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The Satanic Fashion Industry: Kate Moss Sold Her Soul A long Time Ago!

My guess is people will look at these sick images and think it’s chic’ or avante’ guard.  That is because we’ve slowly been indoctrinated into accepting this darkness and thinking nothing of it. 

Remember that I’ve shared what an inverted cross really means?  If you have this crap on your coffee table, get rid of it!  Here’s her next stab at darkness as she leads masses into the pits…

Here’s who she’s celebrating in case that image is unclear to all of you Superbowl followers

Yes, she has you guys worshiping/celebrating “The Goat” (Baphomet).  She even has the audacity to dress as a slutty nun during this photo shoot (smh)… 

Still not convinced she sold her soul?  Here’s an “impromptu” song she sings that tells you as plain as the nose on your face that she “made a deal with the devil (he gives me everything I want”).  Thanks to Occult Propagenda for the find and to “T” for these disturbing images.  Click HERE to give it a listen.  It’s time to wake up from being mesmerized.  Entertainment is absolutely the devil’s playground and you are all being misguided.  Free Will is a muthafucka, ain’t it?

18 thoughts on “The Satanic Fashion Industry: Kate Moss Sold Her Soul A long Time Ago!

  1. Hey lady how are you doing? No amount of money would make me take pictures like this. As an artist, model or whatever you do still have a big say so in your career. I am with you who can sit back and watch this and call this art, it is so in your face and disrepectful of so many things and concepts.

  2. Those are probably the most blatant photos I have seen so far, right next to that photo set for D Mag simply titled “Illuminati”.

    Here it is if you don’t know what I’m referring to:

    Back to the Kate Moss photoshoot…

    Okay, we know that these photos were used in W magazine (W/M, “As above, so below”. French television channels M6 and W9 also share the same concept when it comes to the names.), but I didn’t know much about the photographer. At first I thought it was Terry Richardson or David LaChapelle. Instead it was someone named Steven Klein, whom I never heard of, so I had to look this guy up.

    A lot of his stuff is disgusting and very symbolic, so don’t say I didn’t warn you before you click.

    Also, look up “Steven Klein Anatomy of A Murder” or “Steven Klein Secret Ceremony” while you have the chance. These are too NSFW for me to post here, but it gives the basic idea as to what the fashion industry considers “art”.

    Now I need to go find something positive to look at, I don’t think I feel too well at the current moment.


    • Good stuff there, Ayaka! Sorry for the delay, still having intermittent internet problems.

      And Steven Kleins stuff is completely sick! Wow! I wonder what parent would allow their children to be photographed by such a character?? You have to ask yourself, what is he selling? Sure looks like blatant mind control/SRA/worshiping of the dark to me! I’ve now figured out that model gaze that they all seem to have… they’re all PROGRAMMED. I wish pseudoccultmedia.blogspot would come back online… had a way of finding some interesting things. Well… I don’t want you to feel weighed down by the post so here’s a little lighthearted fun for you to enjoy…

      Thanks for the comment and sharing the links to help the knuckleheads out there grasp the seriousness of what’s happening around them.


      • Now that you mention the “model gaze”, I feel like sharing these with you:

        Is it just me or have the standards and ideals of beauty changed dramatically within the past 20 years?

        When you look at fashion photos from the 1940’s up to the 1980’s, you’ll notice that none of the models look nothing like what was featured in the above links. Then sometime in the 1990’s, it all seemed to have changed. Although, the models have really gotten more freakier-looking within the past eight or nine years, with Gemma Ward possibly being the ultimate example of this.

        Have a look at these vintage Vogue covers to see what I mean, better yet browse through all the pages.

        1940’s and 1950’s:

        1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, early 1990’s:

        Now compare and contrast those to images in the Coilhouse articles.

        Many would say that the unnatural facial feautres on these present-day models along with their robotic, plasticine appearance can be contributed to the rise of photo editing programs such as Photoshop, but I’m not too sure what to say on that one. Although, I have seen the blank stare on some older photos of celebrities that were taken before image editing software became popular.

        Take these photos of Vanessa Williams and Kylie Minogue for example. It looks like they are going to eat someone with those unnatural looking grins:

        Although, the last one is a comparison photo, but it’s still creepy.

        The photos were from this site:

        Feel free to look through all the people listed and as you look at the images, take note of how a blank stare starts to develop in their eyes as the years go by. This especially more noticeable in the female ones than in the males ones, but I have seen it on some of them too. It has been said that the stare is due to electroshocks, which are known to cause permanent damage to the eyes. Electroshocks play a significant part in the programming process of MK-ed slaves.

        I have also heard that SSRIs, ADHD drugs, and anti-depressants can also cause similar blank stares because I have known some people, who had this zombie-like gaze and when I learned that they were taking these types of drugs, it started to make more sense to me.

        These aren’t celebrities, entertainment/fashion industry big-wigs, or politicians, these are EVERYDAY PEOPLE that I’m talking about. It’s almost like as if there is some type of link between anti-depressants/ADHD drugs and the blank stare in people that you can just find walking up and down the street, so these stares are not only limited to well-known people. If this isn’t MK-Ultra, Monarch Programming or some other form of mind control, then I’m not sure what is.

        Also, thanks for the kitten video and if there’s anymore photos of celebrites with blank stares or any other unnatural appearances, I’ll be happy to post them here.

      • Hi there Ayaka!

        “Is it just me or have the standards and ideals of beauty changed dramatically within the past 20 years?” hahaha… no, it’s not just you.

        “take note of how a blank stare starts to develop in their eyes as the years go by”… it does become pretty noticeable as the years roll by. I do believe there were selected ones along the way (Candy Jones and a few others) but yes, it becomes quite obvious. And although men are victims too, they have a low threshold for pain so many are spared (think childbirth lol). Here’s an interesting clip of gaga who looks as though she has that electroshock damage to her eyes she looks fresh off the torture table! For the record, this interview and what she says is utter nonsense but the youngsters think it’s cool (smh). Predictive programming at its finest.

        Tavistock Institute predicted they’d have more than half the population hooked on drugs and they have held true to that promise. I also think some of that blank staring that’s develop with everyday people is due to us being lazy ass people. What do I mean? I’ve know at least 6 moms who introduced fast food to their 16 month olds. Fast food at 16 months? Really? And this was before the ga-zillion vaccinations. These babies just stared into space constantly, even non-responsive at times. But lazy moms love a quiet baby I guess. I have come to the conclusion as of late, all of these things are in an effort to calcify the pineal gland. The drugs of course are slow kills (weaken the bones, create cancers– things that kill us slowly over time). They are actually about 10 years ahead of their own predictions so I’d say they knew exactly what they were doing. And feel free to post more of those famous blank stares. I’ve got a Lindsey Lohan post that those images would fit perfectly in (since people have a hard time believing this is real). 😉

        P.S. Tilda has got to be from another planet– she’s straight up scary, non-human looking.

    • Here’s one of the girls without all the heavy photoshopping and makeup:

      Still, I have to admit it’s strange, although I never particulary cared for the godawful fashion style, she’s trying to imitate.

      Here’s an example image of it in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about:

      Tacky, huh?

      I know that this style is a popular street fashion subculture that has been around for years, but I always found it hideously ugly.

      Notice all the contradicting going on, you got small children looking like 40 year old prostitutes (see child beauty pageants, high heels for babys, age-inappropriate Halloween costumes for children, parents letting their kids have cosmetic surgery, etc.) and you got teenagers and adults trying to dress up as lolita-esque little kids.

      Doesn’t this strike anyone as odd?

  3. The illuminati is real and has infiltrati medicine and dentistry. I just graduated as a dentist and found out about the illuminati a few weeks ago and their links to dentistry became clear this week. I feel sick. I cancelled my booked jobs and my career is probably over. God will provide. The illuminati disgust me.

    • Hi Anna! I know how you feel… the “sick” feeling you’re describing will “pass” and you will be encouraged because God WILL provide! 🙂 I’m sorry that your career may be over… that industry could really use someone that’s not part of their program but I do understand what you’re feeling. The good news? That you’re awake! 🙂

      • Thank you for your encouragement. I feel like I have been hit by a bus. I’m disgusted with the illuminati and with myself for not seeing this sooner. The Holy Spirit is no longer in dentistry except perhaps in a few surgeries and maybe overseas. I knew something wasn’t right. I never had any peace but I used to just ascribe that to feeling pressure when treating patients as part of the training. Now I know it’s because God just cannot bless such a disgrace. Please do look into dentistry and the illuminati. I don’t want to alarm you and I’m only in the early stages of research so haven’t reached the bottom of the rabbit hole and I’m not currently allowed to give advice. But you might want to make your own mind up about the types of products you use and treatment you get. I’m so sorry this has happened in the industry

        So the sick feeling passes? I hope so. I believe God started to reveal this to me just recently although I couldn’t quite accept this affected dentistry until I looked a bit further just a few days ago. Just as well I quit. I need to get over the utter shock

      • You will, get pass the utter shock! I’m certain of it, Anna. 🙂

        I honestly try to stay clear of all physicians these days. I stopped using tooth paste and mouthwash years ago. Strictly backing soda and peroxide. Quick question; a 4 year olds molar fell out the other day. He went to the dentist and they filled his teeth what looks like silver/metallic caps. The parents demanded that they not be anything mercury related but to me, those look like typical mercury fill caps. Is there a way that they can actually find out?

        By the way… He’s revealing things to you for a reason so be glad in it! 🙂


      • Hi Jazz sorry for the slow reply it’s a public holiday weekend in Australia so I have been visiting a friend and haven’t been checking my phone or have access to the Internet regularly this is written using dictation software as I’m having a bit of trouble with my hands so please forgive the lack of punctuation and the fact that the style of writing is a bit more stilted as it is quite hard to use the dictation software thank you for writing back to me just about your question regarding the molar tooth of the four-year-old child my guess is that it is a stainless steel crown I couldn’t be 100% sure of this we do use these in Australia routinely that there would also be the possibility that the crown could be aluminium I am not sure how you would check this perhaps if you took a photograph of it and e-mailed it to me I could have a look and offer my best guess but without being able to see it in person it is hard to say with complete certainty if it is very shiny and looks prefabricated and I’ll be inclined to conclude that it was a stainless steel or aluminium preformed crown rather than an amalgam filling another factor in support of it being a preformed crown would be the fact that the cap covered the whole tooth on all sides as well so that no natural tooth structure is visible to gain apologies for writing to using dictation software I’m still getting used to it thank you again for writing back to me and let me know if you need any more advice for the child’s tooth God is very good praise Jesus always for He is Lord and God

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