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The Real “Housewives” From Atlanta Part 2: The Embarrassing South Africa Trip

At the urging of a few more who seem to like Part 1 of my take on that show, here’s Part 2.  This is gonna be short.  First things first.  If you don’t know anything about a country, do a little research before you open your mouth and insert your foot.  Tigers in Africa?  For real?  Attention ALL Black people.  Lions are the big cats of Africa!  Now.  On to it…

The southern belle is the one who arranged the trip so the tag-a-longs at the last minute was really uncouth.  And those two superficial, immature heffas being picky about their accommodations would have been sleeping in the safari truck (with all of their luggage) if this were my friggin trip.  Tacky beyond belief.  Very nice of her to draw numbers to select which rooms people would be in but if I coordinated this excursion the remainder of the ‘ladies’ would be picking numbers… NOT ME!  I would absolutely have the best accommodations that my time and money arranged.  I actually think I like the southern belle but please don’t ask me to watch this shit again, ya’ll.  I can’t stand to see ‘women’ fighting over anything and these heiffas seemed to forget so quickly just how good they have it even at the hands of these insecure men who are willing to buy them.  A final note.  When I lived in Atlanta I actually use to work with Ted Turner (nope– not CNN) and felt like he had a bit of ‘jungle fever’ but if he really dated (had sex with) that Marlo criminal, I’d be shocked.  But then again… Ted was a spitfire and his son Rhett was a cutie pie and a big flirt.  And for the record Marlo– when you pronounce a-s-k… it’s not pronounced AXE!  That is the square root of ghetto!  Your brand names don’t spare you from looking like an idiot when you don’t have a command over the English language.  SMH at all of these superficial broads.  Hooker heels on a safari?  Seriously?  My apologies, South Africa.  Not all American women behave like those heffas.

6 thoughts on “The Real “Housewives” From Atlanta Part 2: The Embarrassing South Africa Trip

  1. Wow!!! You have hit the nail on the head…I’m just speechless..I think their embarrassing behavior makes women look pretty bad..particularly African American Females..We all deserve to enjoy ourselves and visit the beautiful country of South Africa..but can’t Phaedra found some of her
    colleagues to take this trip with..I think there might be more intelligence and less drama

    • Well now… thank soooo much Sharon! (BIG smiles) As for Phaedra, (thank you for sharing her name as I didn’t keep track) this is a contracted person for television now (there is always a PRODUCER on “reality shows”). Bickering makes for gooood ratings is what I learned during my time in ‘the biz’. Let’s hope she actually is what she appears to be because I found myself liking her. (Winks at Phaedra for real, ya’ll) The scene with @ the orphanage was a reality check for those “shee-shee-poo-poo” broads who identify with labels rather than reality or depth.

      P.S. Don’t hesitate to hit that “LIKE” button for a post either. It’s like our first cotillion… when one hits it, others follow! (lol). So thanks for being a “leader of the band” (so to speak). 😉

      Much, MUCH love and welcome to the party,

    • Thanks SunnyD! I see you find the like button so thanks for hitting that sucka! 🙂

      I’d like five minutes with Marlo in the garage with an extension cord. Just five minutes… Oh– and I’d check her out for razor blades cause she obviously can’t fight if she needs blades to be tough. I still can’t believe she had her Bible affixed with Chanel. Idolizing is a sin, Marlo. And dare I say, her Bible was blasphemous.

  2. I came here for the conspiracy talk, but when I saw you had a recap of the ATL Housewives, I fell in love! Keep up the great work!!

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