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Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s): Even The Scientists Can’t Talk About It!

The thing about GMO’s that bugs me the most?  No nutrition!  As a matter of fact, I’d say they’ve been designed to kill our bodies and minds or at the very least, compromise our Pineal gland.  Apparently, scientists are coming under fire for finally exposing the truth about these Frankenstein foods!  My personal theory?  There’s no shortage of food at all they just want to test shit out on us like the obedient ginny pigs we’ve become over the last 40 plus years.  We’ll fuckin’ eat anything and fuck reading a label, right?  Do you remember; “the blueberry crunchlet”?   Probably not.  But check out what the scientists have to say about this lab food that we love to eat… That’s just the trailer but the full film is online.  Now that we know there is an agenda, this has to be a part of it too.  Have you noticed the rage/anger that is sweeping through our nation?  People are trippin on bullshit CONSTANTLY… can this faux food be causing it? 

This child wrote a letter to “Santa” threatening to kill him if she didn’t get what she wanted for Christmas.  This little heffa is 13 years old so I’d say she’s too old to be writing letters to the friggin’ north pole!  Clearly her parents are not raising a child who will “contribute to society”.  She’s definitely a brat but what if the food is also chemically altering her?  Clearly it’s not rational what she did but what if something else is happening to her because of this experimental food we’ve been eating?  Like the clip said, the meat we eat today is not what we ate 30 years ago.

While this is something that would have been hard for us to realize as it was occurring, I did notice along the years that the labels on our food contained more chemicals than actual food.  How could we ever think we’ve been getting nutrition from this garbage?  Riddle me this Batman.  Have you noticed that you can feel tired or sluggish even when you had your full 8 hours of sleep?  This is what they called; “soft kill”.  Our bodies are being quietly broken down at a more rapid pace than we realize.  Brain tumors at 32?  And we wonder why.



3 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s): Even The Scientists Can’t Talk About It!

  1. I would ever want to be a scientist your life or work is never you own. Who wants to spend a life time of working hard just to be killed for the information or to have to leave a life time of work behind? It just comes to show you that when a lot of money is offered up front usually all your choices will be taking away later. Unless you have your own everything don’t become a scientist.

    • “Unless you have your own everything don’t become a scientist” lol. It is crazy to think just how dangerous that can become. Truth gets buried every time! What a disgraceful place this CORPORATION has become.

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