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MASSIVE MEDIA COVER-UP! You’re Going To Be So Shocked!

My last post (the one below this one) has left me in such a state of devastation.  I’m not exaggerating either folks.  Now we know that our mainstream media is a piece of shit.  No question.  But you’re simply going to be shocked beyond belief by what they’ve been doing ALL ALONG!  Just keep in mind that all it takes is one incident of this type of deception and everything is compromised.  And it should never be okay for it to happen at all!

Casey Anthony was not a story I followed too much because it just seemed like your typical case of a bad mother.  I was familiar but I really didn’t follow it closely until the end.  She gets off and the story ends, right?  Not so fast.  Casey is not who you think and that trial was something else altogether. 

Do you remember the meth campaign from 2005?  Me either.  Well, that’s what this sleuth starting taking a closer look at.  That campaign and those images.  His simple reason?  He refused to believe that real people would sign a waiver and allow their faces to be seen for such a campaign.  The average mind?  They’re drug addicts– sure they would do this for money or even drugs.  He never believed that so he kept digging.  First, here’s one of the pictures that grabbed him and wouldn’t let go…

He simply refused to believe that people would put themselves on blast like that.  Turns out the fucka’ was right!  These images are as fake as a 3 dollar bill.  Now… you’d think it would end there and he’d be satisfied but “awakened” folks are as tenacious as a pitbull when fact finding.  I know– I’ve developed my fangs. 

So– I’m looking at these images and then I come across one face that’s amazingly familiar.  Since I know no meth-heads I’m thinking where do I know that face from?  Here’s the face in question….

That’s Casey Anthony!  Here’s the clip with both images laid on top of one another…

You see, the discovery that news media is using actors in trials, arrests, protests, and even kidnappings is simply shocking to me.  So Casey is just an actress which means that “trial” was a farce!  Think about that because the implications are that so many people on so many levels are involved in these productions!  This is staggering information, folks.  We are being intentionally lied to and we should all be outraged.  Look at this story and you tell me these aren’t actors. Listen to the stepfathers words carefully, too. And that was on Associated Press, you know the one people like to quote as the bureau for solid news?  And listen to this “spontaneous” interview from another “eye witness” …

Don’t fool yourself into believing anything other than they are all in on it!  I knew Tel-Lie-Vision was off the chain, but I never saw this one coming!!!

I’m waiting to get confirmation on yet another story that is of this nature and this could very well be it for this sista.  That shit is too out there for me and I think I’m now on a mission to get some heads to roll,  file charges, do something to put an end to this.  And to think that this has been going on the entire time.  If you still don’t think we’re living in Oz you deserve every single deception that they put out.  Understand the magnitude of this and STOP WATCHING TELEVISION TODAY!!

37 thoughts on “MASSIVE MEDIA COVER-UP! You’re Going To Be So Shocked!

  1. So much quality information on the airwaves! When I was much much younger, a former FCC commissioner called television: Americas vast national wasteland. What do you expect from Colin Bowell who made 14.6 Million Dollars on the board of Aol? His son Michael, former head of the FCC allowed Aol and Time Warner to merge creating the largest media monopoly in the world. It is truly disgusting what these war profiteers do for a dollar. Michael now makes big bucks as a “defense” consultant.

    • Thanks, Dan! So now we KNOW there are two separate companies out there who participate in this activity. The one that this guy exposes is out of Arizona. He’s zoomed in on a P.I.M.A County Law Enforcement Agency. These are indeed two separate networks doing the same devious shit to our minds!


    • Hi there, Dan!

      You’re not posting too much at all! 🙂

      I say it’s seriously time to turn of the tube. How could anyone watch it after this discovery? One lie makes them ALL LIES! I wonder if the masses will understand their participation now? This couldn’t happen if there were no audience. How can we justify in our minds that this is just how it is or okay? Their actions are nothing short of CRIMINAL. Seriously. This is fraud, it sways political opinions, creating fear and division. I call that TERRORISM!!! This is criminal, NO DOUBT nevermind the muthafuckin lack of ethics!

      To me, this feels like all the evidence we need to take that sector out by NO LONGER WATCHING ANY OF IT! As a matter of fact… there’s your march on DC! Everyone should take their tvs and dump them on the lie-house lawn! Sending a clear signal that we are no longer listening to any of the lies!

      I cannot tell you just how pissed I really am.

      The first time I saw that CNN fake broadcast I actually thought it was funny because it was “first” or a least it appeared that way. And the Conan piece gets chuckles instead being taken more seriously because of course it’s on a comedy show… so we laugh.

      I am so pissed.

      • Well we already know that most the media is owned by the same people. Just 2 years ago I stop watching TV for like 3 years and it was the freest time mentally. I think I might start that tradition back again in 2012 because there television transmissions does give you the feeling of being in a heavy trans-induced state. I am have been sitting hear wondering why does the world feel so heavy and way is it starting to feel so hard to be the individual that you want to be because and now the world (mass) are now emulating everyday activities as if they are the system. Now the simple things seem to be so difficult like a conversation, people always are pressing you to think and feel like them even when or if the situation has nothing to do with them. I have been trying to get to a place of quiet before this year starts to reflect which is usually not different for me but this year it seems that everything is trying to detour from self reflect on myself and my circles. Even the closes people in your life right now can be the enemy just like the article that you just presented on the deceptiveness of TV coverage that you posted above. I just thank God that I do have a feeling and understand of what bondage looks like and feels like just as I also have memories and understanding of what freedom feels like and represents. I feel sorry for the new generation who will never know the foundations of freedom and that will only come into this world with feelings only of manipulation and with controlled images as there truth. Just like it says in the bible freedom comes by force because in this world they are trying to make freedom an illusion and it erase it from our consciousness all together. In every choice there is freedom and it is taking all of us far too long to see truth and to take adjustment of these truths. I guess that is why God says that he is not the author of fear or confusion so that we won’t be stuck too long on the images of fear and lies…

      • There technology with television is designed to enter your subconscious. Even when it’s off it’s still transmitting. I say, march to dc and throw that garbage on the lie-house lawn! 🙂

        What this discovery says more than anything is it confirms that it being used as a tool of satan. It has shaped our minds. Nothing else. We’ve fallen away from our source and now we’re trapped in satan’s world of denial. And what we are denying is the one true power. I say; how can anyone consider anything else except that it represents pure evil? Deceiving us by telling us some little girl is missing when she’s not? I call that the work of the devil.

        This should be a wake up call for the world because again– the magnitude of this simply proves we have a government that doesn’t give a damn about us. They never have and they never will.

        The Big Guy is giving us an amazing opportunity to change this fictitious world we’ve been living in. But free-will…. that pesky free will He gives us…


      • Unfortunately sometimes the news does not lie, just saw myself on fox of all channels, my goodness, not as young as I once was. I did not tell the viewers to search: The Politics of Heroin at Fox. (;

  2. Am with you completely, can you imagine why something like 6,000 soldiers coming back from “the wars” are committing suicide? I was gangstalked for telling the truth, so much anger, even the feds did not know that “we” the united states and britain were bombing people in Iraq during the “no fly zone” times. I found out in the local newspaper, just a little byline inside the front page. I call that crimes against humanity. We have some awesome people on our side:
    Everyone who has every tried to control me have no empathy, I make every effort to ignore “them”.

  3. I also thank you that your insight and that your site is not sensored because many times these articles and stories are so one sides on these blogs. Thanks you for your love of truth and thanks you for your courage because as we seen from Dan’s clip a that many of these people are not puppets and that they are willing apart of the system/ hoax that is forming over us everyday.

    • Hi there lady!

      Awe– you are just tooooo kind! 🙂

      The clip Dan sent actually is extremely helpful when understanding them. The programmed stars that we’ve been programmed to worship/idol are the ones that suffer the trauma based mind control. And now we know clearly that there is a willing sect who know exactly what they’re doing. But it’s important to distinguish that some are initially tricked into doing what they are doing. You see– they’d have to use local police in order to pull this off successfully. So there’s a network of actors from hollyhell and then there’s actors from law enforcement who are told (hypothetically) that they’re doing a drill or creating footage for training so cops get to be fucking actors!!!! This guy has unlocked a MASSIVE web. I’m still knocked off my feet at the moment by it.

      The only conclusion we can come to as to why they are doing this… they are trying to fuck with our emotions point blank. And the purpose is to create chaos so that they can usher in their new world order. Believe me when I say– “Occupy” is a set up. People really need to comprehend the power we have through non-participation, because they fucking do! We really are being culled right now. And every single day we watch that calcifying of the pineal gland machine we chose to let them have that power over us. Like stressed out Ben (bless his heart) said; “it’s just a few hundred old men”. I say old punks but that’s all they are. Punks with money and if Ben is successful, they won’t have that! I don’t think I could ever kill a person but I would love to take a pipe to Kissenger and any of those creepy looking science experiments called Rockefellers. I played softball back the day, had a pretty mean swing as I recall. 😉

  4. One more thing I was reading this article on a spiritual website that I often visit and it was talking about the Occupying Wall that was happening all over and the focus point of the 1% owning everything. What caught my attention about the article is that it was also stating that everyone in America was really the 1% compared too all the people who are completely starving and have no hope for being helped or seeing life beyond there state of poverty. Some of us might be poor compared to the elite but many of us are still are living life and have access to so much which so many selections that I do often make me feel confused when making a choice that should be very simple. Poverty is do deeply enforced on so many that are a class of people who don’t even know clear water is forget all of the other luxuries that one can image having. Even something as simple as crops growing from the grown which is every human being right that are intended as a gift of life from God that was free before money and technology was even thought of in this worldly realm. So my point is that it was stating just as 1% owns all the world resources only 1% will make it into Heaven just the same and that most of the world will perish as the 99%. That caught my attention and really opens my mind to a deeper truth on the flip side that no one is thinking of or seeing I am sure. As it says in the bible that it is easier for a camel to get through the needle of the eye then for a rich man to get into heaven. We need to make sure that we do not follow the rich man ways that because 1% is starving the 99% in the end 99% will mostly likely go to hell and the 1% will makes into God Kingdom. As Jesus says always count the cost of your decision because everything comes at a price even the luxury that we live in now..

  5. This man tells the truth, many of his claims seem outrageous, but now that many of us are seeing through the lies and deceit, it makes more sense.

    For example, the Illuminati murdered my brothers friend right here in Reno, Nevada. He was ahead of his time, especially without having the internet for research. Rip Jim.

    • The clip with your friends’ brother? AWESOME! I wonder if he knew Debra Sharp ( I absolutely admire critical thinkers. And he’s so right to describe mind control as gruesome that’s exactly why I continue to cover that subject cuz DAMN!!! I simply can’t comprehend why the masses refuse to get it. Debra in the 80’s, Jim in the 90’s– they can’t all be delusional, right? It’s frightening how real it all is but what’s worse? Jim just broke down what tv is doing to our minds but muthvfvckas will be watching the superbowl (the safest haven for pedophiles and sex trafficking)!!! I’m embarrassed by this society’s lack in willingness to see the absolute truth. And check this out. The guy who’s behind this discovery and research found friggin Bradley Manning!!! Yes– that’s a fake event too! And that’s what I mean!!!!!!!! It’s beginning to appear as if every single high profile tragedy that brought americans together in front of the “brain cell sucking” idiot box was FABRICATED! They are ACTORS!!!! There’s actually one case, which offers a reward for this ‘missing person’ and based on his evidence and research… do you know the local agency actually called off there search (The Holly Bobo case)?!!! He’s put together enough information to prove to the police that even they are on a wild goose chase! The skill set he’s utilizing can’t be denied when he alone shut down an investigation. This shit is SOOOOOO real!

      And we were a little bit smarter back then though. The library is still the best place for researching if you ask me. 😉

      I was actually hoping to get more of an update from Ben. I want to see where this lawsuit is. I can certainly tell he’s upset and stressed. I mean, if they go after the funding of these sick fucks that has to shut ’em down. No money supply and they should be S.O.L., right? I mean this is such a first I have no idea if my chain is being yanked or not, but it is very exciting.

  6. Do not forget that General Alexander Haig was on the board of News Corp and that Colin Powell made $1.4 Million dollars a year on the board of Aol.
    Fox Lies
    The Politics of Heroin at Fox News – Rupert Murdoch, the CIA, Shackley, Nugan Hand Bank & Crimes of Patriots
    Paddick: ‘News International handed police envelopes stuffed with £20k in Wapping McDonald’s’
    James Murdoch ‘Mafia Boss’

  7. Am not familiar with much of this, all the crap on television whether truthful or not is just distraction from the murderers stealing, raping, and plundering us and other countrys.

    • Distraction INDEED! And I’m finding that’s been it’s main purpose the entire time! No matter the evidence that this man is producing people are addicted to tv even when they know they’re being lied to. I find that the strangest of it all. Completely dysfunctional yet they carry on. That’s the definition of SHEEPLE.

    • These are great, Dan! Gotta love that little spitfire, Susan, too! Hopefully people are going to wake up to this reality. WellAware1 must be on to something enormous because they’ve removed ALL of his videos on Youtube and the other location he just found shut him down too! As soon as he finds another venue I’ll be updating his latest findings. Remember the show; “Starsky and Hutch”? You’re simply going to be blown away! This goes back much further than we think, too! This is a web of deception that none of us ever anticipated and the betrayal is far worse than we could imagine. TV IS NOT OUR FRIEND NOR WAS IT EVER HARMLESS ENTERTAINMENT. It is completely Psych Ops. Tavistock knew exactly how our minds work.

    • You see? It absolutely amazes me that people will look up in the sky, see the strangest shit and not think twice about it. Or have I gotten old? Skies didn’t look that way “when I was a kid”. They just didn’t. I remember coming out of the grocery story and the clouds looked like friggin soft, very smooth rows of COTTON BALLS! That shit ain’t normal!

      It’s funny you captured this and sent it in as I JUST argued (not debated this time) with a buddy as that shit was being sprayed RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and he only wanted to believe that it was a CONTRAIL. Good LAWD!!! UGH AND WHAT IN THE HELL? And that fvka is 12 years older than me so I know his skies where far less toxic than mine as a child.

      Cracking open minds is giving me major GAS, man! LOL!

  8. the satanic ones are exposed…
    Second night in a row, I hear him, hoo hoo. Diane, I want to cry, must be hard. Bud, my big ol former meth dealer knows, 350 pound gangster bro, he told me when I asked him why all the white owls would crash into my doubles, triples, trains, semis, Bud told me that most mexicans think owls are bad spirits, but Bud who used to move meth from Palm Springs to La, addicted, told me that the police hated him, knew what he did’; told me that the white owls carry the spirits of the dead. He said that the reason they crashed into my tractor and my trailers is because when they die, they release the spirits of the dead; he said that I am a good spirit. Bud is a psychic, awesome man, have not seen him in years, ponytailed mexican, big mofo, peace and love, respect.
    The Washington Press Club, our dollar bill, the Bohemian Grove buttfuckers use the owl as their symbol. I detest them for doing that, owls eat vermin, how cool is that?
    I used to sit outside my home in the coutry, real red neck funky, beer in hand and huge, three foot wingspan barn owls, white birds, and huge great horned owl used to fly side by side, they made klacking sounds to communicate, anyways, remember one would go out into the Huge alfalfa field, and one would be in cottonwood tree close to me, they would talk to each other, seems like less than an hour and they would fly down together down by the little woody forest down by the haystack, there is very little greenery here in nevada, do not let the elite steal our water from us. That little half acre was my piece of heaven.

    I love that beautiful white barn owl outside my apartment, Hoo Hoo!
    Owl this!

  9. All of my conspiracy stuff, one quarter million web pages saved to my hard drive, 50 to 100 books, and it was in my face, my employers, moving the drugs, in your face biiiatch! It is right in front of You! I did not see.

    Two black widow spider bites at Western Village Casino, slept like a baby thirteen hours, best sleep in years, one black widow spider bite on my right ankle, one inside my left thigh, next to my swinging boy, would have been so pissed off if that black widow had bit my left cajone, fuck those rat bastards, it is all hindsight, that mexican laundry guy turned around to look at me as I put the key in the door.
    I love homeland security, federal marshalls, fbi, secret service, the best of the best!

  10. I heard one time back in the trial days about how the little girls body was found. Creepy stuff. Its like the whole family was in on it. Wasnt the grandfaher ex-navy? When i heard all the details it felt to me like this girl was another pedophile victim.

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