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** ALERT ** The Superbowl Is A Sex Trafficking Haven! Welcome To The Real World ** ALERT **

From the amazing lady, Tuacca at the “Ultimate Evil” she brings us yet more vital information regarding sex trafficking at one of ass-merica’s favorite sporting events.  The last time Tuacca shared her research she helped us to know that pedophiles have a secret language.  This time she’s letting us know that we need to be more than vigilant– this requires ACTION, you guys!  She writes;

There is an evil brewing around the carefree joviality surrounding the annual Super Bowl: Human Trafficking. Taking place every year at such major sporting events as the World Series, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl is the sex slavery of children and young women, demonstrating the overwhelming issue that isn’t just an overseas concern. It’s right here in our own backyards and involves our own children, as well as children flown in from other parts of the world to increase profit for the pimps — slave owners — who scout such events for buyers.

I remember a feeling I got when I went to a sporting event in Atlanta once.  “If someone wanted to drop a bomb in this joint it would be utter chaos.  Kids would be separated from their parents”– I just saw an entire disaster waiting the happen so I don’t go to those events anymore.  But I never imagined that sex trafficking would be happening at sporting events that are as american as apple pie, did you?!  For the record, I now think (since 1996 to be exact) that sports keep “grown men” in a perpetual state of childhood.  They don’t actually begin to grow up until after retirement or when their money is gone (but they can be built/fine/sexy, though). 😉 Praying to God to win a game?  For real?!  I know God ain’t liking that one bit!

Do people still think there’s not a massive network of pedophiles which is tied directly to governments across the globe?  Better get your mind right on this one, folks.  Don’t you think it’s extremely odd that so many kids are missing and never to be found every year?  Just “vanished”!  We can find Hussein in a hole in the ground in a foreign land but not our children in our own friggin backyard?!  Who’s buying that shit?  Really?!…

Now that  we know what’s been happening to our babies let’s get active, folks!  Pop over to her site “The Ultimate Evil” and check out her campaign to bring much needed awareness to this insane problem before the Superbowl arrives. 

And here’s a question for ya’.  Why are so many “grown ass men” in love with child orifices?  It seems this problem is actually becoming more pronounced than ever.  You know we’re in big trouble when “grown men” don’t like grown-up lady kitty cat.  There was another time when things had gotten completely out of control… what was it?  oh yeah!  Sodom and Gomorrah!!!


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