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School Lunch Police? There Sure Are!!!

So… you think we haven’t moved to a police/totalitarian state, huh?  Try this one on for size…

This was the first time this occurred in North Carolina, the second time occurred just a few days ago.  Peep that HERE.  Didn’t I mentioned that they want us to eat this garbage called frankenfoods?  This is what happens when we are asleep at the wheel.  To think they actually had the audacity to reprimand the parents for packing a balanced lunch and forcing the child to eat a friggin “ickenmcnugshit” and pay for it!  By the way– these are the same sort of lunches I had as a child.  I wonder more than anything, what kind of person (idiot) takes a job like that?  Plus I wouldn’t want some stranger fingering my damn food!  Better get your heads out of your asses and “KICK THEM ALL OUT” cuz it’s definitely not going to get any better.  History ALWAYS repeats itself.

5 thoughts on “School Lunch Police? There Sure Are!!!

  1. Looks to me like the States are so full of brainless subordinates – I do not think they have a big chance of getting out of the coming totalitarian police state.

    “To think they actually had the audacity to reprimand the parents for packing a balanced lunch and forcing the child to eat a friggin “ickenmcnugshit” and pay for it!”

    As you know, the top of the pyramid is working for a long time to eliminate families as a social institution, such stories as in this videos, thats where the front line of the war against humanity really takes place.

    Peace to you, dear Yazz!

    • I have to agree with there, Chaukee… eliminating the family is key to their success. Families who received those letters from the principal should have protested immediately but of course they did not. Sheeple are alive and ‘dumb as a rock’.

      Peace to you as well, my friend! (Like the Yazz although it made me think of that doggone Yaz vaccination they were trying to convince us was safe– hahaha)

  2. In all reality, I really don’t see anything wrong with the girl’s lunch. Possibly a huge improvement over the chicken nuggets the school gave her. The nuggets could have been bloody.

    “What does bloody chicken nuggets have to do with school lunches?”, one might probably ask.

    Well, let me tell a true story as to how gross school lunches really are.

    When I was about 9 years old, I got a couple of chicken nuggets in the school’s cafeteria once with a small carton of skim milk. I bit into one of the chicken nuggets and saw a couple of blood spots in the middle where the white meat (I’m not even sure if one could call it that. Who knows what’s really in those things.) was. The skim milk was okay, though.

    The next day, I got a chicken patty on a bun. After a couple of bites in the patty, guess what I got again. Yep, blood spots. Last time I ever ate a school lunch again. From that day on, I was always bringing my own lunches from home that my mom would make for me. Usually, it was grilled chicken breast (No blood there!) with apple or berry juice.

    I feel bad for this poor girl, now she’s forced to eat all sorts of nasty stuff. Like a slice of greasy pizza with watery sauce, Play-Doh dough, rubbery cheese, another thing that was served in the school cafeteria. Whenever it was “Pizza Day”, I always had to bring my own lunch because I hated their pizza. It had no taste to it whatsoever. This was the only time I would bring my own lunch before the “bloody chicken” incident happened. After that, it was history.

    But hey, pizza is now considered a vegetable these days and many people actually believe it.


    • Too gross! And you beat me to the punch with schools considering pizza a vegetable! lol. I say parents need to protest this in every state, city and district but of course, they won’t. When I looked at Jamie Oliver’s experiment and he actually demonstrated what a nugget is for the school aged children– those children still wanted to eat it. Brainwashing at it’s best. The only thing in that child’s lunch that wasn’t nutritional was the chips. But when I eat a sandwich, I like chips. The balance comes at breakfast and dinner. Moderation is okay but I see nothing wrong with her lunch. Nada. So BOO HISS to North Carolina and that simple ass, sell out of a principal. No one would tell me how I can feed my child. I’d send my child to another school if I were them. And again– that’s the same type of lunch I had as a child. Mom would also give us leftovers so I’d have a meatloaf sandwich (off the chain), fried chicken, etc. but fruit was always included along with celery sticks and slices of cucumber. I’ve always been a big veggie eater. But when it came to a packed lunch that included a sandwich, we ALWAYS got chips.

  3. What would be great is that as a sort of response to this is to step away from these processed foods that are loaded up with preservatives, scary ingredients that only serve to have us develop disorders and the like. The way I figure if they actually confront someone who buys locally grown vegetables, salad, local meat etc (I have read that there are ways of eating really well and still maintain a budget) then it would show that they want to control children by ruining their diet so that they have to rely on the processed foods to feel satisfied (I know for us we know that they have an agenda). Truthfully I fully believe it is a way of population control for the masses in that who are those that would eat this food? Us, those who might not be able to afford the food which is sad. But then who benefits? The government because they can use these health issues as a way of denying health care services, killing off the brain cells, make us more reliant on the diet fads, the health fads, the drugs–for high blood pressure, ADD, even the miracle drugs etc.

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