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Another Good Cop! FINALLY!

It’s very rare, due to the quiet militarization of our policemen, that we find one who crosses the blue line.  But thanks to a little cat named NYCresistance (youtube) who’s undercover recordings was profiled on a program I watched the other night– we finally get to see another hero!  The last time I was able to post anything about a cop crossing the blue line was because of Adil Polanco and his bravery.  Seems he’s now got a buddy to stand along side him as another NY Police Officer is coming forward.  Well– this was a year ago this November but still good to know, right? 😉 

So let’s see,  Serpico, Polanco and now officer Schoolcraft… shit!  Wish there were a whole lot more but hell… I’ll take it!!  Thank you officer Schoolcraft!  I’m sure the citizens of NY will be grateful for what you’ve done!  You are another true face of bravery and Why O’ Why salutes you!

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