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My apologies for the delayed postings but some personal matters arose suddenly.  I only feel it’s important to make this post because of the nature of the postings made here.  As I’ve said before, I’m in perfect health, I’ll never commit suicide (nor will any of the contributors to Why O’ Why) and I’m certainly not friggin depressed.  So this post is for your guberment that monitors sites like this one because of what is exposed here.  Should I ever meet my untimely demise– THEY DID IT!  GUARANTEED cuz I don’t have one stinkin’ enemy (NOT ONE, YA’LL)!!  More posts coming soon.  Take care of each other and welcome to reality. 😉

Jazz (“The Captain of THIS ship”)

9 thoughts on “Nothing But DELAYS! DAMMIT SON!!!

  1. Same here! They tried to get me to commit suicide, screw them!
    Check out gangstalking and workplace mobbing for more information.
    NSA keywords: bush obama tsa fart bombs

  2. Hey lady I hope that you are doing ok believe me all of our sanity is being tested. No one knows how to be a decent or honorable person anymore. It’s funny how you can have a life time of knowing and loving a person only for them to only have and know meanness in the end. God said that the human race heart will grow cold but this is an understatement. Well keep your head up lady and let God lead the way even if that might mean taking a hiatus to get your mind and heart right. Human being can never give you all of what you need and no matter how the world try to discredit God and make him not real the spirit and the soul knows his realness. You have done a wonderful job of informing others but sometimes it can all become too much and no matter what you know you just can’t inform everyone. Only a true and open heart walks forward/ towards in love and understanding and as God said it should not require no sweat. Picking anyone these days to be close to the truth or the truth of self, family and love is a hard place to be in 2012 people are really holding on to the blinders that hovers there consciousness and the true light and love of God. Count it all joy when trials come your way because each development, willingness and courage will bring you to better days and such maturity. I hope one day we can all meet up under the same God, the same truth and 1 love for life and preserving humanity in a completely healthy state.

    I had a dream last night about an anti Christ induced world which is weird for me because I rarely have bad dreams. I try to keep my mind and eyes away from things that make me sad or corrupt my sense of safe but we are coming into that state of the world. I was looking at these commercial that are starting to come on TV with the transgender men that are suppose to look like women. I said (my name) you will not start looking at this as your truth and it made me feel so uncomfortable and was trying to play a game of images vs common sense with my mind and Godly intelligence. I am now realizing that I may have to walk away from a lot just to keep my value system in tack and away from being persuaded or corrupted in thoughts and images. I feel like at times I am loosing my foundational truth so I will fight for it even if I have to walk away from it all peace is so much better then a perverted state of images and false truth. A lot of us are walking around induced in such a deep, depressing, fantasy induce state and there is nothing healthy of there world of delusions and once the glitter is gone has no clue how to get out and lose all since of themselves and life in the process.

    Heavenly father I pray for all of your children who want to have eyes to see and ears to listen to the inner place in there heart that you should keep all of us safe under the wings of all mighty. That you will help us cast down vain imaginations that does not submitted to the name and image of Jesus Christ. We are binding the energy in every house that love the Lord so that you can make us stronger for the world who needs our truth and help us to shine light in the darkest and most demonic places. For greater is in us through Jesus Christ then of anyone else in the world and who the son sets free is free in deed in Jesus Christ Amen.

  3. Hurry back, Jazz! Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. We’re missing your humor, insight, righteousness and steady navigation 😉

  4. Hi Yoy50,

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog and love reading your insights concerning many events and issues. It’s very informative.

    I hope that you’re okay and that you come back soon.

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