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WellAware1– His Videos Are Being BANNED Across The Internet! I wonder why? Hmm… (The Michael Jackson Connection to REALITY)

MASSIVE MEDIA Cover Up…” was an entry (and the one below it) that has literally knocked me off my feet.  Still does.  The latest development with WellAware1’s paradigm shifting discovery is that everywhere he uploads his videos they get shut down.  If you missed the videos that I first put up (only a few weeks ago, you guys) you’ll see that they are all gone.  Here’s a legitimate question for you.  If he is the originator of these videos how can anyone, company, etc. claim “copyright infringement”?  Maybe I’m missing something there but if you hold your own copyright, wouldn’t that mean he made that claim against himself?

I mentioned in an article that “Serial Killers“, the more notorious ones have also been extraordinary lies.  Just a day after the new year, he uploaded three incredible videos digging back even further into this network of actors.  It seems to me, hollyhell has played a major role in all of it.  You see– there seems to be two hollywoods.  One face of hollywood we can readily see and identify but the other is hidden.  It’s absolutely incredible.  While it is very hard to believe for the many who are new to this subject it is absolutely true.  One must keep this in mind; if he’s not on to the most ground breaking information ass-merica’s ever known– why do they keep shutting him down?

I’ve been looking into Michael Jackson’s death for the possibility of a hoax.  I’ve already stated in the first article relating to this subject that I’m now convinced he is actually alive.  The video is contained within the article and seriously?  I can’t imagine anyone viewing it will be able to deny this one key part of that footage.  Researching some more people who are not only convinced Mike’s alive, but they are digging up the most interesting footage, statements and slip ups– it further proves (at least to me) that WellAware1 is solid on his discovery of massive media cover ups.  Just watch these clips and I think you’ll be able to tie the two together.  But I caution you… you simply cannot reject this reality when it hits you.  As Sir Author Conan Doyle once said; “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”  It’s time we put our big girl and big boy hats on and step up to this challenge because it is real.  Just watch how Micheal’s deception plays out and then apply it to the real world.  You’ll begin to see just how easy it is for them to pull this off… even at this level.  Pay close attention, fellow people.  If Michael could do this– why couldn’t “hidden hollywood” place a stream of actors in key roles to do this as well?  Deception knows no rules…

  Still not convinced we’re getting the ultimate mind-fuck?  Just check out what was observed in the courtroom during Conrad’s hearings and see that it’s a 3-ring circus act. 

Now.  Aside from all of the toys found within these “real courtroom scenes” do you know what else I noticed?  There is no name plate for the judge in the Conrad case.  While I’ve never appeared before a judge other than to argue a speeding ticket– I do recall the names of judges being visible on their desks.  Am I wrong? 

Dig into their complete series on Michael’s big hoax (I’m tickled pink that he’s created a new life for himself) and watch this reality unfold for you.  Check out MJHoaxEvidence because it will open your eyes.  Again– when WellAware1 is back in the saddle again do expect more on this subject.  I’ll leave you with a couple of names to start researching while WellAware1 tries to get back online… Abbie Hoffman and Christopher Marlowe.  We must wrap our minds around this because we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated when we watch this stuff with blinders on.  

Oh… and one final note.  Just to show you that Michael is still “making appearances” every now and then… did you know about his little buddy named “Dave, Dave”?  Here’s Michael disguised as Dave, Dave on Larry King.  Oh… here’s the real Dave, Dave so you’ll know what to look for:

Check out Michael doing an almost perfect impersonation of the guy… but not quite!  Tee-hee!  I think it’s kind of cool for Mike to be able to live this way.  Take note in this clip and you’ll see Michael holding back a smile as he’s being ‘introduced”…

More to come and WELCOME TO OZ!

19 thoughts on “WellAware1– His Videos Are Being BANNED Across The Internet! I wonder why? Hmm… (The Michael Jackson Connection to REALITY)

  1. Wow, frigging Wow! Here is more information not directed totally with Hollyweird:
    Could this criminal be living down in Paraguay on the Bush Family Crime Syndicates ranch?:
    Paraguay sits down in the nexus of arms dealers, drug smugglers, where the Cia and the Vatican ran nazi war criminals down the Rat line.
    His family was not obligated to return the millions he stole, white collar crime pays so well.
    Just a coincidence that he “died” in Aspen, Colorado where so many elite spend their time.
    Even the Army General is a criminal.

    • Ed Ball on his Chini is a cointel operative and spreading disinfo ! anyone who falls for his propaganda is just plain to lazy to look at the facts. He claims I am Adam Walsh lol he is a moron.

      Anyone who challenges this piece of trash becomes an actor in another one of his disinfo claims.

      Ed your exposed chump ! go back to the Feds and tell them to reinvent you dumb ass

      • “Truth needs no insults”– My Granny!

        Slow your roll “Adam”! (lol) You almost didn’t get approved because you’re borderline breaking the rules (TAB LOCATED AT THE TOP). I like a good debate but “watch ya’ tone”, playa!

        I’ve haven’t had nearly the time to dig into everything you’ve link but of course I’m digging! I will say this for now as there is one interesting development that has taken place with Ed– after a few correspondences, there has been no follow up as of yet. Anytime I’ve soliciated an interview– they either do it (99% of the time cuz I’m charming as hell LOL) and the few who declined, I have received a simple “thanks but no thanks” (mostly I get, “I’m terrified to be on the radio”– smiles) so I do find that interesting. Not necessarily “a guilt of any kind” because he could be traveling so at best he shows a lack of professionalism. We will see how that unfolds. And I did send him your comment…

        And you’re mugshot you directed the readers to only tells me that he was carry a concealed weapon. I do like the question you posed though… “could they have bought him and made him an ‘asset’ during this arrest”? I do believe that anything is possible cuz this rabbit hole makes me wish I had a big fatty right about now! lol! And as for you, “Adam”– I must admit… after I began investigating images of missing kids on those milk cartons we use to pay attention to back in the day… I discovered just how easy it would be to take an image of a kid (that most of us have forgotten ALL about), do a little photoshop, some overlays and sha-bam! You’ve got a new face! And then there’s the blantant exploits I expose (along with others cuz it ain’t hard to find) regarding “Allison Wyatt” so that’s not only a possibility– it is very real! I keep referring you to you as “Adam” cuz Ed’s discovery is indeed plausible! I do find it very intriguing! What’s you’re proof that you’re not Adam Walsh other than you denying it? Hey– I’m just saying! 😉

        One thing that I know DEFINITIVELY— if there is EVER a case of mistaken identity in MY experience— I will IMMEDIATELY SHOUT (EXTREMELY LOUDLY TOO); “Look at my muthafunkin’ ears, man (they are fucking UNMISTAKEABLE)”! I’m super duper glad to know that my honest ass has that out-clause cause it would ABSOLUTELY BE a slam dunk! I’d be singing that song; “It Wasn’t Me” as I dance my ass right on out of the police station! lol (And don’t worry folks– they totally suit me but they are definitely unique AND it’s a genetic marker that runs in our family, no doubt– tee-hee)

        A parting thought (for now cuz I’m looking at what you’ve sent); That “medical examiner” that you show the full interview for is one that I’ve seen. I’m absolutely not convinced that we were looking at a medical professional at all. The one place I’ve relied on to search these people who show up in those press conferences who claim to be part of the medical professional seem to not have licenses in the one INTERNATIONAL portal for wise people to view whenever you’re procuring a doctor just based on ‘general purposes’. Dude ain’t there (Dr. H. Wayne Carver)! FYI– neither is that doctor (who Ed claims was Tom Cruise) from the Aurora Shooting fakery…. hmmm…. Here’s the link, So… what say you, “Adam”? 😉

        One more thing… If you really are Adam Walsh– just wanted you to know that I thought you were adorable as a little munchkin so it’s a real shame that you can’t be “you” as an adult! I mean… if what Ed claims is in fact the truth about you. It would be quite a twist that’s for sure!

  2. Hey Lady Happy New Years… So you are saying that they person at the bottom is the final MJ through all the surgeries and situations. I mean MJ has done so many surgeries over the years I can see this being his face in real life underneath it all. He said that he wants to get away from all of his fathers injustice and pretty much just let the Jackson name go? I remember Mariah Carey making a statement like this saying that her name is no longer her own. Well if that is true and he wants to get away from it all why is he still wearing the skulls and bones lingo that is also a concept to get away from. I funny how every show you see now always has this symbolism and people say that it is nothing. Not matter what show I see I the people on it wearing skulls and bones work out suits, hats, shirts with the logo on it. I was watching doctor and they were sweeping the floor and the broom have a skull and bones logo on and that told out to me as odd why on the broom? In this corporate world even something that you were born with naturally is still not your own not even your talent.

    • Hi resurrected, skull and bones is a “secret” satanic club at Yale University started many years ago; several presidents were members as was Henry Stimpson in 1896 who was there when the decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan was made.They are the American arm of the illuminati and like to create order out of chaos. One of thousands of excellent websites that detail their evil agenda can be found if you search: jesus is savior skull and bones. Another search for what they do is: Bohemian Grove.
      If you want to go down deeper down the rabbit hole, search: the disney bloodline. Our country and our children are at risk, please share this information.

    • Hi there lady! Same to you! Hope you enjoyed the holiday too.

      Let me clarify– the video is one of Micheal’s many disguises. I don’t think MJ had anymore surgeries to change his looks because he actually likes to ‘dress up’. The picture above the video is the real Dave Dave before other graphs to improve his skin. Notice the eye colour? MJ’s eyes are brown and although he could have put contacts in, he didn’t. He’s dropping hints left and right for those of us who care to see. The skull and bones scarf is being worn by Dave Dave, not Michael.

      And yes, skull and bones have gone mainstream so we think it’s cool. And honestly– it is the most ugly design (forget it’s history for a second) and who in their right mind would want to wear something as ugly as that? Unless they’ve been inundated by those celebs to make us think it’s hip– which clearly has been part of the plan.

      There’s definitely more to come on this subject because when you finally grasp what is happening letting go of the idiot box won’t be hard at all. Right now– we’re a slave to it which is what they want. And do research Christopher Marlowe– a fascinating point in time and what Michael is doing is very reminiscent of what Marlowe did. Very clever if you ask me! I like the fact that he’s still kicking it. And have you noticed that those oldest children of his never seemed distraught after their father’s death? When you check out what they’ve dug up… you’ll see part of the clan knew but the others didn’t. I think Joe definitely knew ahead of time because his interview with Larry King was ridiculously HILARIOUS! And poor Jermaine– he keeps slipping up! Gotta love it!

      • Hey go to U tube and watch the Soloman Temple part 1- many not sure where it ends but they have clips like arrives it seems to give an explanation about what we are talking about the freemason, skull and bones and stuff like that.

  3. Hi yoyo, Happy New Year!

    This is a great article you put up. Thank you.

    I’ve often thought about why have they been letting out ALL of this info to us? Because I believe that they only allow out what they want us to see. And with that I ask, Why?

    I have thought for a long time now, that they have been letting out all of these “secrets” (what if they’re not real secrets?) online, and are using us as another huge experiment? To see who begins to see what, who believes, who doesn’t by into it all etc. What if, even the “laws” are just an illusion as I now believe all those in CONgress, are also just “actors”?

    I am a questioner now of everything. I am also now a non-believer of most of what we’re fed online now too, thanks to Ed’s videos. What if, all this illuminati stuff is just made up? What if, ALL of what we’re fed as reality, truth etc. is ALL made up?

    LOL, it is a question I have had for a long time now as I said, and thanks to Hollyweird, everything, could very well be just more of this “illusions” we’re fed as life! Something to think about, yes? No? lol

    • Hi there, man!

      I have thought thoroughly about that before even posting his works. I like your thinking. “Left is right and up is down” all the live long day! 😉 What I do like about his discovery is one person in particular. Ed could absolutely be a fake and just because I’ve chatted with the guy doesn’t mean he’s not a fake either but again… for me? It was one person that made this a reality. And to add to that– ear biometrics is actually very ‘old’. Maybe there’s a reason we believe fingerprints is our only way to 100% identify? No? Yes? Welcome to that fucked up rabbit hole all over again! lol I know one things for sure– you can’t fake my ears so if there’s ever an unfortunate experience of mistaken identity (caught on tape of course) that happens to me personally.. you can bet your ass I’ll tell those simpletons to look at my ears! 😉

  4. I had always believed that Michael Jackson faked his death. I seriously cannot buy him being dead with the all weirdness surrounding his has so-called death, not to mention the many inconsistencies to the story of him dying. I also remember seeing a video of his family on the Internet a while back, and there was this mysterious woman standing in the background nearby his family (which I believe was him).

    • Hi there, Karl! Sorry for the delay… major internet problems.

      I honestly didn’t think twice about it until recently as I actually felt he lived his life in pain and his suffering finally came to an end. But the inconsistencies are amazing, aren’t they? Never got into the hoopla or circus I felt his “death” was becoming but it is VERY interesting to look back at all of the available footage, interviews, etc. And the family themselves can never “get their story right”. That actually leads me to believe that some knew and some didn’t but now everyone has become abreast.

      I’ve seen the woman and I actually think she’s a decoy to make us think that’s him. Plus she IS appearing “in the land of plastic surgery” so that might very well be a women who’s gone under the knife 1000 too many times! But when you read up on Christopher Marlowe– you might agree that he wouldn’t reinvent himself as a woman. I strongly believe he’s “making appearances” as an old man (mostly). The one in the clip has been spotted a few times at MJ related ‘events’. Note to MJ: My hats off to ya’ Michael for ‘getting away with it” just tell you’re family to STOP TALKING! hahaha 😉

  5. I just found your site. You have to understand how many email I get a day so if you sent me something dont think Im not responding for some reason other then I cant address them all. As for the mug shot note the NOT GUILTY verdict and the NRA backing my case which set new law in TX as before there was no law allowing a person to open carry on theor own property (common area of a condo) but thanks to the Dallas PD officers that arrested me ilegially, there is. Score one for the people. So please tell the troll that is most likely related to the actors I expose to deal with it!

    • Hi DGB! No worries! Good to see you’re still kickin’ it too! 🙂 I see they took your site down again– tha stinkin’ bastards! We really should chat, my man. Have been dying to get you on the airwaves so that people can get the full skinny on your discoveries. And as suspected, Adam Walsh never darkened these doorways again. lol. Truth really is kryptonite to these cretins.

      By the way– I finally got your email on youtube like 2-3 months later. Check out my reply. Seems you thought I was a troll too but as you can see, I am certainly not. As a matter of fact, they’ve been bugging the hell out of “Why O’ Why?” lately. Oh yeah– and I’m so glad you’ve exposed Alex Jones. He’s a creep in more ways than one but it’s good to know you’ve “examined his ears too”! 😉

      Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)! 😉

  6. TMZ is pure BS…they are the originators of all stories and even the “news” stories that lead after them, lead back to them without true involvement from the state, police dept’s etc. just look at the 3 ring circus surroundnig Paul Walker’s death…TMZ is part of the production.

    BTW if Murray has white or grey hair after 22 days…perhaps he colored it and then it faded bc towards the end of the month the color fades.

    For the 6 mths I’m sure many people wondered after MJ died what happened…all the info online was purely disinformation and misinformation and confusion to make the public wonder and still to this day question what happened…kind of like the other topics you mention …all to make things appear imp. while the more imp. things you are ignoring and doing nothing about or perhaps other reasoning. No one knows for sure if he is here or gone, except MJ himself nad one other person perhaps.

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