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The Documentary “Food Matters”: An Education On Vitamins (MUST VIEWING)

In an effort to crack the code for our health, the makers of the documentary; “Food Matters” shares some of the most important information about our food and Vitamins that will knock you off your feet!  I’ve said it time and time again that our ill health is being manufactured by these frankenfoods, fluoride in our water (and a list of other unnatural things) that we’ve been putting into our bodies but now, we know the truth.  It certainly explains the recent attack on vitamins by our government.  When you watch this film you’ll have no more excuses for your ill health because optimal health is 100% achievable. 

You are what you eat and your guberment knows it!

3 thoughts on “The Documentary “Food Matters”: An Education On Vitamins (MUST VIEWING)

  1. Hey lady its me again, thanks for this info I really enjoyed watching it because I have so many old habits to change to really get into healthy living. Seeing this really makes you understand that your health is in your hands and your hands alone and how the system does have other motives which we already know but many of us never get to see how deep the deception can be. Anyway keep posting good info because there are many of us out here that still want to be informed and who don’t put our trust in everyone and in everything.

    • I’m so glad it can help. I actually watched someone who’d just seen the film fall right back into the habit of eating garbage again. Astonishing how garbage foods are so embedded in our behavior and thinking. Even when we know better we still do the wrong things. And we wonder why we are plagued with diseases… smh

      WE ARE WHAT WE EAT that’s for sure. I’m at a point where I don’t have any empathy for the sick… they chose to be sick if you ask me! 😉

      I found the link for Nephilims but the user removed it. It’s no longer available unfortunately.

  2. This documentary came as a gift when I had ordered a colon cleanse/detox product, about 2-3 years ago. Loved this film, and this was the first film that led to others (Food Inc., Forks Over Knives), and to some solutions (Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Supercharge Me: Raw Food for 30 Days). I stopped consuming dairy and am on my way to stop consuming wheat, but it is very hard, especially when family celebrations are centered on food, and nothing else but that in most cases.

    There is a sequel to this documentary called Hunger for Change. Here’s the link: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/

    Hope you’re able to see it!

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