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Obama Never Planned to Veto!!! S.1867 Is Set To Be Signed!

This is infuriating.



Just 1 (this time): “GITMO”!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Obama Never Planned to Veto!!! S.1867 Is Set To Be Signed!

  1. Most of us following this were aware the veto was not going to happen. Its time to march on DC and drag them all out by their ears and string them up like the traitors that they are. There is no more clear and present danger to America and all of humanity than the rogue US govt, military, law enforcement and intelligence apparatus.

    To our military and law enforcement:

    You don’t mean squat to these cowards either. You are nothing more than a flag draped coffin for these killers to promote patriotic support for more genocide and more flag draped coffins. All that freedom you were over there fighting for is gone at the hands of the same people brainwashing you to fight for what they have already destroyed. Its time for military commanders to man up against the CIA Obama admin, senate and congressional excrement. Do your %$#@ing job, honor your oath and start cleaning house. Stand down (again) at America’s time of peril and you will die as well. The question I have for you is are you willing to die w/o that honor and courage you so often and so gallantly put on display for the world to see and the rest of us are so proud of? Are you willing to see it ALL destroyed? Its not just the resources of the middle east or the wealth and freedom of America they are after. Their thirst for blood cannot be quenched, will not be quenched even if they bled the entire planet. Is that the service you volunteered? The corrupt elite are running this country and your children’s future into the ground using YOUR will, YOUR desire, YOUR pride YOUR honor, and YOUR self respect. Are our AF Army Marines and Navy personnel all trained NOT to use their brains?Are you that far behind the curve to not question EVERYTHING at this point? What a disappointment you have turned out to be so far. America needs our service members now more than ever. If you fail to act NOW it will be too late for any of us including you. Where are you?

    • Nicely stated, David!

      Getting americans by the masses to march on DC? I don’t know man. The last time we had a wave of consciousness like that was in the 60’s. Is that what needs to be done? Of course. But they’ve also militarized our police. If Benjamin and David are defeated in current efforts, the best line of defense is definitely “Kick Them All Out”. No need to march, or anything. Non-participation in all sectors will stop them dead in their tracks too. We need to;

      1) stop flying
      2) remove our fiat money from their banks
      3) stop shopping at the big stores including walmart– support local stores
      4) support local food markets and farmers markets not the chain stores
      5) stop watching TEL-LIE-VISION

      Then come “elections” is when we implement the two step plan:

      1) ban all lobbyists
      2) remove congress

      Anything short– simply won’t work.

      I’ll add this to your open letter to the military/law enforcement: WHATSAMATTAYOU?!

  2. considering his record on freedom infringements, i certainly didn’t expect the obama-nal stalin-man to veto this. in fact, i would go as far as to say, if anyone on here did have that expectation, you are simply in denial, and favor wishful thinking. rather than critical thinking and pre-planning for yourself and family to get ready for this harsh reality..
    however, oddly enough, even hard-core liberals are fed up with the marxist.. now that his supporters are starting to turn on him, we can expect to vote him out in 2012.. nothing is absolute, but i would say, if he is re-elected then we will have conformation of rigging in what we call our “electoral process”. Although i continually vote in every election, im still not convinced that our votes REALLY count

  3. Just saw this page for the first time. I am an active duty member [LTC] and plan to separate Aug 1, 2012. I estimate about 60-70% of the US military have some level of integrity; however, less than 10% have the moral courage to act with that integrity. We are, without a doubt, our country’s worst enemy. We have made America more vulnerable than ever in it’s history. I am saddened, disappointed, and ashamed. Whistleblowers (like myself) are quickly quieted. We (Dept of Defense) have and will continue to bankrupt the US, all under the guise of national security. I have little faith that US citizens will hold the military accountable because they’re holding on to a false or nostalgic “WWII” view of the military [being patriotic, brave, heroes, protecting “freedom”] – couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    I’m starting to believe that most American just don’t want to accept the evidence because it’s just too much against their belief system. They just can’t handle the truth. It may already be too late.
    Giving any additional power or control to the US military is the last nail in our coffin.

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