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The Queen’s Past Keeps Coming Up! A ‘mysterious’ death and a body found? The Queen is GANGSTER!

I’m sure most don’t know a thing about this event that took place back in ’64 (hell– I know I DIDN’T until recently) that involved the Queen and Phillip but the people who witnessed this at the time sure knew about it.  Betcha’ ass on that!  Here’s a flashback from the past… Yep– they got away with it and it seemed to go largely unnoticed since that time until recently (now).  There are currently two recent developments… the first is one eye witness (William Combes) to that event that took place in 1964 who was willing to come forward in a “hearing” but as you can well imagine the guy died.  Don’t they always meet death when they are speaking the truth?  Here’s part of Williams statements before his untimely death; 

The day the Queen got to the school, I was part of a group of kids that went on a picnic with her and her husband and some of the priests, down to a meadow near Dead Man’s Creek. I remember it was weird because we all had to bend down and kiss her foot, a white laced boot.

After awhile, I saw the Queen leave the picnic with ten children from the school, and those kids never returned. We never heard anything more about them and never met them again even when we were older. They were all from around there but they all vanished.

Click HERE for the full article on Williams’ death.  The second development is a body of a seventeen year old girl was found on one of the Queens many estates.  She’d been missing since August.  And you guys still think they don’t sacrifice children?  Read about what was discovered at Sandringham Estate  and get a glimpse of how insane these people are.  Oh… for kicks and giggles– did you guys know that the current Pope was a Nazi youth? 

Ain’t nothing holy are saintly about any of these sick perverts.  They rape, kill and then sacrifice our children and they’ve been doing this forever.  And clearly, they are willing to kill to keep this a secret forever.  I guess child orifices and human blood is the best thing to them since air.  How is that we’ve come to worship these people again?  I will never comprehend our ability to idolize these sick fucks.

8 thoughts on “The Queen’s Past Keeps Coming Up! A ‘mysterious’ death and a body found? The Queen is GANGSTER!

  1. I believe people are under hypnosis. Only 5 % of people cannot be hypmotized, or is it hynotized 😉

    I have never tried it, and would never attempt to try it. I believe the tv, movies etc. have put people under a spell. As that is the ONLY explanation I can come up with that is the reason that anyone in their right mind would gather and cheer for this *&%#!

    It just boggles my mind, how anyone can follow anyone around and do what they’re told to do. Sometimes ya just want to shake these types of people and say “snap out of it!” Sorta like I want to do to the newagers! I have never seen a more brainwashed group as these people. It’s just so sad to see people waiting for “aliens” to come and save them?!

    • They totally have us by the brain. man! If people are seriously waiting for the aliens (Nephilim) to come and rescue them– good grief are we in big trouble! I can tell you one thing for certain. We have moved away from our original source so that is why we are seeking all of the wrong things. Sad indeed.

      Entertainment is absolutely designed to ‘hypnotize’ us. Even when it’s off it’s still sending low frequencies to our brains and for some reason people don’t believe that. Along with our calcified pineal glands we are primed for the taking. Hey– as long as we’ve got our fancy computer and other gadgets to make us feel like we’re doing something meaningful and praying to God to win a football game ‘we’re good’! The queen and all of those perverts are baby killers! That’s a fact.

      Oh– and Happy New Year’s to you too! 🙂

    • Why a small fraction (5%) of the general populace can’t be hypnotized? Where did you get that from? You reckon we are thick?

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard this story!!! Wow and I’ve done a lot of research. Thank you so much for this info.

  3. @ Kushite Prince

    I know, right?! 😉

    @ NINA

    You’re quite welcome! There are so many dips and turns in this deadly game that shit pops up CONSTANTLY! 🙂

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