Brandy’s Short Hair Cut And A (SUBLIMINAL) Message From “the elite”… PLUS A BRIEF UPDATE FROM “WHY O’ WHY?”!

Thanks “T” for the image…

It’s been noted that the hair on women who are in the spotlight, have a hidden meaning.  When we see the many shaved (partially or whole) heads on women who appear under those ‘bright lights’, it could certainly be stated (do YOUR research) that they have recently undergone a ritual and shaving/cutting the hair is part of that ritual. 

Here’s the clip of Brandy’s last (unusual) encounter with Whitney as she’s handed a note.  Please do note that actually Whitney states; “I almost drowned today”.  What was in that note can only be speculated upon since Brandy ain’t talking… 

But… when you check out a few of my articles [1] and [2], you may begin to piece together what is actually happening right under our noses… “the next ‘phase’ in the sacrifice of Whitney”.  Brandy, that chick from American Idol (forget her name right now but she’s lost weight) are all part of this too.  Either knowingly or unknowingly. 

What’s significant about this photo is what is actually being stated; “Phase 2” (upper right hand of the pic).  It seems odd and out of place (to me) so that’s why I’m pretty certain something’s foul is taking place.  I also think that Brandy’s family are one of the many wealthy families that are a part of some perverse shit on a global scale!  With her [Brandy’s] newly chopped coiffure and the words; “Phase 2” conspicuously displayed in this image– something is about to go down, you guys.  What?  Well of course I don’t know, but I’m expecting another ‘surprising death’ to occur amongst your favorite celebs (that’s my simple guess).  For a really well-written and interesting read on the sacrifice of Whitney, pop over to “In Search of Black Assassins”.  It’s a real “page turner”!  For the ‘young-uns’ out there, there’s even a dude named “Young Buck” who enters the scene!  But to all: Do remember that the 80%/20% rule should ALWAYS apply (when researching any of this stuff)!  80% truth and 20% disinformation.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! (Dag Nabbit)!!!

The moral of this post?  While we’ll (more than likely) be more interested in talking about her new cute, short, hairdo, or that she finally gave up her addiction to weave, OR how ugly or cute we think she is, whether too dark or not light enough, (that’s the chatter I’ve witnessed on the blogesphere since I returned to this country– a ‘playground’ for bullying if you ask me)– we’re actually being TOLD something SIGNIFICANT by these sick fucks! 

Allow me to ask; Does Brandy have a tour coming up?  Is she coming back to television?  Does she have a film heading to theaters this Summer?  Why the (sudden) interest in Brandy so soon after Whitney’s sacrifice?  A wheel is spinning and we are; “in plain sight”, being told.  “For those who have eyes…”

An Update from Why O’ Why…

I wanted to note that I’m approving new comments as time allows– the hiatus is coming to an end very soon (big smiles).  I will be responding to each and answering the emails too so keep it comin’!  I also would like to encourage that the many long-timers get to know the folks you reply to on this blogsite.  Only a few hiccups in the more than 340K hits that have come to Why O’ Why (thank you SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT BTW :)) but I’ve found, met and debated with several good folks here.  A few have extended a hand in a ‘time of need or advice”, even!!  Very cool in my opinion.  Why O’ Why will be back as soon as possible so we can dig deeper down that this infinite rabbit hole!   Take care of each other and keep your eyes wide open– ‘they’ are counting on us NOT to.

Jazz 🙂

3 thoughts on “Brandy’s Short Hair Cut And A (SUBLIMINAL) Message From “the elite”… PLUS A BRIEF UPDATE FROM “WHY O’ WHY?”!

  1. Interesting. To say the least. I spotted something on the $5 bill and put up a video on what I saw as an attack on DC and San Onofre and I thought I was really going out on a limb until someone sent me a YT vid that shows some significant symbols and an an attack on NYC and San Onofre.nuclear power station also. Keep up the great work here. I think you are opening some minds. I would like to differ with you on one topic however I believe it is 2% truth 98% misinfo! Regards, izzy

  2. The signs and symbols are everywhere. The currency, music videos and even Madonna’s halftime show at the Superbowl. Ritual murder, child sacrifice and even pedophile snuff films. How else to you keep 10’s of 1000’s under your thumb? Guarantee their silence and their cooperation?

  3. Yeah, Brandy and Ray-J continuing to be in the public eye is highly suspect. I agree that they are in on some nasty stuff behind the scenes too. I don’t want to bring up Brandy’s car accident, cause that seemed like such a horrific situation to be in, but what WAS that?
    I’m really distracted by the van in the garage in that picture. The whole thing is very ominous and staged. What’s up with her fingers (how many are there)? I don’t know if she gave up her weave addiction, I think it just migrated south to the bottom of that dress 😀

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