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2012 Superbowl: Hope You’re Happy About Your Participation In Yet ANOTHER MASS RITUAL!!!

I tried to warn you guys about the Superbowl (as well as The World Series and Olympics) being a massive sex trafficking event but you watched and bet on the damn thing anyway.  Because you refuse to see any truth from anyone who is exposing this dark activity known as “entertainment”, you participated in yet another mass ritual calling on another ancient god that these sick, EVIL-ass, fucks WORSHIP!  UGH!!!!

Thanks to cgfm011 for the upload and to The Industry Exposed for the find.   So… congratulations to you all and thank you for your participation!  If this all meant nothing, completely meaningless, then why would they go through all of that trouble to create the “production”?  Here’s a still of an image that goes by rather quickly during the ritual YOU PARTICIPATED in because it’s SUBLIMINAL (dammit)!!! 

Look familiar?  Probably not.  Let me help you out…

“World Peace”, huh?  By who’s standard?

12 thoughts on “2012 Superbowl: Hope You’re Happy About Your Participation In Yet ANOTHER MASS RITUAL!!!

  1. I Really hate what is happening, our reality, the truth is the truth, so be it.
    We ARE good people, from personal experience, the ones at the top of the pyramid screw over the ones below them, true story, have experienced it, their minions made my life miserable, and they got fired, laid off, screwed over same as the rest. Does the general always care about the troops? Not always, hence General Douglas McArthur having the soldiers tents burned and tear gassed on the white house lawn in 1932 for wanting their hazard pay. War is a game for the elite, hypocrites, nobody likes them, we are in the billions and they are very few, have their fingers in media, education, think tanks, hollyweird, politics, our employers, this is not just usa, this evil is across continents; you can make a difference!
    Expose the parasites on humanity with every breath you take.

  2. two excerpts from this:

    “That behind the physical Mother we have the superphysical Mother, the spiritual Mother, the Isis of spiritual antiquity, with the hawk’s wings, the cowhorns, with the globe of the world between them on the head of Isis — this is profound symbolism. Those who understand something of the ancient so-called theory of numbers have always said — and this corresponds with a deep truth — that the sacred number three represents the divine masculine in the cosmos. This sacred number three is pictorially expressed by the globe of the world and two cowhorns which are, if you like, a kind of image of the Madonna’s crescent, but actually represents the fruitful working of the forces of nature.”

    “In truth, whoever has knowledge of the spiritual secrets of the world and knows what speaks through Isis and Madonna sees in them something of primeval life, something much more living than all it is possible to express in any slavish imitation of a physical human model. A man of this kind whose gaze penetrates as through a veil through the living quality these Madonnas portray, and beholds the spiritual behind it, can, free from all dogma and prejudice, again feel piety in complete spiritual freedom. He will unite in his soul science or wisdom with art and give new birth to genuine free religious feeling — to genuine piety.”

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