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Obama Signs into Law Indefinite Detention of Americans without Trial (DIDN’T I TELL YOU HE WOULD?!– THAT DIRTY MUTHAFUKA!!!)

Just like with “The Patriot Act”, critical Bills are signed during the holiday break.  And just like that damn Patriot Act, the document is usually longer than allowed time to read but the dotted line is signed nonetheless!  And he’s suppose to be ‘a Constitutional lawyer’?  Yeah, right!  And I’m 6’4″ and blonde!!!! writes;

He waited until New Year’s Eve to do it…but he did it. While expressing “serious reservations” about the bill, President Barack Obama on New Year’s Eve signed legislation that cements into law two highly controversial tenets of the war on terror: indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without charge, and the jailing of American citizens without trial. It also takes “terrorism-related cases” (as determined by who?) out of the hands of the FBI and the civilian court system and hands them over to the military.

What is utterly fascinating to me is that the masses of ass-mericans will believe this bill is necessary for “our protection”!  Humph.  I’d rather use a sanitary napkin than THEIR protection because at least I will be in my home instead of potentially Gitmo!!!  The article concludes;

Some Americans may say that terrorism suspects should be stopped using any means necessary, and that if a few innocent people are imprisoned without trial by mistake, it’s unfortunate, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, there is now nothing to stop the current president of the United States, or the next one or the one after that, from taking advantage of the wording of the law and the fear of enemies to imprison whomever he chooses.

Click HERE for the full (troubling) read.  I simply cannot believe that we are repeating history here!  Before the Holocaust?  Those people were walking around JUST LIKE US– happy and oblivious to what lay ahead!  And as I’ve mentioned before SEVERAL times, detention camps are up, staffed, fully funded and ready to take us all in!!!  I think at this point I’m more angered at ass-americans who sat by idly while this quietly slipped passed.  We have failed miserably and soon we’re going to see how this bill will work.  We won’t have to wait long either as they’ve ramped up dialogue (just like Hitler) that HOMELAND SECURITY (Innere Sicherheit) is our gravest threat.  Our forefathers spoke about these threat when this quote was made;

America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.  ~Abraham Lincoln

And he ain’t neva lied!  There is no fuckin’ threat, you guys!  We (u.s. citizens) have always been the target combatant just like the poor saps of the Holocaust before the boom was dropped on them!  Remember The Enabling Act?  I’m so mad right now I can hardly form words let alone thoughts.  Shit!  Nuff said!!!!


2 thoughts on “Obama Signs into Law Indefinite Detention of Americans without Trial (DIDN’T I TELL YOU HE WOULD?!– THAT DIRTY MUTHAFUKA!!!)

    • I was just looking at this one too! Seriously? Congress is a piece of shit! How are they allowing an illegal immigrant (I do believe he faked that birth certificate) run a CORPORATION (oops– country) and trample all over the Constitution? I’ve been biting nails in half every since I read both of these. Completely out of control. Well– at least they’ll have housing covered for everyone (unless they are executed or shipped to Gitmo). Honestly, I got a bad vibe from him from the start because he reminds me of an ex-manager I worked with but I did fall in love his those little girls for a minute so I gave him a chance. Since he’s NOT the first black president I did like the look they gave to the Black american family. We love and live just like everyone else. They knew exactly how to play the skeptics on that end.


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