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Now That’s A Football Move For Your Ass!!!

I actually stopped watching sports back in 1996 because I actually do think it keeps grown men in a perpetual state of childhood but I’m certainly not oppose to seeing one hellava move either.  The only reason I began watching it was my dad loved the Dallas Cowboys.  Don’t know why as we’re from the New England area.  One day he got “fired up” while watching his team so I turned to see what was happening and that’s when I saw #80, Butch Johnson (with his fine ass) make a touch down and do that sexy in-zone dance!  I never became a fan of any team but I definitely tuned in hoping to see that sexy shit again!  I don’t know who the players are as I only identify them by their booties and thighs and how good they look in their uniforms.  Hey.  It’s the one time women can be sexiest pigs just like any man who enjoys a family night out at Hooters. 😉  But check out this cool and even sexy move! 

Thanks “T” for the clip!  That was the coolest move I’ve ever seen in football history!

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