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Ear Recognition Better Than Fingerprints? (If that’s the case we’ve been duped more than we think!)

It is stated; “When you’re born your ear is fully formed. The lobe descends a little, but overall it stays the same. It’s a great way to identify people,” said Mark Nixon, a computer scientist at the University of Southampton. and leader of the research.  Read the full article HERE.

I’m not introducing that concept to you for the science only.  There’s a person who claims to have I.D.’d several people who are actors in a network of people who deliberately manipulate the stories we see in the news.   When “T” sent this information in he was very disturbed.  He usually takes the stories we share with a grain of salt and just part of the library that’s being built here at Why O Why so for him to be shaken really caught my attention.  What he’s indicated to me is that if this turns out to be real– the rabbit hole that everyone has fallen down is not a rabbit hole at all.  It’s a winding Labyrinth with no clear beginning!  If we don’t have a real beginning then where are we heading?

I looked at several of these clips and I was very intrigued and extremely perplexed.  The first question that comes to mind is why would they manipulate the news so much and on a local level too?!  We expect fabrications on the national level but those local stories just have to be real, right?  Well– he lays out some compelling information, you guys.  He explains that some of these “eye witnesses” are able to disguise themselves through the use of make-up, lighting, and prosthesis– just like actors who transform themselves for performances and are used over and over.  When you see the claims you will automatically think– this can’t be.  Well… do you remember when Michael Jackson transformed his look? 

At first I wasn’t real certain that people would go to the lengths that they appear to be had it not been for the below clip.  Now… I need you to watch it from the beginning until it is revealed as he gives a bit of a tutorial for those who don’t know the techniques used in media (whether a newsroom or a studio lot) to make your appearance different on camera.  To think they may have gone this far to manipulate our perceptions or as it’s actually called; “Perception Management” tells me this shit is alot worse than I think I’ve discovered.  And if this is the case, this could be the end of Why O’ Why.  Too massive, too complicated and this is the signal for us to execute our exit strategy immediately!  The portion I really need you to watch is less than five minutes so don’t advance ahead.  And there’s no need to watch till the end as you have to watch the series up to that point to fully comprehend this.  But check it out…

The reason I included that clip is because that does look just like him even in disguise!  Since we’d never think to look for him there (I think he now has a career as a politician of all things), why couldn’t this be possible?  Apparently this guy has had an impact on this network of folks because he captures one of them on tape out of disguise and they try to obscure their face!  They know who he is.  One other thing that requires more research on this is that he managed to catch Rockerfeller Jr and their family on tape and it turns out there’s an entire network of them filling up news stories where they are completely fabricated!  Every major news story has been a lie!  Fake crimes, prosecutors, eyewitnesses and I find that pretty damn disturbing.  Gabrielle Giffords is not even found in the National Archives!  Shouldn’t we find every single politician there if they are real and legit?  He found 4 others who don’t appear as well.  Do you realize the implications?

I’m certain that is John Ramsey in the above clip but I don’t agree at all that GaGa is Winehouse as he states.  They have two completely different figures and I believe our faces as kids are basically the same when we grow up and I can’t see Jonbenet growing into Gaga AT ALL.  But again– the guy has that network of actors pissed off right now.  They don’t seem to be doing anything about it other than venting and threatening him.  When one of them threatened him he exposed the guys real identity.  He claims to have exposed the fact that a well known actor who died in a car accident actually faked his death and is now active with these network of stars.  He names an actor named Ryan Dunn.  They can’t seem to stop him as it appears that would bring light to their network.  I suppose if they did more it would validate his claims even further.  I definitely understand what has “T” unnerved. 

There’s a whole series he’s put together.  Some of it I agree with but others not so much.  One thing he does point out is the lack of blood at Giffords scene.  None on the EMT’s gloves, smocks, on the stretcher and a gunshot wound to the head is bound to be a lot more bloodier than this…

The big man with his hand on top of the actor claims that he held her against him and applied pressure till EMT arrived.  Um… where’s the muthafuvkn blood, man?!  By the way– that’s the “representative Gifford’s” aide– so when their book comes out review their words carefully.  And by comparison look at a scene from a brother shot in the leg in Chicago and you will see some blood.  Blood was completely void based on the type of “injury”.  That shit was a production, you guys and every single person in this picture was in on it– wrap your minds around it!  That women wasn’t shot– she’s an actor!!!!  While I didn’t like his analysis of Gaga being Winehouse he definitely exposed “Occupy”! 

Not everyone at those demonstrations are actors… it’s the ones that become the focal point like the women who were pepper sprayed in NYC, is when you know you’re seeing a scripted scene.  Real people are not getting the soundbites those are the actors!  When you look at the uncut version you clearly see that it was STAGED!  Oh and they weren’t sprayed with pepper it was water!  Do you remember Officer Bubbles in Canada?  That same girl that had the stand off with him during the G20 came all the way to NYC for Occupy!  They are actors.  I was going to say; “if this is true” but it is true.  All there needs to be is one incident of this type of deception.  If this is an organic grass roots effort why fabricate even one event?  Yeah– I’ve got some serious thinking to do.  

I do want to leave you with this.  I’m now convinced that Michael Jackson actually did fake his death.  I went back to see if I could find his memorial or even funeral services because my gut told me if he did fake his death– he’d be at that service in disguise and he friggin was!!!!  Just watch this feed because it’s fuckin’ AWESOME…

So.  Clearly we are living in the land of OZ and the deception is more cunning than I ever suspected!  How does Why O Why cover these news stories when the probability of them being fabricated is no longer speculative?  Check out WellAware1 and see what you think.  I do agree with his sentiments when he claims that our world is not nearly as scary as we’ve been “managed” to believe.  You’ll be surprised by how many of those major stories were as fake as Beyonce’s smile.  I made a comment one day to a friend and was actually joking; “one day we’re going to wake up and day will be night, green will be blue– everything will be the opposite of what we know”.  Little did I know how true those words would be.

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