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Remember Josh Fox? He Exposed Fracking To The Public. Well guess what?…

Free speech, transparency and the right to exercise our rights are a thing of the past!  This clip focuses on Republicans doing this but I say let’s not make that silly distinction.  The only difference between a Republican and Democrat is simply the SPELLING!  Check out how your government treats anyone who is exposing truths…

If Fracking is so safe, why the secrecy?  For all of those who are still in denial that we (citizens) are swiftly becoming the enemy of the state here’s something else to wet your palate (click to enlarge)… 

Think it’s a game?  Click HERE for the full list of other FBI flyers that designate us as terrorists.  Have you figured out who the real terrorists are yet?  It’s every single one of our ‘leaders’… the twisted fucks!

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