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Chaka Khan’s Comment About Whitney Houston’s Death…

This machine around us – this so called music industry is such a demonic kind of thing. It sacrifices people’s lives and their essences.

Hmm.  Interesting choice of words there.  I’d think my girl would know all too well what the machine is like after her long career.  She just so happens to be one of my favorite all time vocalists so on that note here’s a song that I’ve always thought had this deep undertone to it as if she’s trying to say more than she could.  Peep her words…  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she were next just for her revealing statements about the ritualistic party that continued while Whitney’s body remained some feet away.  I met Whitney when she first hit the scene and honestly, I didn’t like her at all (great voice though).  When Chaka mentions that Whitney would not have insisted that “the show must go on”… I have to agree.  If Whitney didn’t want to do something, she absolutely didn’t.   .  Some say Clive was distraught which is why he let the party continue.  I say bullshit.  Here’s an interesting interview from Whitney herself back in 2002 where she talks about “her father, Clive”…

7 thoughts on “Chaka Khan’s Comment About Whitney Houston’s Death…

  1. Hey lady I feel so sad for Whitney and after watching Phyllis Hyman’s Unsung story it gave you even further details in the life of these artist being ran by these producers and executive with in the industry. Phyllis was a great talent under Clive but as her sister said she didn’t come to the party to get along and they had a very bad business relationship. I don’t trust none of these fools they use people up and then set them up for failure (meaning losing there sanity) or death the same things goes along with military officials. These are the people who know the most and who had done the most to stand where they stand but they are also the most dangerous people to keep alive because they know the most. You always have to be careful when you are willing to do dirt along with others because the same things that let you into the club also get you killed in the end. Some sins are just not worth doing and there is safely in silence or not playing the game. Clive was paying for all of Whitney expenses right before she did but just like Jesus said count the cost because while all things are permissible not all things are profitable in the end when it is all said and done. If she would have just stopped and didn’t try to get back to the industry so fast she would have been alive and in a must better condition because she wasn’t stupid of unaware of the evil that was surrounding her.

    • Hi there, lady! I now think that she was trying to promote love. Love is like major cryptonite to these satanic worshipping, eye of Horus (Sun Ra) fuck-wads. When you have an audience the size of Whitney’s, she could have reached so many and they don’t like the message of love. Apparently, Whitney was preparing for a world tour called “Nothing But Love”. Here’s a quote from her about the MESSAGE of that tour:

      “They want to hear um, ah, someone who, um, from all the years I have been in the business, which is now going on 30 years, um, sing love to them, um, not so much, um, strip for them, take their clothes off for them, or, you know, do soft porn for them,” she said.

      Reminds me of Michael Jackson’s messages before his “death” (I do get a chuckle out of saying that now) ;). They could have absolutely changed our behavior through the messages in their music. If anyone is trying to change their message, i.e.; agenda, they are nixed. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Love is truly powerful and these assholes know it! And poor Phyllis. I remember meeting her 2 months before she died. She seemed so ‘happy’ too and I remember one of my co-workers being so flattered that she flirted with him (with her BEAUTIFUL self). Very weird that you mentioned her… and yet another Clive connection.

  2. I see that someone here has mentioned a certain Phyllis Hyman, which lead me to this question…

    What did Phyllis think of Whitney Houston and what did Whitney think of Phyllis? We know that Arista and Clive Davis screwed Phyllis, while they originally went crazy for Whitney. Did Phyllis view Whitney as a fame-stealing rival, or did she not just care one way or the other? Since both of them are deceased, I guess we will never know the answer to that one.

    My mom was talking about this with me the other day, which left me thinking. Funny enough, two of my mom’s former co-workers happened to live in the same area where Phyllis grew up. One of them went to school with Phyllis and knew her personally, whereas the other one was a friend of Phyllis’ brother. The one that knew Phyllis personally just recently retired.

    I know people are probably going to want to hang me for this, but I think that Phyllis Hyman was a much better vocalist than Whitney Houston.

    Look, I have nothing against Whitney and I happen to love one of her songs (Thinking About You, which was produced by Kashif, who also worked with Evelyn Champagne King, another favorite singer of mine.), but most of the songs Whitney sang were sugary ballads (Greatest Love Of All, Didn’t We Almsot Have It All, Where Do Broken Hearts Go?) whereas Phyllis sang some moody and serious compositions. Just give her Philadelphia International Records (Living All Alone, Prime of My Life, I Refuse To Be Lonely, and Forever With You) albums a listen. You can tell that she worked with some very talented songwriters, producers, and musicans during those years.

    As a longtime Phyllis Hyman fan (My mom owned the self-titled album from 1977 on vinyl and used to play it around me when I was a kid. Come to think of it, she still has that album stored somewhere around the house with the rest of her record collection.), even I have to skip the Arista albums due to how cookie-cutter they sounded. I once read somewhere that Phyllis hated the song Riding The Tiger and I can see why. It sounded out of place for her. I just listen to her Buddah Records (Phyllis Hyman and Sing A Song) albums and go straight to her Philadelphia International Records albums, instead.

    The only reason why Whitney even got be such a big superstar in the first place is because of who her mother and her aunts are (Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick, and the late Dee Dee Warwick). Although, it’s creepy as to how both Phyllis and Whitney shared the same label at some point in their lives and both suffered from heavy drug problems.

    It’s a shame as to how both of them were used as puppets and suffered throught their lifetimes in the hands of the entertainment industry and all I can say for Whitney Houston now is “Rest In Peace.”

    • I just recently found this blog post concerning the deaths of Phyllis Hyman and Whitney Houston. According to the article, Phyllis might have also been used as a sacrifice. I figured I’d put this here because both Phyllis and Whitney shared the same label (Arista), were under Clive Davis’ control, and were both found dead in their apartments. There are too many parallels and synchronicities here that are hard to ignore.

      “The late beautiful and spiritual Phyllis Hyman had an extraordinary voice and remarkable stunning 6’ 2” presence. Phyllis was signed to Buddha Records who came under Arista’s ownership while Clive Davis was president of the label. During the four years that Hyman was under Davis’ mentorship, she came to loathe him. According to some, Phyllis was a very proud and opinionated woman who irked Davis, who was rumored to be a closeted homosexual pedophile.

      Reportedly, Hyman became stunned that Clive Davis would not consider giving her R & B ballads a chance. Hyman remade the hit of the Stylistics “Betcha By Golly Wow”. She thought that its success would demonstrate a continuous trend of the success of R&B for the future. However, Davis had a different global agenda that they could manipulate and control through Pop Music. He wanted to control Hyman’s music, content and message. Davis demanded that she drop R&B and Jazz Genres with its deep African roots and influences; crossover and sell and promote corporate controlled Pop music.

      Queen Divine as she knew that she had been, Hyman rebelled and was left deliberately unrecorded for four years to quell her message. Due to contractual obligations to Clive Davis and Arista, she couldn’t sign with another label. Like Michael Jackson and Sony-Arista records tried to destroy Hyman’s career by deleting her key albums and CDs. They also conspired to prevent her from recording full length albums elsewhere. During Phyllis’ legal battles with Arista, Clive Davis promoted Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Angela Bofill and 22 year old Whitney Houston in 1985.

      In June 1995, 46 year old Phyllis Hyman was found dead in her New York apartment. The coroner listed the cause of death as an intentional overdose of pentobarbital and secobarbital (sleeping pills).[20] Five months after her death, Clive Davis released her last album, “I Refuse to Be Lonely.” The album reached #12 in the Billboard R&B album chart, and peaked at #67 in the Billboard 200.[21] In regards to Phyllis Hyman, nobody seemed to have questioned her death and looked for the Devil in the Details. If anyone wanted her dead, it was Clive Davis. Queen Diva had been extremely vocal and public in exposing Clive Davis as a high level pedophile.”

    • Whitney was just as gifted vocally as Phyllis and an even better voice. Granted she recorded some cotton candy, but she turned them into some delicious home made sweet potato pie in concert! Go to YouTube and look up her live performances between 1985-1995. She also recorded some over looked soulful gems like the Isleys “For The Love Of You”, Just The Lonely Talking Again”, “My Heart Is Calling”, Aretha’s “Look Into Your Heart”, “I Belong To You”. Listen to “A Quiet Place” and see if you still think she was an “inferior” vocalist.

  3. I believe it. Anyone in the music industry who dies before the age of 65, I question. And the recent deaths of those in their 50s still bothers me. Prince, Kashif, Michael Jackson, Rick James, ‘Big Bank Hank’, Luther Vandross, Barry White, etc. Something very strange is going on. Why are so many not making it out of their 50s? And what is it about the number 57 that is so fatal?

    • @ prerog! THANK you for this comment!!! 🙂 I still can’t get over Tina Marie’s death at the “youthful age” of 54! Absolutely absurd that so many don’t see such an obvious pattern! Interestingly… Tina died December 26. Did you know that that particular time of year is actually “killing season” for Satanists? Between the end of the year and the first of a new year has HIGH satanic activity, in which sacrifices will be made. Nothing holy about our “holidays”. And since selling the soul does have a closing date… just so sad. I actually had the opportunity to meet her once. She seemed like a REALLY nice person. I think she was a sacrifice and not an “actual sell out”.

      Take care and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment too! Been insanely busy so I do apologize. 🙂


      “The Lady and Captain of THIS Ship”! 🙂

      P.S. Chaka (one of my most favorite female vocalist of all time) put this gem out. Sounds like she was actually trying to tell us something… even back then!

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