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Why Were There Two Egyptian Sarcophagi At The Viewing of Whitney Houston’s Body?

If Whitney first sang publicly at the age of eight at New Hope Baptist Church in New Jersey why on earth would there be not one but two Egyptian Sarcophagi at the entrance of the funeral home for the viewing of her body?  Check out her cousin Dionne making her entrance that evening…

Here’s another guest making an entrance and you will see more clearly that there are two set to look like two pillars…

Riddle me this.  When is the last time you went the viewing of a Baptist member that had an Egyptian Sarcophagus?  Answer?  You haven’t.  It’s time you guys face the facts… Whitney was definitely sacrificed.  Thanks to ConsciousnessTV for finding the actual images and the amazing detailed analysis of her sacrifice and the rituals leading up to it.  You can dig into the full (lengthy) article HERE but hurry… the removal of some videos that have been included in the article are being deleted rather quickly.  Gotta wonder why, right?  As I mentioned, I didn’t really like her when I met her way back when but I’d never wish death on someone just because I didn’t like them.  Looking back though and now having the knowledge of Monarch Programming— she was more than likely a victim of that.  As with all victims of that gruesome programming, they eventually want to break free or at the very least they stop spreading the dark agenda and begin to rebel against their controllers.  One final note… I do find it interesting that someone made a request for the authorities not to remove her body for 8 hours after she died.  Who can interfere with the coroner and ask that they not remove a body when it’s pronounced dead?  That’s just like LaToya signing Michael Jackson’s death certificate… in other words– something ain’t right.  And remember?  Not even Bobbi Kristina could see her mom’s body so what in the fo-cheesy ya’ll?  You’d be kidding yourself if you think an 18 year old couldn’t identify the body of her mother too.
Indeed, the very place that most desire to become a part of whether, it’s music, sports or film, is darker than we can imagine.  All for the love of money and fame.

12 thoughts on “Why Were There Two Egyptian Sarcophagi At The Viewing of Whitney Houston’s Body?

  1. Hey lady when I was watching Whitney Houston funeral I thought that it was very bizarre because it just didn’t seem like a regular funeral or a funeral for a celebrity. They weren’t even talking about Whitney as a bright life with light they all seemed to me self- indulgent trying to get a moment of the spotlight. What was the point of Jesse and TD Jakes wife being on the stage always in the sight of the camera? The Winans family all came up there as if they were family and to me there conversation took the funeral right to the left it did not seem like a normal funeral or a funeral that was really focused on Whitney life being celebrate, the speeches were all deed and over drawn out. I just felt that it was really staged and phony and made no comprehensive sense to me. Why was the girl sitting beside Jesse that to me was suppose to look like BK? I heard that they said that Clive said that he would not pay for Whitney funeral but he was sitting in the front, why didn’t he have something to say about the so called artist that he loved so much.

  2. Hi there, lady!

    Well, remember… the last mass ritual I actually watched was Prince Di’s wedding? I don’t do any of that mass gazing cuz I understand that it harnesses our energy.

    Your comments are interesting though and I can see this turning into a circus just like MJ’s was. I didn’t even watch his at the time that’s why the footage about him being alive is absolutely telling us that he is. But I will share this with you– it’s the only video I watched too… Alicia Keys slipped in the word Lucifer during her song to Whitney. It hits at the 4:56 (give or take) mark. she cleverly splits the word but it’s absolutely there. And hasn’t Alicia been part of Clive’s stock since 1999? Hmmm…. entertainment is definitely the Devil’s playground as they payed homage to him at Whitney’s funeral…

    • Ok I think that I heard it, it sound like it was muted out a little. It sad because all Whitney ever talked about was Jesus and Jesus and Lucifer is not the same person. There are so many smoke screens when it comes to television, the entertainment and in the ability to get and gain the correct information. I hope that she was a lover of God (Christ); I use to really like Ak very much because she seems like a woman with standards but I can not be on the surface and follow people who values are shaky. Why like someone for the talent and not for there heart and personal character? Your talent is a very small portion of who you are over all it amazes me how people would like someone with great depth over something so one dimensional. All of this take’s me back to the song my JoJo called Hollywood where she was talking about not selling your soul for a small moment in time. Yeah your get the moment but it is often not enough to get to really established until you are willing to go much deeper and many time these same artist are half way dead or suicidal a couple of years later. By then all of the choices and the demons that you have let into your life is usually used against you to count out any sanity that you may have left. I mean I feel this bad energy in everyday life I can’t imagine it so up close and personal being yourself is the hardest thing to achieve in this life on planet Earth.

      • I don’t think the audio was muted… it was her almost putting the word together and she caught herself. Who was she thanking? Whitney starts with a “w”… so what was she about to pronounce that sounded like “Luc”? And I actually hadn’t heard that song before– is it really gospel? I did a quick search on it and a group called Scorpion has sung this little diddy.

        And as I’ve mentioned to my circle of friends (in particular)… when you reach that ‘star status’ it’s because you’ve been tapped. You have to agree to their agenda if you want to succeed at that level. You should check out a song by Amel Larrauex called; “Say You Want It All”. She’s spells it out very clearly– that’s why she’s no longer on top and has her own independent label. You might also read what someone called Tiffany Evans says about it;

        Just because they thank God at the awards (rituals), doesn’t mean they are referring to The Most High…

        You’ve made some interesting points, lady! 😉

      • Hey Lady Hope you had a nice weekend. Yeah so I just went to that site and looked it over did you look at the section that say the all seeing eye and it showed all the record covers or mags shots of the celebrities? I mean each and every cover has the same symbols of the eye being covered in some way or of the three fingers and the 666 sign. It funny how so many people just see this as being normal but no original thought, idea or concept should always look like another it should always be different in some way because that it the definition of being unique and authentic you damn near have to conduct yourself as a monk walking away from everything that seem to represent the world to keep your sanity and to stay grounded. I was watching Oprah and they were showing a program of the Hasidic Jews who all live in the same community don’t watch anything from the entertainment industry and they only focus on family connection. They men still pick the husbands for the women but there family is based off of respect and love and putting God first. The children seem happy because there is no worldly or sexual pressure so they are allowed to be themselves and to be able to grow knowing there own worth. They know nothing of any celebrities and are usually really smart because all they do is learn and read all day long, they also speak Hebrew and don’t focus on destructive things. It is the same community where that little Jews boy was from that was killed and cut up for no reason. It seems as though they really keep the children out of harms ways and while I can’t say this for sure there don’t seems to have any perverts in there mist or unhealthy people within there community.

  3. The mentioning of two Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagi, just prompted me to ask a question about something that I have been wonder about for a while. It might sound somewhat silly, but I couldn’t really find an explanation for it.

    Why are the ruling elite so obsessed with the deities and practices of a specific group of ancient cultures?

    Everything that they do seems to be centered around Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Mesopotamian (along with other ancient cultures that flourished near and around the Mediterranean Sea) mythology and symbols (such as gods and goddesses from these cultures being highly revered by them). Out of all the cultures to be obsessed over, why them?

    Yeah, these ancient cultures are very interesting to read about, but for the elite to obsess over it, wouldn’t that be considered an illogical mental illness? I once read somewhere that the elite really think that with the more genocide they commit, they will transend into gods themselves and merge with the sun. Of course, let’s not forget the many human sacrifices to the “gods” that the elite have done throughout history. The elite really think that these ancient deities exist. They are so stuck in the past with their obsession of these long-gone primitive cultures, that it’s pathetic Crazy, much?

    They’re like a family of manchildren that never grew up. The sad thing about this is that these manchildren just so happen to be the ones who control everything and rule the world

    The elite are a bunch of nutters. That’s all I can say.

    Sorry if this turned into a rant, but I just don’t get it.

    • Oh boy do I want to say more at this time but I’m fighting a nasty cold! First one in about 7 years! High fever and all, ya’ll. Anyway… I’ve got some answers for you… so more to come, my friend. Great insight and points but I do have some answers for ya. And this was not a ‘rant’… simply words from a critical thinker and I can dig it! 😉


      • Okay, so I wasn’t ranting then.


        A cold, you say?

        I hope you get well soon.

        A lot of people around me have also been getting colds and severe headaches, too. There was this one time I was at the salon back on Saturday to get my hair cut and I overheard a conversation from one of the women sitting in one of the waiting chairs.

        She was saying about how she has been getting terrible headaches within the past month and two other women said the same thing. Another one also mentioned a cold. So I can assure you that you’re not the only one who has been getting sick. This has been happening a lot to people within the past couple of years including myself. It seems that most people get sick during the winter season, whereas I always get sick in the summer (mostly headaches), usually around July and August. I had some throbbing headaches around summer 2007 and again last summer.

      • Hi there, lady! Yeah… I’ve been healthy as a horse all of my life and that last cold 7 years ago was due to jetlag and being surrounded by an enormous amount sick people. I happen to think it’s the chemtrails that are being sprayed with a fierceness in my area. They’ve been working overtime on it lately. And I definitely had a headache there for a few days too. When we’re aware of chemtrails and how vital sunlight is for Vitamin D (a natural deterrent and essential for a balanced immune system) I’m sure they’ve got something in that toxic mix to tamper with that. Stinkin’ bastards!

    • They keep putting the images out there so heavy because they want all of us to accept these new/ old beliefs systems as our new truth because once the old information is taken away then we have nothing to stand on but there truth. After a couple of generations with weak household and new age info the world will change eventually which is also know as being brainwashed or being pushed in a certain direction.

      • You hit the nail on the head! A few generations later, we’ve come to accept this as ‘entertainment’ never giving a single thought of the true meaning of what we’re subscribing too.

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